How To Save 50 Million and Spend None of It

MARSHAWN-LYNCH-FLIPS-BIRD-FEATURED-IMAGEyou know how people think all baller wolves are stupid?
well some definitely are…
but ones like marshawn lynch of the seattle seahawks aren’t.
so marshawn has amassed about 50 million dollars in the nfl.
according to him,
he hasn’t spent a dime.
this is what yahoo finance has to say…

Seattle Seahawks star running back Marshawn Lynch has made $49.7 million in nine NFL seasons — and has saved all of it.

In a recent segment for “The Ian & Puck Show” on 950 AM KJR in Seattle, Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network was discussing recent rumblings that Lynch might retire and dropped an interesting tidbit about Lynch’s thriftiness.

“Marshawn Lynch has a lot of money,” Rapoport said. “He hasn’t spent a dime of his actual playing money … ever.”

Presumably, Lynch has been living the last nine years off of endorsements and other business ventures. Lynch is estimated to earn about $5 million per year through endorsement deals with Nike, Pepsi, Skittles, Progressive, and Activision, according to Forbes.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-6250-1432392826-6…absolutely impressed much?
he didn’t spend all his money on some ig attentionista’s child support.
you these wolves love to sperm donor some hoe.
i also saw this on tumblr:
tumblr_o25xe6GlZF1tmgpzlo1_1280…and had to sniff this out.
according to complex:

We’re pretty sure that the Seahawks have someone on their staff who is in charge of setting up 401k plans for players—and that that person isn’t nicknamed Beast Mode. But during a recent interview with ESPN’s Kenny Mayne, Seahawks rookie wide receiver Tyler Lockett revealed that Marshawn Lynch is one of the teammates who has helped him the most so far during his brief NFL career because—get this—Lynch has been dishing out 401k advice during practices this season.

“Marshawn helps me with a lot of things as far as understanding my worth,” Lockett said. “He’s a great guy. Even at practice, he’s helped us with the 401k, talked to us about that. He helps us with a lot of stuff.”



oh i love this.
this is the type of baller wolf you need to be fucking.
nothing better than pillow talk about becoming a boss.
nothing better than pillow talk with someone who will help take you there.
some like shoes.
others like a bill or two paid.
the idiots want ig likes and 15 minutes of fame.
the foxhole?
well we like the upgrade.tumblr_inline_mi50of32D61qz4rgpi’ll allow this in your life and mine.

lowkey: i need to get into 401k.
that seems a little difficult to me.

articles taken: yahoo finance | complex

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “How To Save 50 Million and Spend None of It”

  1. I read this earlier, and I was quite impressed. He lives off of his endorsement money…not his NFL salary.
    So every check he got from the NFL went to savings, 401K, etc., and not to a baby mama or some shady character looking to take advantage. I would love to hear his comebacks when someone comes at him with a get rich scheme! White man’s worst nightmare…an educated black man! LOL
    Does he have any kids?

    1. ^he has a cub.
      the thing I like is he is very unassuming.
      you never would have guessed this about him.
      this is the benefits of flying way under the radar.
      there is a benefit in being the underdog.

      1. Well unlike many players, he HATES the media! This gives him a great opportunity to fly under the radar!
        I love to hear stories like this, because way too many players spend their money foolishly and when they finish playing, they have nothing to show for it but staggering debt and kids all over the place. I don’t think that many of them realize they may be on top (literally) for a hot minute…and that they will not always have that same flow of money coming in. It’s sad.
        This would be me though, living off the interest and endorsement money. No handouts, no hoes! LOL
        And I damn sure wouldn’t be spending wads of cash in a strip club like you see these entertainers doing. Make it rain….yeah, right into my account! LOL

  2. Marshawn is the exception that proves the rule. “some definitely are” is the understatement of the decade.

    I was recently at a social event in the Caribbean, attended by a 26 yo baller. It broke my heart. This young fool seemed to think that his $90mm contract meant that he would have $90MM to spend. He didn’t discount that number by taxes, by “advisors” or by the possibility of getting hurt, There are already 3 baby-mamas and there was a line gold diggers, groupies and other prostitutes to see who could be #4. He had 17 cars and was bragging about having recently purchased a pineappled-out Brinks truck. While I watched, he spent $10k buying drinks for a club full of people, most of whom didn’t thank him. And, a bunch of $200-400k per year professionals were organizing a betting pool around whether he would be broke by age 30 or if he would make it to 35. So, Jamari, your readers who are looking for a baller wolf, should ask for their “gifts” in cash as often as possible.

    1. That’s a sad reality. People like that think they will be like that forever. 17 cars. For what?
      Even the groupies think, oh I’ll get knocked up by him and I’ll be set! That’s not the case. Yeah, they may be on easy street in the beginning, when they money is flowing steadily. Once that career ends, the large payments dwindle to next to nothing…and then they’re in court looking for that same amount because they’ve “become accustomed to a style of living”.
      Guess what dummy…you’re not going to get it because the dude you had a baby with isn’t raking in the dough like he used to.
      Someone needs to have a Groupie 101 course for these stupid ass chicks. LOL

  3. 401k is great. I just started mine at 25. So much easier than I thought. Most companies pay into its employees 401k plans. You can ask HR at your job about it. Google John Hancock for more information on plans.

    1. Some companies will match your contribution and some have a standard percentage they will donate on top of what you contribute. It’s deducted from your check pre-tax too.

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