“How 2 Spot A D/L Brotha” Prep Guide; Jamari Platinum D-Lux Edition

You wanted it.
You finally got it.

This blog is dedicated to anyone who likes the DOWN LOW/DISCREET Men.

After a long process and interviewing of various discreet, down low, and even some out dudes,
Even some situations I have been in,
I give to you the:

“How 2 Spot A D/L Brotha” Jamari Platinum D-Lux Edition Prep Guide.

not all D/L men want to be with you forever and ever.
You meet, kick it, date, and he turns out to be Wade from Noah’s Arc.
Truth be told,
alot of them are just looking to stab that back box.

If you got good game, you can keep him addicted.
If not, proceed to the next blog.

So lets get right into it, shall we?

Eye Fucking

Staring is one of the biggest signs that he maybe interested in you. Your eyes are the windows to your soul. I can understand a glace and he looks off – never looking again. But if the mutha-fucka is just ODee STARING at you, that is a problem. The key trick into making sure you lock him in is to stare back. It maybe a little intimidating, but trust me, do it. Stare for a good couple seconds and look off – then look again. Let him know you are interested via body language. Turn your body towards him and be open. Then, accompany it with the “head nod” (or he may do it himself)- and there you have it. If you take to long with your moves, he will think you are playing games and be done with you.

Double Edged + Slick Tongue Combo

Double Edged Tongue – Have you ever been around a guy who just seemed to be talking in codes? He would be talking about something and it just doesn’t make sense. That is a big one. I use to do it (still do sometimes). I would say something amongst a group of people, especially a dude I am interested in, and I would throw out various verbal traps. Nothing obvious. Just to perk up the ears of the man in the room who gets down. Men, especially D/L men, speak in codes. Pay attention.

Slick Tongue – Happened recently when I was in the barber shop. I was walked in and immediately, this cute thuggish dude was checking me out. They were all talking about Michael Jackson’s death and playing his music. Well, Mr. Thuggish Dude randomly started talking about sex, all while looking at me. Talking about how good he was and how he be having these women “turned out”. He was making sex gestures and really being descriptive on his sex game. Pounding his fist into his hand like he was fucking really hard. Really though? I thought the room was reminiscing about Michael? Then he offered to buy me a drink…. See what I mean. This has happened quite a few times in different situations. Pay attention.

The Question Game

Easy enough. You are in a public place and a dude comes up to you, asking you for the time or admiring your outfit. I had a guy come up to me to ask me for the time – but he had a cell phone. That is a little questionable because my time is on my cell phone. I do not know about you. Anytime a random dude walks up to you to ask you questions, take it as his subtle way as a pick up. Just go with the flow and make eye contact. (If you take a train, it is best to look approachable. No headphones, talking on your cell, and no glasses. Look open and scan your surroundings. Guys, especially discreet or D/L, will not approach you if you look unapproachable.)

Touch Me; Tease Me

You may know him or you may not. He finds a way to touch your body. Thats how I caught onto my Ex-Husband. He would find a way to have one his limbs on me. It never failed. We would be sitting close together and his leg would be resting on mine. He would guide me into a room by putting his hand on the small of my back. (I got too much stories on him but I’ll bring him up within the handbook). Straight men are not going to be all over you. Do not confuse a guy touching you once or twice for “He wants me!“. If he is continuously finding ways to subtly touch you, that is a Code: B (Code: B = He wants the B-unz).

Ex husband did at his job. I guess he forgot he was D/L at the time. Anyway, so he was sitting next to me in this office and this lady complimented me about my cologne. Mind you, I didn’t know about him. He was already staring at me and said “Yeah, it smells good” and next thing you know, his nose was touching my neck and he was sniffing me! The lady playfully slapped him and said “You ain’t suppose to be smelling no man’s neck!“. He look embarrassed. I felt horny. The women in the office looked over it because 1) he was big dog in charge and played it off nicely and 2) he was fine. Alot of the times, you are forgiven because you are good looking.

1 on 1 Time

He wants you to come over to help him with homework or something. It could be anything. But he wants you to come over alone and when he is alone. That ain’t nothing but a Code: B in the making. When you get over there, just watch how he is acting. Sometimes, it could be purely innocent while other times, its a booby trap. Make sure you are always prepared (clean) and act natural. The biggest sign for me is we are alone in your crib and you are so close to me, I can feel the air exhaling out your nose. This one dude asked me to come over one night (had to be like 10 or so). I had a house full of people but I left anyway because he was cool. I got there and he was tryna read me poetry. WHAT THE HELL?! Shut his bedroom door and everything.

I can’t.

One situation with my Ex-Husband. We were alone together in a bedroom and, I gave him advice on something. All the other dudes and his girlfriend at the time, were in the living room and he was with me. Sitting dangerously close, might I add. All I know is that after that is when he started to show his D/L. I wasn’t even checking for him all like that before. He even had his girlfriend come fix me dinner couple nights later.

