how the hyena shot 3 gay males in 1 night off grindr

now that the country is seriously headed to hell,
you can expect more robbings and killings out in these forests.
social media and sex are the perfect way to do now.
hyenas know that gay males love to flex and are hungry for sex.

The apps are the perfect place to find fresh victims.

the scariest hyenas are the homophobes who have nothing to lose.
a fohxoler sent me a story of jonathan breeding‘s (^above) life that was cut short.
he was one of three who was lured off grindr and shot in one night…

The US Marshals have arrested a 17-year-old boy who allegedly shot one man dead and wounded two others after luring them on three Grindr dates in the same night.

Damarion Degrate was taken into custody in Fort Worth, Texas, on Monday on a warrant that was issued last week, charging him with murder in connection to the August 17 shooting death of 23-year-old Jonathan Breeding.

Breeding was found unresponsive in his car near the area of North 34th Street and Brooke Circle at around 1.40am. 

He was rushed to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead from a gunshot wound to the chest. 

Breeding was one of three men who were shot within a span of six hours and within a few blocks of one another that morning. The other two victims survived

The first shooting was reported at 12.30am, with the victim telling police that he had been attacked at a different location and then driven himself to a corner gas station at North New Road and Bosque Boulevard to call for help, reported Fox West Texas.

At around 6.15am that morning, police responded to North 36th Street and Grim Avenue and found a man who had been shot at another location.  

During the investigation of all three shootings, detectives learned that all three victims had met Degrate through Grindr.

‘It was through this app that Degrate communicated with the victims and made plans to meet up with them,’ according to a press release from the Waco Police Department. ‘After meeting up with the victims, Degrate shot all 3 of them.’

Degrate was previously arrested on an attempted murder charge for the first of the three shootings and posted $200,000 bail, reported Waco Tribune-Herald.

disgusting and extremely scary.
so i guess if they look and act too good to be true on grindr or jack’d…

They probably are?

please be careful out here.
like on some serious shit.

article cc: daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “how the hyena shot 3 gay males in 1 night off grindr”

  1. This world period is crazy. Use common sense, video chat try to meet in a public place. Those hookup apps are creepy anyway. One time i talked with a guy and he just kept saying okay shawty what’s your addy? and im like I just talked to you I’m not giving my address to you at almost 4am. Honestly when i want some I only deal with the friends I’ve known for years now. I’m too paranoid to try anything new in regards to a hookup. I am dating now though. I’ve been chatting with someone for the last few weeks. We’ve talked on the phone, and my HR background kicked in so i did a background check on his ass. I didn’t tell him but i had to make sure his story checked out. He’s older and sweet. It’s unfortunate that having read so many horror stories, as well as having lived through scary experiences, that now when I’ve met a decent guy I’m skeptical. Also everyone GET your license to carry or a taser. I was approved for mine back in April yet due to Pandemic the Gun Unit was closed to the public. It reopened late August by appointment only and i go to officially pick it up October 29th at 11am and i plan to purchase my gun in November. Please be safe my Brothas and Sistas EVIL doesn’t take days off

    1. ^let em know malcolm!
      very well fonted!

      dont feel bad for doing a BC on someone!
      folks today are crazy af!!!
      you gotta protect yourself because no one else will.

      1. ….yea we can’t have tasers in New York but damn why he gotta be a murderer doe. Cuz he fire..and gotta tatt that say XL. 😳 But phuc him cause ain’t no nigg worth my GOD given gift of life.

        1. nah, that tat says LV, not XL.
          i was actually going to try and get me a gun license. These folks out here acting crazy as hell, but the lines were too long for my taste, so I put it off. I will go one day. Start going to the shooting range too. Get myself back in the mindset of holding a gun again.

  2. It always baffles me how some gay man can just invite a stranger to their places or are willing to meet somebody that they just met in an app and chat with for about 30 minutes or even less. Why are we so desperate as gay man though I have heard of so many of this horror stories a friend of mine invited a guy he met on grinder to his place for a hook up he turned out to be thief drugged him and stole his valuables including his work laptop. This story is just so sad young gay man being losing your life over dick come on we need to better

    1. But it still doesn’t matter because from what the numbers and statistics show Black Women and Black gay men are killed by Men they know or are in relationships with 90% of the time. Having worked in the ER I can attest to those ER domestic cases. So the chances of a Gay Black Man being killed by a stranger that they met on an app pale in comparison to reality of being killed by someone they love. Whether you meet folks on an app or at the Happy hour after work you have no real inclination as to what you’re dealing with until unfortunately it’s too late. It’s crazy damned if you do, damned if you dont. All you can do is make sound decisions and hope the people that you entertain are sound and sane while protecting yourself.

  3. Stories like these is why I deleted all these apps years and years ago. I’m not desperate for love or wanting to date. I’m better off by myself.

  4. Seriously people are going to have to learn everyone on these sites are not on them for good. Take the advice of meeting someone in a public setting and if they refuse to do that then move on. Life is more valuable than a piece of meat!!!!

  5. I wonder if he used a catfish to lure these days because looking at that mugshot alone I wouldn’t think TWICE about not meeting somebody looking like that. He got “sus” and “crazy” written all over him. Guys, please vet who you meet. I’m picky as it is anyway so I don’t hookup often out of CHOICE because a guy really has to move me to convince me to sleep with him. I’m not a sex addict anyway so months of no sex won’t kill me.

  6. He looks real young actually like under 17 I just don’t see myself being interested. Stuff like this is why I don’t even offer addy I want to know them first that’s if i do get to know them.

  7. The murderer looks like these damn garden variety new wave rappers and Twitter porn models some of yall go full retard over. I have a five or less tattoos rule and if they’re on your neck or your face I’m friend zoning that ass b stat!

    RIP to the deceased, but heads better get discernment dealing with people on these apps.

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