mental homework: (25)

brain-d-a-m-a-g-e-tumblrsome of us are not good with money.
it’s okay.
there are no judgments here.
when you are a baller wolf who plays sports tho,
who gets millions of dollars in contracts and endorsements,
it’s very easy to go from one extreme to the next.
even with financial advisers on call,many of these baller wolves end up broke.

buying shit that depreciate
knockin’ up hoes who don’t appreciate
jackals and hyenas ready to humiliate

it could be a number of things.
after that last entry about ( x marshawn lynch ),
one of my favs named jay,
left this comment for us to dwell on

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 5.03.53 PMtumblr_louynbiKaL1qa9w4ei wanted to know who it was,
but i’d be too ashamed for them to post.
that whole episode reeked of insecurity.
it’s like most of these wolves are painfully insecure.
they are pushed into this sudden upgraded life,
after coming from one of nothing,
and go buckwild.
it’s actually very sad,
but i get it.
this even happens to regular fo’ks.
i can name many who came and suddenly vanished off the scene.
they did all this stuntin’ and frontin’ with jackals and hyenas.
i literally just saw one this week.
his “glow” is gone,
clothes weren’t brand name anymore,
and he was begging for a job.
he had no money and no other skills than “socialite”.
folks really thinking they the kardashians out here.
it’s never to late to set up for you never having to make a comeback.
you will already be set.
i hope this helps someone out there.
i know it did for me.
i love when the foxhole provides good brain for us.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “mental homework: (25)”

  1. A lot of these players come from extreme poverty only to come into obscene amounts of money (for them), and they don’t have any “filters” around them, those people who are looking out for them. Not many have anyone with their interests at heart, instead they are surrounded with people that leech off of them…to include family members. They have a sense of loyalty to these people, and many of them are the breadwinner for their families, and they don’t know how or when to say no.
    I have always said that if I came into money, if the people were not there beforehand, they won’t be there afterwards. Even those who were there beforehand would be scrutinized as to the value they added to my life. One thing I don’t have a problem saying is no. LOL
    People need filters. They need to know who is there for them, and not what they can give that person. They need to research and find sound financial advisors and lawyers if they really want to maintain their lifestyle, because all it takes is the right person to come along with a get rich scheme…and all the money will be gone.

    1. This! I always hear the story: they came form nothing and now have everything, and blow everything, and I always think: “wouldn’t you want to make sure that you NEVER EVER go back to that place? Not even a possibility?”

      I think it’s okay to have a little fun, I know I would, but a huge chunk of that money would be put into a safe! I would NEVER go back! Not letting that happen and I would continue to secure ways of making an income, but I’m a very low-key person with low-key dreams so it’s a lot easier for me to be rational.

      I would RUN MY SH*T!

      1. ^This! Vernon from the show Ballers really lets you see this experience firsthand. And there have been former football players who have cosigned that’s what it’s really like. Now I have heard that some teams will literally have a financial orientation for their new players when first joining the team, but what they do after that is not in the team’s control.

        Like Jamari said, many come from little to nothing, so they go big and indulge in every whim they ever had that they could only dream of not two years ago. And they are being paid a lot of money, but I don’t think they realize all of the conditions that money is restricted to, the total amount of fees and salaries they have to pay to their “camp”. Let’s say that even after that their still left with a good chunk of cash. Many don’t realize how much that amount actually means in today’s society or consider sustainability in the not so distant future. And if they do have someone handling their finances, does the person know what they’re doing or are they in over their head?

        Now there are many ppl who do take good care of their finances b/c they refuse to go back to anything resembling the way things were. For a while, I was hearing back in the day that’s what was 50 Cent’s true drive: being afraid of having to go back to the hood.

  2. I think this happens so much it doesn’t even get attention anymore. It’s why gold diggin tricks always surround them. They get the money and they lose it all trying to stunt.

    I saw this funny as hell video out there. A tall wolf went to the club dressed in a suit & tie and showed all the clowns acting like they recognized him. Anybody see it?

    1. True that why I don’t have sympathy anymore. You hear it once, you hear it all plus it should be common sense already but I know, I know not everyone have common sense which makes it even more easier for me to not have sympathy

  3. I agree with Christian. A lot of these young men come from nothing, literally nothing. A lot of their families depend on these players to lead them them out of their situation. In addition, because they come from “nothing,” their definition of “something” comes in the form of material things.

    And I’m 98% sure that lawyers, advisors, etc. have a field day preying on these young players because they know that they’re so gullible.

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