should black folks pull up like the avengers to help the asian community against white supremacy?

there is a heavy conversation that is brewing within the black community.
the other day,
i was asked to attend ^that room above on clubhouse.
it seems like after the mass shooting in atlanta,
the asian community was allegedly asking black folks to stand in alliance with them against white supremacy.

something that they have benefitted from tbh.
the answer from all the black folk on clubhouse,
and a majority of those i know,
have all said..


the black community isn’t going to celebrate innocent lives that were lost in a heinous crime,
but the main reasoning is how silent many of them were during our own injustices.
not only that,
some of them have also exhibited racism towards us.
i can name the number of horror stories i’ve heard of racism with black people in asian ran stores.
as much as i like lisa from “black pink“,
it’s no secret that many k-pop acts cosplay in black drag.

two wrongs don’t make a right,
but black folks are fed up.
we are tired of fighting for everyone and getting scraps in return.
our fights have benefitted many other races and we still get the shit end of the stick.
i don’t blame many of us for sitting this fight out tbh.
why didn’t they ask the latin community to fight with them?
 the jewish community didn’t ask for any alliances when white hyenas were tormenting them.
black folks might be learning to mind our business when it doesn’t serve us.
who is to say we stand with them and nothing changes after?
they are getting a ton of support so do they even need the black community?

so i had to ask the foxhole…

Are black folks wrong in not pullin’ up for the Asian community?

lowkey: after being in that room and this one…

i learned that hateful white people have literally caused this confusion between all the minority groups.
they need to be held accountable.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “should black folks pull up like the avengers to help the asian community against white supremacy?”

  1. Now its time for Black People to choose our battles wisely. We got rid of a President who tried to incite a race war

  2. For once, black people are tired of asking for help and nobody is standing with us when we need it. Now that they are being victimized, why ask the Black Community, because we shop in your stores in OUR neighborhoods? What happened to the Jews, the Italians, the Irish, the latinos and latinas, or the Dominicans and Puerto Ricans? Everything everybody told us black Americans, the Asian Community has to learn the same way.

  3. When you ask black people will they stand up for the Asian Community, most will say where were they at? Its great there are some that do stand for us but not all. When trans women were getting killed left and right and still are, where were the Asian Community standing up beside their LGBT+ Brother and Sisters? They didn’t say anything because of fear that it will disrespect their family, so they kept quiet. Where was the Asian Community when countless black lives were killed for doing nothing? There were a few but not a lot. You had a few destroying black communities in the name of #blacklivesmatter only to pack up and leave. Every store had an Asian employee say “we don’t won’t any trouble” packed there store up and left. Some collected insurance money after destroying their own store and left. We can talk about oppression from whites until we run out of breath, ink, and data and it wont change. It is some ignorant white people that spew out the words “go back to your own country” and their heritage goes back to another country as well. I have seen a white woman tell a Native American to go back to their own country inside a nail shop owned by Asians. The owner did nothing but take money from both.

  4. This must be an amaerican thing because i honestly don’t understand how this is even a question.

    I mean north african are shitty as fuck with sub-saharian, even the darker one, they’re super racist. But in France for example we all face discrimination. And never i have ever seen a black person ask if black people should care about discrimination against north africans.

    you do not stand against injustice because you expect other to stand for you, you do it because it’s the only right thing to do.

    And i siad this despite the way black african people were treated in china last year.

    1. If you want to continue slaving away for racist maghrebiens feel free to exhaust yourself in that useless exercise. Do not expect other Black people to join you and you most definitely have no right to self righteously lecture other Africans who have enough pride and self esteem to reject your stance.

      “I mean north african are shitty as fuck with sub-saharian, even the darker one, they’re super racist. But in France for example we all face discrimination. And never i have ever seen a black person ask if black people should care about discrimination against north africans.”

      You Black French are not the role models of Black ppl anywhere because from what i hear you’re very antiBlack, attack Black french women and make fun of them and date and marry maghrebien women even though you know how their racist parents feel about you. You avoid your own women which shows a deep lack of self esteem and self hatred. So you’re the last people to talk. Learn to love and be proud of your African skin before lecturing other Africans.

  5. So, let’s get honest and call a thing a thing. The problem here is that everyone has the proverbial egg on their face. Lest not we forget that the media spent the past 2 months trying to create the narrative that Black people were perpetuating violent hate crimes against Asians; now, all of a sudden, the “Atlanta spa shootings” occur and that runs counter to the narrative the media has been trying to establish.

    Another thing we’re not being honest about is the fact that no one immigrates to the United States to align with a marginalized group i.e., Black people; they come here to align with Whiteness. I am looking at the news and social media, and maybe I don’t see everything, but I don’t see Asian people calling out “ white supremacy” or the “ white privilege “ that was on display when the sheriff department in essence humanized the criminal by suggesting his rampage was due to a ” sex addiction”, “ being pushed”, “ at his wit’s end”, and “ having a bad day”. I think it’s a problem when Black people are expected to get their hands dirty fighting for everyone else while other groups remain silent on white people in order to stay in the good graces of said white people, i.e., “model minority”. I don’t mind standing up for other people, black people have a rich legacy in the United States doing that, but you have to be in this fight with me, willing to bear the same consequences.

    One last thing, on some level we’re going to have to start to acknowledge that there are different levels to racism and anti-blackness. Not everyone is an overtly violent racist. Unfortunately (hopefully this will change), I do find a lot of Asians to have messed up racial attitudes that are often dismissed as a cultural divide; we’ve made their culture into something that is exotic and unknowable and therefore excuse clearly racist behavior.

