“Do U Work Here?”

So yesterday,
I saw there was a 1 day sale at one of my favorite “On A Budget” stores, Old Navy.
I quickly got my ‘fit together and out of all the Old Navys in The Concrete Forest,
I wanted to go to the one downtown.

Shopping + Daddy Watchin’ = A Damn Good Time…

So I asked Chase,
a good friend of mine,
if he wanted to roll down there and he said cool.

When we entered the subway,
In my foreground I could descry all kinds of fine dudes waiting for the train.

Almost immediately entering the subway platform,
I saw this fine dude checking me out.
He had brown skin but I couldn’t see his face fully due to his large fitted cap.
I could tell he was built because you could see his body through his loose fitting sweat suit.
Our gaze was broken though, when some homeless dude collapsed on the platform and he went to go get help.

We walked over the homeless man and started walking towards the middle of the platform.
1) so we could get out closer to the exit downtown and 2) the deeper down you go, the more the view got more appealing.

As we were coming towards the middle of this long train platform,
this cute dude and some female were coming down the stairs.
We locked eyes and I could see his eyes widen.
He definitely liked what he saw so he did the “Lets stand right next to me” # but ol girl moved over to the wall,
and he followed.

The whole train wait + ride was him talking to her and staring at me.
We would lock eyes and he would look off, as I did.
I was not trying to have some angry hood chick throwing a tantrum and calling me out.
So I deaded that situation and played with my Berry.
In better circumstances,
I am sure he would have tried to bag me.

Oh well.

When we got into Old Navy,
there was a mad rush of people taking advantage of this sale.
I immediately saw what I came down there for but Chase wanted to do more shopping.
We went deeper into the Men’s department and was overwhelmed by so many “2 for $15” and “$15” signs,
I thought I had landed in Budget heaven.

As we shopped,
I noticed we had a little fan club.
There were two dudes following us, but one in particular was staring at me.
Everywhere I went,
He was close by.
I went over to the sweats and when I turned my head,
he was there.

“Ok, so you take the little fat one.” I told Chase, laughing.

He clearly was not amused but I knew he would entertain.

The one clockin’ me was attractive.
6’0, slim build, dark brown skin.
But something was going on with his teeth.
It almost looked like his front row of teeth were protruding out his mouth.

So, after  Chase and I found more shit than we planned on,
Dude comes over to me and asks me, “Do you work here?”
all while looking me deep in my eyes and licking his lips.

He had a deep voice.
I could tell the accent was from Uptown.
the ‘fit definitely said, “Brooklyn“.

But onto the question…
you know I do NOT work here.
My ‘fit clearly did not look like Old Navy work attire.
The amount of accessories I had on,
I mean c’mon now…….
….but I was flattered.

When I focused my eyes better,
I could tell he was a Yungin‘.
He had to be about 17 and the dude following him looked like his little brother.
What am I gonna do with him?
Plus, he looked like he didn’t have any money or was on an allowance.

I’m coooooooooooooooooooooooool.

I told him “No I didnt”, and gave him a smile.
He apologized and his little pudgy friend/brother followed, looking confused.

Chase and I laughed about it,
bought our shit,
and left to go back home.

Had a fan club and bought some nice shit….

What a night.

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