how to allegedly catch a big (baller) wolf and end up scaring him away because you wanted clout?

*the following story is all alleged.

do you know what i would be doing if i nabbed one of my fantasy wolves?
i’d be looking up kama sutra positions,
working on my gag reflex,
buying a shit ton of fleet,
and making sure i was good on my smell goods and cocoa butter lotions.
when i get the male i’ve had fantasies about:

My goal is to turn him completely out

it’s def not running to social media for clout.
well user,
allegedly caught a big wolf in this social media forest.
this is what on his ig stories

what an amateur.
so i guess he was hit up on his trans vixen page?
( x see his trans page here )

in his original tweet,
before the whole twitter got shut down,
he was asking:

“What should I reply?”

what should you reply?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
how about:

“I’m trying to get fucked tonight.

they do anything for the clout.

even if a regula degula hit him up…

What happened to keeping shit private?

if a wolf of my dreams hit me,
whether he is a celeb or reg,
i’m keeping that shit to myself.
as long as everyone sees i’ve had a good time or been freshly fucked by someone,
there is really no point in telling the whole damn forest who it was done by.
do folks really need attention that bad?
congrats noah!
you played yourself.

lowkey: my biggest question is…

Why does this baller wolf not have a burner account?

i would imagine anyone in such a huge position would do his creepin’ under a fake account.

x see @theboahbodies ig here

21 thoughts on “how to allegedly catch a big (baller) wolf and end up scaring him away because you wanted clout?

  1. Fuck all that! I was going back with the Sprung gif’s. “Adina. Adina. My coochie make you Adina nigga!” “Not the hair, not the hair”

  2. This is Noah Bodies and this article is inaccurate. I have a twin sister who is trans! He hit me up on my account but I’m not addressing that. As far as everything else come to the source before you make a article cause this is dumb.

  3. Yeah for me it’s not making since (not u Jamari just the story) the boy & trans girl are not the same people, so like “twitter@teatime” above said, this boy stole a video to post as his own to get attention (he’s from Miami, young, and looks messy so I believe it) but either way I’m sure it’s ALL fake, u can apparently edit DMs

  4. OBJ hitting a trans up is not alleged 😅😅😅😅 he’s freaky like thst.
    The queen who is all over SM with her business will die a lonely HOE..stupid CUNT

  5. raises hand Can I ask why do these celebs hit up the most OBVIOUS messy gays? I just really don’t understand…

  6. Slowdell faggot ass ain’t nothing to brag about. I be so glad when that punk just comes all the way the fuck out. Everyone at LSU knows his history. Boffum dumb as shit.

  7. I’m so disappointed, he didn’t even try to see what Odell was talm bout, sooooo what tea can he spill now after this?

  8. He’s a liar. And a pathological one. He posts other ppls videos and passes them off as his. #Fraud

  9. So, you mean to tell me that some of these gay men are out here cos-playing as trans to get straight(-ish?) pipe? Correct me if I’m wrong, but ain’t that transphobic or at least problematic…???

    1. Yes. In fact TSMadison said in a video before her channel was deleted that she never felt she was born in the wrong body. She started dressing like a woman to get male attention.

        1. I’m late but TSMadison said when she was still a dude, she saw the attention women got from men and she wanted that same attention so she started dressing in female clothing. Once she got the attention she wanted she became a t-woman full time.

  10. These kids these days, smfh. They need to learn to take dick in silence. I mean what did you think he was going to do when you outed him? Allegedly.

    My nfl baller broke my back in last weekend. Been thinking about the dick all week, what I look like posting scratched screenshots of our messages. Smh

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