when crazy white males are having bad days, they go shoot asians that provoke their sex addictions?

he is 21 and looks 35.
hate and racism age ya.
do you know what makes me fuckin’ sick to my stomach foxhole?

White murderous hyenas getting babied and coddled

it’s absolutely disgusting and i’m really tired of it.
there was a mass shooting that happened down in atlanta at various massage parlors on tuesday.
^that hyena intended on murdering asians in his voyage of hate.
( x read more about it here )
the police didn’t kill his ass,
which isn’t shocking,
but the excuse the sheriff gave in a press conference…

so they are blaming his addiction to sex on why he decided to go on this murdering spree:

they shouldn’t have offered “happy endings” in these massage parlors!
after that,
it was having “a bad day“:

what in the entire fuck?
am i living in the damn twilight zone?
all these excuses on why he decided to kill people?!?!??!?!?!

when i have bad days,
it’s almost positive that i’ll have an attitude.
i might not want to speak to anyone and stay in my cancer shell.
that asshole has a bad day and he decides to purposely take innocent lives.
bad enough he was promoting hate against the asain community on his facebook before alla this:

this is trump’s fault tho.
he went around here calling it the “china virus” and his stans are still holding that grudge.
he did everything to make china take the blame when it was his ass who didn’t take it seriously.

everyone thought it was funny,
but his crazies obviously took what he was saying seriously.

Imagine if the Rona started in Africa?

i don’t even want to imagine how that would have turned out.
i shouldn’t be surprised with the foolishness within this country,
but these obvious peeks of racism are still disheartening.

8 thoughts on “when crazy white males are having bad days, they go shoot asians that provoke their sex addictions?

  1. Bullshit he is a thug a goon a menace to society and shall be put down period hey white privilege will help his pale ass out

  2. Unfortunately I’m reminded of how generally silent Asians in America are on many social justice issues so I am going to let them have this one…

  3. While I don’t condone these attacks on Asians, I just can’t see myself caping for them (or any other NBPOC group) anymore. Lest we not forget that Asians got out and protested in unprecedented droves across the country for Peter Liang, the murder of Akai Gurley, but couldn’t seem to show the same level of support when Christian Hall, a 19-year-old Asian man, was gunned tf down by a policeman…

  4. I hate what happened, but them Asians always catering to the white folks, turning up their noses at blacks, and we forever patronizing their businesses. I wonder what the good ole sheriff would have said if it were a black person, shit, if anybody should be fed up it’s black folks.

  5. Anyone going after my grandma is going see me go to jail cuz I’m going to kill that bastard. Trump should go to jail for his racist rhetoric by association.

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