“Hi! So I Have AIDS Now! Hug Me!”

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 7.24.54 PMso queerty had an article up about a cocodorm p star named snow bunni.
( x learn a little about him here )
a couple of the f-bi sent me emails for me to watch a youtube video he was in.
well i ended up watching it,
and even though it’s fucked up to see him now with full blown AIDS,
i did have a few thoughts after…
so everyone was being all “aww” and “oh my goodness”,
but what did everyone expect?
he was a porn star who lived in a fast life.
im confused as to why everyone is so shocked he would contract a disease?
am i the only one who realizes what his career is?
or did everyone forgot to read the fine print?
especially in an industry where even if the p star is wearing a condom,
people are upset and confused.
“that scene would have been better without the condom,” they said.

21ce9athell most cocodorm scenes are filmed with raw meat.
you likes it so they loves it.

 i could understand if it was ( x the sexy gay dads with the three kids ).
if one of the husbands went rogue and gave the other the disease,
i would have been inclined to have been more shocked.
now what also confuses me is the porn blogs reporting this story.
it seems very…
counter productive.
so posting videos promoting bareback porn,
not one “safe sex” advertisement in sight,
but suddenly “woe is he!” and “all that glitters ain’t gold”?
is that how we doing this at the end of march?

tumblr_m35lzgu9B01qlitaxo1_500…and what “glitters” about the life of a p star?
even more confusion.

my thing is,
how many times do we need to see these images to “get it”?
how many more mascots and “faces of death” do people need to see?
how many entries do i need to write i order for it to sink in?
if you fuckin’ raw,
then you should be grown enough to know the consequences.
the issue is we all know about safe sex,
but when you are in the beginning stages of fornication,
all logic goes out the window for some.
“remember when jamari said…”
that goes south.
hiv has to get them,
or someone close to them,
in order for people to “get it”.
this is why i will remain being a condom nazi.

post-25055-NOPE-not-doing-that-gif-S3vn-1i love myself way too much for the bullshit.

i feel for dude tho.
i wouldn’t wish hiv or aids on my worst enemy.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on ““Hi! So I Have AIDS Now! Hug Me!””

  1. “all logic goes out the window”…NOT!!! If you love yourself enough, and no matter how horny you may be…you will never allow someone to talk you into going raw!

  2. I can admit that my logic has gone out the window once.Afterwards I was like “Why the fuck was I not thinking of the consequences before I did that.”

    I thought porn was just acting tho… 😉

  3. I knew that name sounded familiar. I think I watched one of his videos about a few weeks ago.

    I don’t have to worry about this. I know to wrap it up. I am tired of preaching all the time, and all I am going to say is that if you haven’t learned by now, you will learn when it is too late.

  4. I’m not even surprise at all.
    But I am curious on why he named himself Snow Bunni? He’s not even white.

  5. Jamari. i hear you brother and as usual people are so hypocritical with their AWW and OH My…WTF..give me a damn break. No surprised and there are so many more out there on the same road. I am not against a persons choice to do porn but give me a break..you stupid enough to do scenes without condom, tested or not, you playing Russian roulette. Sad to hear of his life sentence but he made his choice so he must suffer th consequences. The question is where are his fellow porn stars ,and past employer? I hope they are with him through this. The fact is..he is there alone, with his family to go through this..ALONE. Was it really worth the $300 per episode?

  6. We don’t know if he contracted HIV at work (porn) or at home.We know he contracted it by having sex without a condom.I thought it was important to show a young person with AIDS who is in the hospital with complications.Alot of young people have never seen a person with AIDS actually sick or suffering.In the nineties there would stories and images on tv and magazines all the time.Now AIDS is like this abstract thing not taken serious.If you get it you just take some pills and you will be fine.That’s a myth.This 24 year old is not fine.Hopefully he will recover from this health crisis.

  7. I do feel sympathy for him. I do feel sympathy for Kevyn Mines/Venom. There are other porn stars that do raw sex, including Race Cooper. And by the way both Kevyn Mines and Race Cooper are Facebook friends of mine and seem to be nice and smart guys. I have had some friends die of HIV infection and I would not wish HIV infection on my worst enemy. Now, when it comes to risk, every behavior has some risk. I suggest that you take a look at this website, which color codes the risk of HIV infection with various types of sexual behavior: http://mindprod.com/ggloss/safesex.html It’s very easy to understand.

