the word “hi” signifies a polite greeting in the english language.
the perfect opener for when meeting someone for the first time.
couple it with a warm smile and a firm handshake,
it can let the guard down of many.
“hi” can also be used when you text someone.
the variation of “wassup” or “sup” can also be used.
send a random “hi” to a stranger and it can open the door for conversation.
so when the wolf that i ( x wrote about the other day ) sent me “hi” last night,

Why did i roll my eyes?…


bmj_head_shake_marryso our last text message convo was on sunday.
i sent him a text asking:

“so what are you lookin for?”

simple question.
depending on his response,
i’d consider meeting him this week.
well he never responded.
i gave it 24 hours.
welp that called for a swift erase.
last night,
i’m finishing up on reading “the secret”,
i get a text from him.


…at like 2am.
2am days later tho muthafucka?
get the fuck out my face with that “hi” bullshit.
i’m not some idiot bitch you done met at a fuckin’ glory hole or orgy.
then not even a text answering the question i asked.
even if he said:

“wassup sorry i been busy and couldn’t get back to you.”

…depending on where he took the convo,
he could have slid on through.
no swagg whatsoever.

3473180-bruceleeyeah383183-bruce-lee-literally-punch-in-t-mcBgi don’t give a fuck how fine you are,
what kind of body you got,
that all means nothing if you are a fuckin’ dumbass.
wtf is up with these idiot negros today?
these hoes that put up with the bullshit made these wolves stupid as fuck.
at least put up some game to lower my guard.
i mean damn!
thank god i gave him my google voice.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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