Gucci Mane Returns With Jail Bawdy

tumblr_mgoqpw4kVM1rs9pbto1_500gucci mane is out of prison.
i know.
you forgot to write him as i did.
well you know when these pineapples get locked up,
they come out with a brand new jailbird bawdy.
summer is when they really show it off.
this is the new gucci mane…

are those…
that back is not a joke either.

well good to see that pregnancy tummy is gone.
thank god for that.
i guess he took his fitness seriously while locked up.
he ain’t had shit else to do,
so why not?now let’s hope he does something with that grill.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Gucci Mane Returns With Jail Bawdy

  1. If I didn’t know what he looks like and only peeped that vid, I’d be like “okay, okay” and let my imagination go to happy places…but I know the truth, and it sets me free……..running!

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