k. burgundy claims all the paint ‘n’ sip males are allegedly dl and smash for payment?

k. burgundy,
the ( x best cheeks ) in the “paint ‘n’ sip” attentionisto game.
lemme ask the foxhole a question:

Would you be shocked to find out the Exotic Paintings crew would entertain sexual favors by males for money?

i wouldn’t be shocked tbh.
it would be kinda hot too.
i don’t know if this was a vixen asking k. burgundy this in his dms or…

50k or 50 dollars?
and the combined price is steep to give him head and get some penis?
there are some attentionistos who charge 5k just to suck on their nipples.

He is giving meat at bargain prices

he had this to font in his stories as well:

didn’t a foxholer say they allegedly paid and got smashed in the bathroom?
i mean,
these males sell sex work.
they cross the line into bisexuality off their videos on “exotic paintings” alone.
money has no color or gender these days,
so if they’re giving out dick for money then…

if ima pay k. burgundy,
i’d wanna be smashed smashed.
he looks like he would enjoy getting rode into a sexual dimension.
i wonder what he would charge to get his groceries munched on:

you know he gets hard off the sight of his own ass.

lowkey: i’m shocked he has no sex videos with someone squeezing on that tail while missionary.
he does always ( x give us a good view ) tho.
watching his tail ( x as he strokes ) is a turn on of mine.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

33 thoughts on “k. burgundy claims all the paint ‘n’ sip males are allegedly dl and smash for payment?”

  1. Last part from him reads like sarcasm but I mean is water wet? Nothing is a shock in this onlyfans era. Ho’s be out here ho-ing and isn’t their whole thing is no discrimination so I can easily see it. Most of the paint and sip niggas give at the least bi vibes. His vibe in particular sexy, ass is phat asf too.

    1. ^he comes off really comfortable in his own skin.
      that is always gonna be sexy.
      he will let a vixen eat that tail,
      legs up in the air,
      and doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks.

      that is always gonna be sexy to me.
      someone who isn’t a brick wall.

  2. Hell. I would be disappointed if they “DIDN’T” get down like this ( Smile) .

    [Him sharing this information can only help the brand. It should increase attendance at the next Paint ‘N” Sip ]

    They should go virtual . It would be hot and allow folks globally to attend( ha ha Ha)

  3. Is anyone really suprised.. sounds like a logical assumption to make. Most str8 man aren’t going to allow another man to feel up the goods unless money is changing hands.I think most of these men are Bi. by inclination.

  4. I could be wrong, but I highly doubt that’s a Woman offering to pay him to give him head. Sounds more like shenanigans from a community member, if u catch my drift. So ima need him to gon head and insert hisself in that list as well.

    And I feel like that post came from a jaded place, or him feeling the need to validate his DL experiences by outing the others. What I do respect from the sip and paint dudes is that they don’t seem reluctant to give their male attendants the same energy they give the women. So I doubt these women feel played or even care. Seems like a free for all atmosphere at those shows. Who cares. Actually good friends with one of the sip and paint models crazy shit happens all the time.

  5. It’s so obvious the paint n sip is a front for sex work. What they charge like $20 for a ticket? And most of the shows have about 20 people, then they gotta split that? The real money is the post party “tips” for sex.

  6. Yeah this isn’t news. Like at all. They had a better option of listing those that DON’T engage in “if the price is right”. That would’ve been a true shocker. And why do I genuinely believe that the price is 50 regular dollars? I won’t even lie or front to my fellow Foxholers, but if someone like say Lamonte happens to be apart of this little side gig as well…chile you ain’t saying nothing, but a word 😂😂😂😂 ESPECIALLY for only 50 dollars?! Chileeeeeeee. It’s definitely way better than paying 30 or 60 or beyond to watch videos (and I use the term “videos” VERY loosely). I’m here for it.

  7. His ass DL too, he regularly sell sex on Tagged and POF to men and women…. He’s just trying to bring others out the closet because his tea is extra hot.

  8. No thanks I’ll keep my $50 & buy me a nice pair of jeans or sumthin lol theres just something about knowing a man is only giving me the time of day cause i paid, that would make me feel awful, wouldn’t even be able to enjoy it 🤷🏾‍♂️

    1. Exactly, the fact people would even admit to paying $50 for boy toy action makes me cringe. Part of what makes a sexual experience amazing is both of you feeling pleased and desired. What pleasure do people get knowing that they’ll be disposed after they pay for a sexual experience. To each it’s own but couldn’t be me.

    2. I second this.. Furthermore why tf would I pay for a paint & simp? Gay men are so easy to play with money so I’m not surprised for things like this lol

  9. Once again, it’s a sexual workers market. There is plenty money to be made here. This is nothing new in society. Behavioral attitude is that I am getting paid regardless of what others may think. When one individual want another will. It’s no difference in a female working at a strip club. SEX SALES!!

  10. If anyone is surprised by this, they probably also believe a dude when he asks to ‘just put the tip in’ lol

    That said, I like dude’s energy – he seems fun and doesn’t take himself too seriously; and it’s comfortable in his skin (be definitely like showing off that booty lol). Allum bi to me until proven otherwise.

  11. I had a first hand account of this. I did a Paint and Sip party with Lamonte 2 years ago. It was huge, however he was EXTRA lazy. He was so cocky, and couldn’t be found half of the night, I go looking for this fool, and found him coming out of the bathroom with a male guess, butt ass naked, dick on brick! I was too through! Lamonte is gay for pay, and the majority of Exotic Paintings models are as well. I don’t know K. Burgundy, but I’m familiar with the rest, as I hired them a time or 2. They all give each other heads up on what guys want to pay to service them. It’s actually sad and disturbing.

  12. I know a few of the Sip & Paints I went to I have seen Lamonte fuck the women in the bathroom to get hard then he comes out. The last time I went K Burgundy gave me a lap dance and I felt like it then he could be gay for pay.

    1. ^why did he have to fuck someone to get hard?
      shouldn’t he be hard or get hard by vixens touching all over him?

      why do these paint n sip events sound like a easy sex tour? lol

      1. when he did my show, he saw the other model I hired that had a HUGEEEE d#ck. went to the bathroom and took a viagra so he could get rock hard and compete. It was so lame.

          1. Yeah, my original model was the dude Kwame. But come to find out he’s BI and used to strip for guys. But around “straight guys” he’s straight. We’d worked with him before. Hired him with our collab show with Lamonte. When Lamonte saw all the attention he was getting he took the blue pill. Meanwhile Shaund was teeny tiny, but his ass makes up for that. And the other friend with the bumpy skin was merely a straggler.

      1. Not hard at all… I just slid in his dm’s on ig. He was real careful though. Sex was normal. Just typical sex, nothing crazy. I am trans though.

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