saweetie might have sent quavo back to the streets but at least she gets to keep her birkin

remember that time saweetie was talmbout get you a wolf who can afford a birkin?
yes foxhole,
you remember!
it was around like october of last year.
she said if your wolf can’t get you a birkin bag from hermes then you need to send him back to the streets:

quavo from migos is the wolf that was giving her birkins and more.
all of this flexing had folks out here putting hermes on the map.
saweetie ended up having to send quavo back to the streets because…

that video didn’t age well sadly.
quavo had this to tweet in response:

sounds like they spent so much time being #relationshipgoals for social media,
the “relationship” aspect was missing.
they had us sprung over their gq’s couple quiz:

that word “intimacy” in her tweet is really interesting to me.

Intimacy is a key aspect that’s missing with couples today

half of these folks don’t even know how to be friends let alone good partners.
this is another reason why you shouldn’t admire other people’s relationships.
we get so caught up in their pictures and videos,
we don’t realize those are just moments.
they are highlight reels but don’t represent the real shit that goes down behind the scenes.
half the time:

These relationships are never compatible to begin with

if it ain’t fwbs trying to make “fetch” happen,
it’s someone who is in a relationship by themselves.
all they have is showing off for social media because the hype makes it seem “real”.
don’t even get me started on the gays who are simply roommates who fuck other people.

once people realize that relationships take work and learning another person,
all while accepting the good and the bad that comes with them,
then you’ll see it’s not just birkins and baecation ig stories.
aaah well.
i guess it’s back to the streets for these two.
i wish them well in finding better matches.

lowkey: even if you keep your relationship private,
if it ain’t workin then it ain’t workin.
just because WE can’t see it doesn’t mean the issues will disappear.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “saweetie might have sent quavo back to the streets but at least she gets to keep her birkin”

  1. When a man says “you are not the woman I thought you were” after getting blasted for cheated, he just is mad that the woman held him accountable for his fuck up and refused be that “ride or die chick”!

  2. Sent his ass back to the block with a ‘Take care’. Do what you gotta do sis but we all knew that relationship wasn’t gonna last.

    1. Exactly. Sadly, men increase in value as they age. Women don’t.

      This young lady had a high-earning beta-male and she fucked it up.

      1. A smart woman knows how to keep her coins and move on. I think this young lady is pretty smart. i watched her interviews. She is not some dumb pole dancer.

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