f0xMail: He Can’t Chase Me That Far Since He Has That Ankle Bracelet On.

One of my Foxes sent me this wonderful story he wanted to share.
It is about his past pain and triumph with a Wolf who did not deserve him.
I thought it would be something nice to read before bedtime.
Ya know, to start Monday off right.

I feel we have all been through something like this.
It could be with a Wolf, family, or friends
We have all had to learn “the hard way“.
Get ready to feel inspired…


There has been something that I have been wanting to get off my chest for a long time now. I feel like I have a duty to reveal my past pain so others can learn from it and not have to go through the same things I did so feel free to post this.

I was 20 years old in college when I started dating this 29-year-old Hood Wolf. He had been trying for months to get me to date him. Well, finally, he won me over and we started dating. He had everything you think you would want in a Wolf. He had steady income and had finally got his own place which was not really his. It was his aunts second house that she rents out and it is located in her backyard. She had recently had it fixed up and added another bedroom so it was 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

He told me that he had been to jail a few times, but had now got his life together cause he wanted better for himself. Me being the type not judge anyone by there past or anything else was still ok with him at that point because it did seem like he was trying to get his life together. One day he shocked me cause out of nowhere he asked me to move in with him he had been hinting around that he wanted me to move in with him for sometime and told me he would take care of everything and not to worry about rent or anything else cause he had it all. I just laughed it off cause I thought he was just saying it just to sound nice. Please understand at that time I was not out to my mother and I had no other family around and I was so scared to tell her cause I really didn’t know how she was going to react and I didn’t want to sleep in a house were I am constantly being judged.

So, I decided to move in with him since everything was going really well. I thought I was in love, but as I look back on that I realized I didn’t even know what real love was and that’s when everything flipped. One week after moving in with him, I found out he didn’t have his life together like he said he did. He was starting to become emotionally abusive towards me saying all kinds of things to me just anything he wanted to and he tried to have control over my life. Anytime I was on the phone, he would be listening to my every word jumping in my conversations and would get pissed at me because I didn’t do what he wanted me to do. You see, he wanted me to give all my control to him, but I didn’t. He couldn’t handle that and it pissed him off. We barely had food in the house. We were practically starving. So I went out and bought some decent food for us to eat. I cooked almost all his meals and he wanted me to clean the house with him everyday. He had a form of OCD, so he liked everything cleaned daily and he couldn’t sit still to save his life. He also smoked inside the house it drove me crazy and when things couldn’t get any worse, I found out that he had to go to jail for assaulting a cop who was questioning him also. He was still selling drugs and also writing bad checks.

I was speechless and shocked and pissed that he never told me about this situation and expected me to just deal with it. He went to jail for 4 days and I held the house down and everything. When he came back I also found out that he had to be on house arrest also. When you are on house arrest, you have to pay monthly for the equipment they install in your house and on your foot so that made him really upset. He started to take out his frustrations on me. It took its toll on me. I was getting skinner and I also couldn’t pee. Yes, it was effecting me so much that I couldn’t even pee. I had to really concentrate to pee. The breaking point for me was he asked me to type a work number in his phone before I could type a text message appeared from some other fox that I found out that he had been talking to before he even meet me. He never told him about me or even that I was living with him also he had the nerve to talk about my cleaning and how he likes the place clean at that point. I packed up all my shit made a phone call and got the fuck up out of there with a quickness as I was packing you should have saw the priceless look on his face. He looked so shocked and he was mad that I was leaving and he started cussing and threatening me. He tried to make excuses for his behavior toward me. I said nothing that whole time because everyone knows you can do more with silence then you could ever do by talking.

He took my kindness as weakness and untimely he paid a bigger price than I did cause he will have to live with the fact that he will never find another like me. I moved out and back in with my mom and a few weeks later I got a email from him asking me how I was doing and how everything was going I never answered back and deleted the email and my whole email account so he could never get in touch with me again.

So flash forward to me now, I am out to my mother who always knew I was gay by the way lol I spent all that time worrying and she was more than ok with it and just wants me to be happy and she is very supportive. I will never again in my life give a man power over me and control over me and I will never deal with a man who only cares about himself also I will never waste myself on a man that doesn’t deserve me and my beauty and my loyalty and faithfulness and niceness. I am a stronger person and even more passionate about life and the things that make it all worthwhile so you can judge me all you want because I truly know who I am now!

When it is time to go, it is time to go.
I don’t care how could the sex is,
or how great he looks,
how much money he has,
or what he has bought for you.
You do not EVER need to be treated like your whole shit ain’t platinum.
If yo do not believe it isn’t, how is anyone else going to think so!

Keep the stories coming!
We got more Foxes, Hybrids, and Wolves to inspire!

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5 thoughts on “f0xMail: He Can’t Chase Me That Far Since He Has That Ankle Bracelet On.”

  1. Good for him! He got out in the nick of time. Because eventually that broke down rabid wolf was going to get more controlling and even violent. And he would have dragged that fox down. Fuck that! Life is too short!

  2. See that’s why when you see the signs you go. You have to or it will continue to get worse. Age difference is a big issue nowdays too. You guys who are my age want to kick with an older dude just so you can tell people you are with one. I know the tricks cause I have been there and done it. It’s not really a good thing because they become over protective and too much to handle sometimes. I will NOT let a man run my life.

    I’m glad you let that loser go my dude. He would have made your life hell.

  3. Thank you so much Jamari for posting this and thank you immanuel22 and The Man for your comments. This was a situation I never really told anyone about in detail and it started to bother me because I never really talked about it I just went on with my life and I didn’t heal properly and after I wrote this I felt a huge release it was like therapy all my pain is finally gone 🙂

    1. Congrats to you for standing up for your self worth and realizing that he and that relationship was toxic to your well being.

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