  6. Two more things…

    In response to Mighty Meaty’s tweet, there were quite a few major companies that made statements and examples of “speaking out” when George Floyd was murdered. Nike was definitely one. Now whether they were doing it with sincerity is something we will never know…
    How are we defining “pulling up”…??? Are we supposed to be on the frontlines with Asians at protests? Retweeting? Posting cringing “POC solidarity” photos and art on ig? Making Youtube videos about anti-Asian discrimination and violence? If that is what you mean by pulling up, I’m sorry but NO!!! However, I’ll continue to do what I’ve always done which is correct those in my community who have perpetuated stereotypes about Asians. While I don’t believe in POC solidarity, I do believe in POC congeniality (certainly on an individual-level).

    That’s all…

  7. I’ll just copy and paste what I wrote yesterday…

    “While I don’t condone these attacks on Asians, I just can’t see myself caping for them (or any other NBPOC group) anymore. Lest we not forget that Asians got out and protested in unprecedented droves across the country for Peter Liang, the murder of Akai Gurley, but couldn’t seem to show the same level of support when Christian Hall, a 19-year-old Asian man, was gunned tf down by a policeman…”

    I’m sorry if I sound cruel and apathetic, it is because I’m tired of this unequal and quite frankly fictitious “solidarity” we black folks are supposed to continue believing exists. POC solidarity is bullshit that only black people (to any significant degree) believe in.

    If Asians want solidarity from black people, then they can start hiring some of these black folks who patronize tf out of their business to the extend that these black folks will skip on pass a black-owned business to shop at places where they are followed around and told to “hurry up and buy”.

    But since we know that’s never going to happen, I’m going to do what everyone else is doing…putting their group first (even at the expense of others).

  8. The reason why blacks are being asked to Stan for the Asian community is very simple…

    What is it about us that makes folks want our help when all else fails????
    Our Compassion! Our Perseverance! Our continued fight against Oppression!

    All other communities ridicule us when things are good for them yet the moment wake up calls are being handed out they come running back to the most of people in America!

    Why…because we always turn the other cheek and show compassion.
    We are such a powerful people when we unite for a common good!
    We are the souls of this country…which is why they need us!

    So if you want to Stan for them it’s cool we understand its who we are and will always be!
    But remember folks have short memories!

  9. So basically, “who cares if 8 people lost their lives in a racially motivated attack and the killer is safe and sound, that’s their problem” is the consensus?

    As someone that knows Asian Americans that have been shouting for us long before this, I think it’s pretty unfair to say “none have stood up for us, so screw them”. Often it’s people who don’t personally know many or even any Asian Americans in general to notice them out there in the first place that say this. Not to mention the cases of oppression to the Asian community throughout American history are largely not taught in our schools because, “who cares”, right? Their issues here may not have started as severe, but they had a storied history of discriminatory laws and issues created specifically against them in America too.

    Issues like cultural appropriation in Korea, Japan, etc, is an issue that I understand too well, but it’s entirely different from the rise in attacks to the Asian community in this country. Racism and micro aggressions are displayed constantly from all sides, but actively ignoring other races’ issues and problems is incredibly counterproductive to getting rid of the main issue, white supremacy.

    1. This is exactly where I am. It only helps the white supremacists if we go out of our way to ignore other races’ issues and problems.

    2. So basically, “who cares if 8 people lost their lives in a racially motivated attack and the killer is safe and sound, that’s their problem” is the consensus?

      How did you get this^ from this

      “the black community isn’t going to celebrate innocent lives that were lost in a heinous crime,”

      Fucking weirdo.

  10. I am a Black ,African American ,Gay Male . I am against oppression ,racism ,sexism and violence targeting any other human .I am not going to tell anyone else what they can or, cannot do . However, I am against “Asian Hate”. I am for Black Lives Matters. I believe “Trans Lives Matter as well. I know what it is like to be targeted just for how I look and love. Why would I not show compassion towards another group ,religion ,sex ,culture. I feel good about my stance and I am sticking to it. If you do not agree that is cool too ( smile)

  11. While there is racism in the asian community against black people. This is the first time in modern history that Asian people are being racially profiled for just being Asian and also being killed for it. Something that for the longest only affected black and brown people.

    I know I am outnumbered in my opinion on here so let me just be clear that I am not telling anyone what they should do. I am just saying that for me, I think that we are all in this fight.

    1. Are you sure? You do know that China was the only country whose citizens were banned by law from immigrating to the US in the Chinese Exclusion Act. Also, Asians, particularly Chinese, have been been the targets of white racist terrorism throughout US history. They were massacred in Los Angeles, in Montana, etc. Also, even though the US fought TWO World Wars (I & II) against Germany, it interned only the Japanese Americans and allowed their property and livelihoods to be appropriated, even as Japanese soldiers were fighting on the US side. Lastly, there is a long history of Asian Americans standing beside Black Americans, especially during the Civil Rights movement. The history is far more complex than you may know, in part because most Americans have no idea of the extremely racist and white supremacist history of this country, mainly against African Americans but also against other people of color.

  12. FUCK EM… well let me be nice- umm YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN Miss Chin on this one. Sorry its not a matter of tit for ta but its a fact that the Asian community are RACIST against black people- period. You may find 1% at that black cultured, the rest- .. NAH. They voted for Trump anyway so the cows are coming home to roost. The next election they will vote for Trump again…memories are short, so NAH sorry Miss Chin, this is not our circus, not our monkey. Our ass is still be killed every day by the pow pow.

    1. You are absolutely right!!! I’m sorry that the Asian community are receiving hate towards them, but they kept quiet during all of the injustices towards the black community. Oh well.

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