    I just heard on the Steve Harvey Morning Show yesterday morning whereby Steve assumed that because a baby resulted that the adults (one of whom was married) were having unprotected sex to produce the baby. That’s not necessarily so. Condoms when used properly are only 90% -95% effective in pregnancy prevention, meaning that they are 5%-10% not effective in pregnancy prevention. Accordingly, if you use a condom and sex a fecund woman and you are a fertile man, then it would appear that you are rolling the dice and may end up with a pregnancy 5% to 10% of the time. (Do you feel lucky?)

    Condoms break, tear, come off all the time. So whether it’s prevention of pregnancy or prevention of HIV infection, you should think twice before you believe “IN CONDOM WE TRUST” and put your paycheck (child support) or health (HIV infection) dependent on a thin layer of latex. You should have a back-up plan. In pregnancy prevention, the back-up plan might be an IUD or a diaphram or the pill or otherwise. In HIV prevention, the back-up plan might be PEP or PrEP or otherwise. Your back-up plan might also include abstaining from sex or sex only in an exclusive relationship.

    But don’t for one-minute adopt “IN CONDOM WE TRUST” as your watch-word!

    1. You are right there is no safe sex only safer sex.In Houston we just had a confirmed case of female to female HIV transmission which is extremely rare.

    2. Nothing is safe to be honest. Driving is dangerous, and accidents are the number one killer, but we still drive because we have places to go man, we just have to be careful. The same thing goes with sex, people need it, and some need it more than others. As humans we can’t do without it, so we have to stay safe as possible while doing it.

      That last sentence in the last paragraph is me all the way. I don’t have sex unless I am in a relationship. I do not know about y’all, but I am not out here with a different guy every week, hell nah lol. Y’all know I am a Wolf, so I stay horny as shit lol. The next Fox I cuff is going to get it lol. That dude is going to be bed ridden like shit. I am gonna have him collecting disability checks.

  8. Dean and Y Colette, you both add tremendously to the discourse on this blog. Thank you. Everybody, please, please take the time to click on the link Dean imbedded in his post for some life saving information. I’ve devoted my life to educating our people and people around the world on this and other conditions that afflict us. Prevention on the front end is so much better (cost effective) than treatment on the back end. And, thank you, Jamari, for allowing this discourse on your blog.

  9. I mean no offense when I say this, but bottoms are at more risk than tops when it comes to contracting the virus. People like to argue on this topic for what reason I do not know. The reason I said this is because the virus is transmitted through bodily fluids. The ass cannot produce legit bodily fluids. The key word is legit, meaning it can’t squirt or get wet like a pussy etc. However, us tops can get contract it through the lining of an anus. Just like our mouths, the lining of an anus is raw flesh. Even though the risk is lower for tops, we cannot let our guards down because a low risk it just that, a risk, so I still do not feel perfectly safe, nor should I.

    I have heard of tops contracting the virus, but do not always assume they caught it from a bottom because that is NOT always the case. I am about to get into some other shit now. I am young, but I am sure you seasoned veterans know what I am speaking of when I say this. There are men in this lifestyle who claim to be strict tops, but when no one is watching, they are power bottoms lol. Some of you are LIARS. There are men out there who claim to be tops who bottom from time to time. If you were to place ten men in a room who are “supposedly” tops, at least three of them are prepped for the pipe, I can guarantee that. Some guys claim to be tops because they like being superior in the bedroom, which is actually an insecurity on their part. The ones reading know who they are. They only seek out real tops and have sexual relationships with them. I have heard some stories about what goes on. Let’s keep it all the way real.

  10. I’m just surprised that he has full blown AIDS. There are treatments. Get tested and follow the plan if you are positive. You don’t have to die from HIV.

  11. Justin aka Snow Bunni last worked with FlavaWorks and CocoDorm nearly five years ago in 2009 and was HIV Negative. He NEVER did any bareback porn with our FlavaWorks or CocoDorm.

    We are very supportive in his battle.

  12. SMDH. Since I originally posted the video with the permission of Justin, I must speak up.

    #1 Justin NEVER said he got the virus from the industry. He NEVER did a raw scene with Cocodorm. Please do your homework before you judge and condemn him.

    #2 The video was not posted for pity or sympathy. He wanted the video posted to educate the world on what can happen when you are not responsible with your health. He wanted to save others from making the same mistakes he made.

    I don’t think it’s fair to assume that just because Justin did porn, it shouldn’t be a shock that he has AIDS. You are no better than straight folks who think the same of the gender non-conforming community.

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