The Ladies Man

I do not know about anyone else but this is a major sign for me. ALWAYS talking about some bitch he is fucking or some girl he is with. My Ex Husband use to date plenty of girls (and they were fine) and I always wondered why it never worked out. It would last a week or two and it was onto the next. That is because he wanted my ass and as much pussy as he was getting, nothing was going to satisfy him than him being on top of me. Straight men talk about women they are with, yes, but to talk about it all the time – that is a problem. Alot of the down low dudes that have hit me up have girlfriends, wives, and have two or three women they are juggling – but you see they are hitting me up. lol When it looks like the person is trying to hard to prove something – you got a winner.

Disrespecting women and overly homophobic is a big sign too.

My Home Girl’s Got A D/L Boyfriend

Certain women attract down low men. I’m sorry, but it is true. My friend always attracts some dude that gets down or is curious. Some women have that aura. I know a few females whose boyfriends have hit on me. Black females think that in order for a man to be gay, he has to be feminine. Not true at all. Alot of these straight masculine hood acting buff mutha fuckas are the main ones trying to get a piece of the Jamari pie…. and all from dating females who I know. You can meet alot of down low dudes through females. Not lesbians or studs – but straight pretty sexy “gaddamn she fine!” women. It is a melting pot. Trust and believe, they are watching to see if you are a drama queen. This one dude told me that he was watching to see if I could be trusted. That is why I urge you to have straight friends. The gays roll with to much drama. But anyway, you’ll know if your home girl’s man gets down because he will be asking questions about you. This dude my girl was dating fucking wanted to know if I was going to this party she went to and where I was.

Why do you want to know where I am?

I’ve Seen You Naked

Just as the title says. He will drop his draws in the quick of the heartbeat when you are around. He will show you his sex tape he made with some chick or even have you in the room while he is fucking her (that has happened to me). It is all ways to let you know he is comfortable around you.

Two examples: This one kat would always want me in the room when he was fucking our mutual friend he was dating. (Although, I did get a few feels on his nice ass when he was on-top of her) He would flash me his big ass dick when he was done fucking her brain’s out. He even spread his ass cheeks one time. Even went so far as to light candles one night when he was trying to fuck her in the ass. Excuse me? Ol girl was puzzled as to why. I knew though. (He could fuck really really REALLY good. I never got it… but I damn sure coulda got it if I wasn’t acting scared lol)

Then this other dude I knew, and we were around a bunch of dudes (Ex-Husband included), came out the bathroom with soap cleverly placed on his dick. Granted from the outline it was big, but why would you do that around a bunch of supposed “straight” men? He wanted to let the room know that he wants the Code: B… or was something the room at the time was not telling me?

Internet Dick

Random hit up on Twitter, Myspace, or Facebook. He saw you on your home girl’s page and decided to add you. Probably saw you once in his life but remembered you. All that are signs that you may be admired. Alot of d/l dudes communicate with each other through the internet these days. I have gotten random friend requests from dudes and I would hit them up with a simple “Thanks for the add”… and it all went from there.

The Bold and The Beautiful

There are some D/L dudes, depends on where you live, that will follow you and ask you for your number. Straight up; no chaser. No game playing or no hide and go freak. I like those dudes because they know what they want and they go get it. Alot of the men in the D/L lifestyle are insecure or have been turned out so, it is hard to actually go up and ask for your info. Others have that “fuck it” mentality and are go gettas. Not much to say on them but do what you need to do.

… and that is it.

Alot of the times, it is like gambling.
Professional gamblers will tell you about a technique they use call “a tell.”
Simply put, it’s observing how a card player reacts to good and bad hands to gauge his unknown hand.

A pro gambler will watch you for a few hands,
maybe lose a few dollars in the process, then up the stakes once he’s determined your “tell.”
Most rookies have one: a guy gets a royal flush and his eyes light up or his eyebrows jump,
or he starts talking in a excited voice. Each is a tell.
It is usually not rocket science when around a D/L but your spirit starts to speak.

I was lucky to be perceptive.
I could pick up on feelings.
I can tell when a dude is 100% straight or if he is curious.

Another thing, I noticed is that if a dude starts acting around you,
the way he would around a female then that is usually a tell tale sign.
He treats you way different than he does other straight dudes.
He is way too friendly and offers to go the extra mile – ding ding ding.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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  1. yup,dime girls all got DL men…period.Thank u. I had to laugh at the
    u in the room while he fuck….this happens to me alot,even had a shorty who
    wanted me on the bed and his girl did not even mind…wow. Also,check those
    really hard men…ie loud,proud and ignant….those will fuk around as well
    good words yo…people recognize and believe.


  3. Damn you are very good….shit…I swear I have done every last one of these things….SHIT!!!

    Platinum Star for your Expertise…you have earned your Doctorate Sir.

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