You Better Duck, Mah Pineapple!“t.i.” and “guns” just don’t mix.
now coming from new yawk,
i know where i just wouldn’t go.
any place with an abundance of pineapples is out the question.
t.i. had a concert at irving plaza in new yawk last night.
this is what happened…

A New York rap concert turned deadly when an argument erupted in gunfire, according to police.

One man died and three other people were injured in the Wednesday night shooting at the Irving Plaza, where rapper T.I. was scheduled to perform.

The incident began as an argument that escalated into a fistfight outside a green room reserved for rappers on the bill at Wednesday night’s concert, according to NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce.

After about five minutes of fisticuffs, someone pulled a gun and began shooting, he said.

Police have recovered five 9mm bullet casings, and are talking to witnesses and looking for video of the incident, he said.

Authorities do not yet know the motive for the argument or shooting, but say T.I. wasn’t part of it.

“From what we can determine right now, he had nothing to do with this,” Boyce said.

The man who died was 33, according to police.

Rapper Troy Ave — whose real name is Roland Collins — was shot in the leg and is expected to recover, Boyce said.

Another man, previously described as a 34-year-old, and a woman, said to be 26, were also shot and expected to survive.

Three other people were injured trying to escape the gunfire, Boyce said. Their injuries aren’t serious, he said.

Video supposedly from inside Irving Plaza, located near Union Square, showed people frantically scrambling to leave the dance floor. Irving Plaza has a capacity of approximately 1,000 people.
It’s unclear how guns made it inside the venue, where about 950 people were attending the concert, Boyce said.
The venue has metal detectors and a security staff, he added.
t.i. better be lucky he wasn’t involved.
you know he morphs into his racthet when needs be.


that kind of situation is so scary to me tho.
fall to the ground and get trampled?
what do you do?unless it’s a big venue,
then i’m not going.
i’m also not seeing a ton of rapper wolves,
a la summer jam,
because you can already expect the fuckery.

we were doing so well in new yawk too.
stay safe out there this weekend foxhole.
these big summer holidays are when the jackals come out.
article taken: cnn

9 thoughts on “You Better Duck, Mah Pineapple!

  1. Exactly! Those are the ones that want to act foolish, THINKING they’re making themselves look “hard” when n actuality they come out looking stupid

  2. Good lord this shit will not stop! If I hear another T.I. headlining an act, Im out, peace. He is no stranger to violence and can’t nobody enjoy shit! Nigga pls.

    1. It’s not just T.I. man. It’s attributed to a lot of hip-hop artists, but it’s not the artists…it’s their fans!
      You have these nobody’s who want to make a name for themselves, so they go out and act a damn fool! Sad to say but it’s instances like these are why I no longer go to concerts or any gathering with my fellow African Americans…because someone will always show up and act a fool.
      Remember the scenario at Resorts World Casino in Queens?! They broke that place in real fast with their foolishness!
      Why can’t we go anywhere and have fun without fighting and/or shootings taking place?!

      1. ..but sometimes it is these seemingly inconsequential “artists” à la the Chief Keefs, the Bobby Schmurdas, and these goons in this post…I blame the millenials of today who took being care-free youth to a whole new level and grossly misinterpreting it as “I’m gonna get mine when/how I want it and fuck anybody who gets in my way” type mentality…collateral damage? …what’s that?

  3. That is the reason I stay my ass home. There is way too much going on out here for me. Being at a concert and hearing gunshots and I have to escape and fight my way through a lot of people, I do not think so

  4. This story has been updated.There is a video of the rapper Troy Ave firing a gun.He has been charged with attempted murder and they are doing ballistics to see if he fired the bullet that killed his friend.You can see his friend run in front of him in the video.The friend Edgar McPhatter known as B$B Banga’s mother says Troy never called her or any his brothers after the shooting.

  5. “[Ninjas] and flies…” *sigh* I really need to stop readin the news cause it’ll make u not wanna go nowhere/do nothin’…yeah be safe y’all!

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