How to Lose Potential Friends and Alienate People

tumblr_mbp147vnxv1qlubb5o1_500wolves today…
so i met someone.
don’t cheer just yet…

he actually works in my building at another company.
i was introduced to him through mutual co workers in the lobby.
he is also fine as hell:

caramel complexion
muscular bawdy
fly wolf swagg

he is also gay and out.
no trying to play “connect the wolf” games.
after doing some research,
aka sniffing around,
he is also heavy in the life.
he has a ig of over 5,000 followers.
his social media consists of:

work out pics
random bawdy shots
“what i wore tonight”
quotes about being this good wolf and how lonely he is

tumblr_o9efb025kj1s1rwswo5_250those usually scream “fuck jackal” to me.
well we saw each other when we were both leaving a week ago.
we actually have a lot in common.
he is actually heavy in the entertainment/creative scene.
he does a lot,
but hasn’t actually popped off as of yet.
well the first couple days after,
he would see me and would come over and speak.
i don’t know if he was interested,
but i was interested in at least connecting with him.
it would be nice to meet someone in the life who is in the same field.
we could bounce ideas off each other and make something happen.
if his pipe happened to fall in me,
i wouldn’t pull it out.

tumblr_o9efb025kj1s1rwswo6_250…and then “that shit” started after that.

i offered him my number and he sorta brushed me off.
i was good after that.
he would walk past me in the morning,
look right at me,
and not say a word.
i don’t know if he thought i was gonna chase him,
but that wasn’t gonna happen.
so then it became a toss up of some days he speaks,
while others he plays the ignore game.
i give the same as he dishes it.
well the small light skinned fox with the fun sized bawdy is in his radar.
i see them speaking every day.
i guess i wasn’t his “type”.
it’s funny,
they say put yourself out there.
what they don’t tell you is others,
even if you have a lot in common with them,
may not be interested in returning the favor.tumblr_nt3epfqvt21t07bfto4_250

meeting new wolves is hard.
i only seem to meet the curious and confused straight ones.
you know those always end up well for me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “How to Lose Potential Friends and Alienate People

  1. I donnt know how many are smashing these wolves and foxes on the regular but I feel that the scene has gotten way more convoluted in terms of sepf importance. Being in a relationship isn’t something that I proactively look for anymore (even though when I was younger, it was all I ever really wanted). People get inflated egos, popularity, 10.1k on the Gram and they have no time for someone they may not see on thier level.

    I would say that as exciting as a potential relationship may be, forget this wolf and focus on your getting that job with CEO. I feel that this is the major blessing and the other blessings and luck will snowball behind that.

  2. Let him do him, and you do you ,because the universe is getting ready to pour you much blessings ,for all you do for the fox hole I love you.

  3. Awww I’m sorry to hear that but be proud in yourself for putting yourself out there like that to an out gay wolf. It sucks when you put yourself out of your comfort zone only to not be rewarded for it . Don’t worry yours is coming

    1. ^im proud im not as shy anymore.
      im being more bolder when around wolves im attracted to.
      im even doing it with vixens and others i meet in my daily.
      it’s all practice!

  4. Screw him, like Fashionandsvedka wrote focus on that job with the CEO and everything will fall in place. Your bae is probably going to be some wolf maybe in his mid 30s, good looking, who has money and is going to wine and dine you. I’m speaking it.

  5. Honestly if his IG and all that is any indication of him as a person you definitely dodged a bullet there.
    Why don’t dudes just keep it real and say they aren’t interested or they just want to be friends, wouldn’t that be easier than being rude as fuck and all that?

    1. ^he was definitely rude,
      yet his ig makes it seems like he is open to love and wants to be around good people.
      i guess that is only light skinned and fun sized.

  6. Trust me we’ve all been there.

    I’ve had my Iyanla Vanzant moment and accepted that anything other than a casual encounter with males is usually negative.

    1. ^sooooooo i won’t be meeting any friends?
      i feel like I don’t belong in the life.
      it seems easier for others.
      not so much.

      is that too pessimistic?

      1. I’m sure you’re a more engaging person than me. Lol

        I just find when I go out of my way to befriend or get to know men in any capacity it turns out to be a waste of time. I really attract a better quality of women and they tend to appreciate me more as a complete person.

        I just don’t mix with men unless its casual, hi and bye type thing. Not even on a friendship level.

      2. Not at all brother, I’m the same. He’s just playing games. This is exactly the type that I would have dropped interest in real quick. He’s the type that I’d be “too busy” for. *rolls eyes* He sounds exactly like the type of guy I was criticizing in my recent post. Don’t give him a second thought, it’s not you that’s the problem with the community, it’s HIM!

        He has a dumb IG and you have the foxhole, it may not seem like it because IG is more “upfront”, but I’d wager that there is WAY more value in what you’re doing here. If a guy told me he has a blog where he helps guys struggling in the life and instigates intellectual debate with people who don’t know each other, I would find that so sexy. A guy with a poppin IG acc would make me concerned.

        Take him with a grain of salt.

        1. ^thank you d.
          like the last entry,
          you are absolutely right.
          his loss.
          judging from his ig,
          he doesn’t seem to have much friends.
          i guess he finds his value and connections in his comments and likes.

          i really have more to offer than he does.
          it’s a shame he didn’t get to know me to see that.

      3. You’re right, what a shame…for HIM! You’re still winning bro! Keep your head held high! I can understand that it’s tough when you finally meet someone that’s “in the life” because finally you don’t have to worry about approaching him and trying to make something happen, (which is why I prefer openly gay men than others, less games) just for him to treat you like crap.

        Welp, don’t fret, just continue focusing on the real values that matter, most likely, he will come in a package looking different from what’s his face, but you will be so much happier.And focus on your current job situation, that is priority #1 right now! Don’t lose focus! Stay winning J!

  7. I guess he assumed you knew he was involved but you weren’t aware, so now he’s evading any attempt to reach out to you. I would let it go, and I knew as soon as you divulge onto your story this guy was too good to be true hmm… I’ve been in situations like that but the guy was giving me innuendos and gesture of interest and flirting with me only to find he had a partner and haven’t heard from him since.

  8. I can definitely relate to this. I’ve been in a similar situation at my job where I tried to put myself out there to someone who was actually gay. He got awkward (as if friendship was not an option) and that was that. It’s definitely hard to meet “new wolves.” smh

  9. Speaking of which, what ever happened to “work wolf?” The last thing I read was when he told you that he had landed a new job (I think). I’ll have to go back in the archives to follow up with that story.

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