George Hill Has “Finally” Pipe Leakage? (Do You Care?)

tumblr_ogmq7syvfa1vwtmfoo1_400so all the foxhole has been blowing me up about this.
george hill finally showed his whole pipe.
i mean,
it’s about time,

…i don’t care anymore.
he is a couple years late with that pipe picture.
he wants to charge for something that’s over.
i think a sex tape,
on some lawrence savage fuckin,
would maybe interest me.
tumblr_oftwqmwkez1vwtmfoo1_400…but i’m on “yawn” mode with his antics.
now what is this about:



is this real???
has he gotten desperate????
he has always had a nice tail
tumblr_ogifcedqzj1vx5zuxo1_500…but at this point:

lowkey: next on the list is steven beck.
a connectpal of shit we can see for free?
who is paying for this?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “George Hill Has “Finally” Pipe Leakage? (Do You Care?)”

  1. I saw this on Tumblr this morning. Pretty nice pipe and I’m not even into dick like that. Or maybe I’m just surprised he wasn’t a complete letdown?

  2. Thats the type of ass you want to see after a shower, and he bends down drying his nice round ass with that nice kinky ass hair. Boy that drives me crazy! I saw that once at my job, and I swear dude was teasing me.

  3. Jay and the foxhole called it months ago saying it would only be a matter of time before he would be showing everything. This economy got these broke ass attentionista selling that ass every which way. You cant live in the gym and eat the right way and supplement the right way without coins. It is real hard to work and stay focused in the gym. When I wasnt working, I lost weight and got ripped really fast. When I started back working, it is a struggle to have the energy to even make it to the gym now much less eat right all the time with work schedules and out of town trips. Most of these busters dont work and they got to pay those bills some kind of way, looking good is an expensive lifestyle ask Dionne Sanders ex wife Pilar who asked for extra money in the divorce for organic food and personal trainers.

    George is an interesting character, I must admit I think he is gorgeous body and face wise, but that personality is whack and corny AF. I see he has gotten away with a lot of fukk shit because he is attractive. He is going to see like most of these dudes, no one is checking for anything other than your pipe and body. Clearly for him to finally start showing everything, no one is really checking anymore and he is trying to drum up interest. Good Luck Georgie, the Post Office is always hiring, just study hard for the test.

      1. Yasss…. yass…I hope he’s another newcomer cause i’m for it, i’ll definitely keep a look out for his hot ass. Trusty looks like he got good stroke. Yass… this has made my Tuesday for real!

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