(Foxhole) Normani Is Coming For Your Fur

i come into work this morning,
turn on my spotify,
and i see this:

normani got a song with khalid.
it’s called “love lies” and well…

…and then i see the video:

normani on some:

she sounds great on this track!
i feel she is about to come hard.
they slowly setting up her solo shit.
i see what they doing.
getting her featured on a few collabs to get her name out there.
whatever they doing,
i’ll allow it.

lowkey: weird enough,
folks been telling me how much they like this song…

her album is cool.
i wouldn’t buy it,

but it’s cool.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “(Foxhole) Normani Is Coming For Your Fur”

  1. Jamari, yes!!!!! Did you see how she slayed the choreo to death??!!! I shouldn’t even be surprised as it’s expected for her to dance her behind off. I really hope this song takes off to give her her first hit. I’m so happy her career’s getting off to a good start.

  2. Remember in Destiny’s child how Kelly came out solo first and did decent and then Beyonce came out and slayed. I think that’s what’s going to happen here.

    1. Am I missing something? That was nothing more than a striptease routine.
      Girl can dance, as we’ve seen in previous videos and awards shows…but nowadays it seems these artists are doing nothing more than stripper routines…grinding, twerks, etc.
      I don’t consider that dancing. That being said, I like the song, and I hope it does give her a solo boost like her former band mate.

      Camila is better suited for a group because her harmonizing and riffs don’t sound as good solo. You can’t pinpoint a specific genre/sound they’re going for because the album is all over the place. For me, I only liked two tracks off that entire album.

      Normani may do better because her vocals are much stronger than Camila’s, and she’s got appeal. But then again in this music industry, for some it’s not talent that gets you far…it’s production and marketing.

  3. She snapped! I always liked Normani!
    She has it;
    – sex appeal
    – talent
    – drive
    And she also has a backing from FH fans so I’m rooting for her. Loved the song before I even saw the video and was anticipating it’s release. I LOVE Khalid too!

    Normani was born in the same year as me (1996) so she grew up within the Beyonce era because I can see that she is very Beyonce inspired choreography-wise (she admits it herself as a Texan girl).
    I really hope she wins. Camila is cool but I wasn’t drawn to her album like that even though it did numbers on the charts. I’m intrigued to hear Normani’s sound. As you know producers always “urbanize” music whenever it comes to black artists, but I think because Normani was in 5H she will always have that pop edginess so it will be a healthy balance.

  4. But what’s the point in comparing her to Camila who like it or not was always the stand out of the group even during X-factor. Just compliment Normani and keep it moving instead of stirring up an unnecessary comparison between two artists who are two totally different paths.

    1. I wouldn’t call her a stand out. She did get the good hooks and riffs in the songs, but they all had some good vocals.

      I’m interested to know how they are “two totally different paths” as you put it,

      They both auditioned to be solo artists, that didn’t work out. Simon saw something in them to put them in a group though, and although I wasn’t impressed with some of their performances on the show as a group…they improved vastly once they left the show.

      Were it not for Simon, that “path” you speak of wouldn’t exist for either of them right now. Pop, R&B, or whatever genre they were looking for.

  5. She’ll blow up if WE blow her up!

    Hopefully her solo music is good though. Sevyn Streeter and Justine Skye disappointed me with their albums.

    I’m also wondering if Sza will be able to stay consistent in the future or if her popularity will be short lived.

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