andre marhold is gonna pull it all out in this interview he booked

*the following entry is rated xxx.
sexual content to follow.

so andre marhold finally booked that stage he has been speaking of.
*rihanna tweet voice*
as you know,
he has been fiending to tell his side of the story in the jeffree star entanglement.

side note: I find it interesting he still has straight males and vixens within his circle.
He stays with a wolf pack and vixens on his IG stories.

You know black folks judge heavy with this sort of thing.
Maybe they’re not all straight?

it seems like he finally has a platform to spill the tea on…

it looks like he is headed to the shade room.
i can only imagine what kind of “f” word he gonna be called in those comments.
i wonder if they paid him those 10 racks he wanted?

he might have started getting paid via onlyfans,
which is why it seems like he doesn’t care too much.
speaking of onlyfans,
he allegedly uploaded a video of him getting head but allegedly deleted it.
the foxhole got it tho:


why even delete it?
you know it’s big when you gotta use both hands,
but there is still room left.

lowkey: bobby lytes seems like he is campaigning for that penis.

he been trying to get in andre’s radar.
i hope he know if he do,
andre’s gonna buss his ass with that disrespectful penis of his.

7 thoughts on “andre marhold is gonna pull it all out in this interview he booked

  1. So he admitted to signing a NDA so he’s not gonna spill much! Is it wrong that I’m hoping Jeffree sues him for the little he has 🤷🏾‍♂️

  2. I can’t wait until this dude fades lol… There’s something so off about him

    Also, Shaderoom didn’t pay him no damn 10 racks… They were probably the biggest platform that were only offering him an interview. It’s no different to Tekashi 6ix9ine’s recent interview with The Shaderoom.

    The Breakfast Club, Everyday Struggle, HOT 97, Joe Budden etc. ALL rejected Tekashi, all the major hip hop stations weren’t featuring him so he had to run to the desperate platform that won’t stand for anything and do anything for some clicks and views.

    So them interviewing Andre is nothing surprising. He couldn’t get E! News or one of the major mainstream platforms that report on Jeffree so he had to resort to this. After all, clout is a hell of a drug and he’s capitalising on it because he knows that his flame is dwindling and without speaking on Jefree all he has is OnlyFans.

  3. I hope he doesn’t give that tired “I was broke and I had to take care of my kids” story. Even if so nobody will buy it.

    Finally Bobby May get lucky, Bobby seems like this guys type just missing the wig.

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