That Time I Didn’t Get To See “Black Panther” and Lost A Good Grip of Money

you know,
right now,
i should be in the imax theater watching “black panther”.
i got a good seat too.
i reserved my ticket and i just had to get there.
on my couch crying as i’m typing this.
it’s pretty long,
but it will be my last entry for the day…

so this morning,
i woke up at like 715am.
od early for a saturday,
but only because i had to get my laundry.
i did a drop off last weekend and it was done.
it was 51 lbs and cost me 42 dollars.
okay cool.
i got back in the crib after lugging that shit home,
but i had some time to spare.
the movie was at 10am on 34th street.
20 minutes from my apartment.

i get in the shower,
get dressed in all black,
and by that time it’s like 845am.
i called a lyft line because i saw i had a promo deal for it.
it cost me 20.86,
but whatever.
it said the driver would be at my crib at like 910am.
that was pushing it,
but it said i’d be at the theater by 958am.
i noticed his time keeps changing and his cartoon car is going down the fdr drive.
that is the complete opposite direction from my spot.
so i call him and he didn’t answer.
i sent a message to his phone too.
no response.
it’s saying he is gonna get to me by 930am,
which meant i wouldn’t be there til 1027am.
when i hit that immediate cancel:


so i took the “L”.
i said to myself i’d deal with it on the way thru email in a uber.

i hit up uber at like 915am.
i’m like pacing in my crib at this point.
the car is gonna be outside in 4 minutes.
i’m legit watching this car not moving at all.
the time keeps changing for when i’ll arrive at the movies.
i walk out the door and he still ain’t moving.


i hit cancel as i’m outside walking down the street.
so now i’m getting real tite.
i say let me hit the train and see if it’ll get me there quicker.


i’m feeling defeated at this point,
but i wasn’t gonna give up.
so i hit uber AGAIN.
the uber is like 30 dollars,
which i don’t have,
but the pool is cheaper.
he is 4 minutes away and his car is coming towards me.
at this point,
it’s like 925am,
but it says i’ll get there like 1014am or so.
i can miss the trailers.

i get in this car and he driving,
this pineapple gonna get a request for a ride in another fuckin’ direction.
so he swings a left and we headed towards the opposite direction.
all the while,
he’s lecturing me on why i should have taken a regular uber.
we get to some vixen’s house and she ain’t even downstairs.
by this time,
it’s 9:34am.
it said by the time we drop her off,
and get me down there,
it would be a 1045am arrival.
i cancelled my movie ticket.
so i tell him let me out.
i’m deep in the hood by some projects i’m not even familiar with.
siri tells me it’s gonna be a 30 minute walk to get back to my crib.

i wasn’t gonna cry on that walk home.
not in the hood i wasn’t.
i needed to be all the way aware of where i was going.
as soon as i got in the crib tho,
i called my home-vixen and cried like a fuckin’ baby.
it’s like i can’t stop either.
ya’ll know how much i wanted to see this movie.
not only did i lose my good ass seat,
i lost the money for the ticket for the late cancellation,
and all these cancellation charges for these cabs.
to add insult to injury,
all the showtimes are sold out for the weekend.

i’m gonna go lay down.

lowkey: went to be early,
had my clothes out,
and woke up feeling good.
now i’m headed back to bed in a full depression.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “That Time I Didn’t Get To See “Black Panther” and Lost A Good Grip of Money”

  1. I can’t say that I’ve ever been in this stressful, unsuccessful situation as you just have Jamari. All I can reassure to you is that life will get better for you and I sincerely hope something puts a bright smile on your face today. I Luv your blogs so keep up the good work!!!

  2. Lyft and Uber have a option for you to dispute those cancellation fees so u can get credit towards your next ride. Make something up and get your money back.

    1. Sorry to hear your drama, J.

      I haven’t used either, but it’s good to hear the stories people tell, so in that instance I do use them…I’ll be somewhat prepared.
      I’ve heard good stories and I’ve heard real bad stories about Uber. I don’t know anyone that’s used Lyft.

      I’ll be seeing Black Panther next week. I usually don’t go to movies opening weekend. Too much of a madhouse. It’s been YEARS since I saw a movie on opening weekend. I went to a matinee, and I swear there was a couple having sex in the row behind me. LOL

      1. ^this is actually a first for both of their services.

        uber and lyft usually got me places in a pinch,
        even in traffic.
        i’ve never had an issue with them up until today.
        how is the last one,
        the one with the lecturing,
        gonna be going one direction and then turn around and go the opposite??
        he is supposed to pick folks up along the way.
        i’ve come home from basketball games where someone was in the car and the route was in the same direction to my spot.

    2. Yeah, I’m quite familiar with both of their cancellation policies…when u wake up (hopefully feelin’ a bit betta) send out those emails, they’ll work with u.

  3. Cheer up. You will get a chance to see it in the future. Remember, it’s just a movie. It’s not real life. It’s a fantasy film with real life concepts. Don’t sweat it. I’m sure you’ll get a chance to see it again. Be patient. thanks

    I want to to lift your head up and have some pride for yourself. At least you TRIED to go. You can’t kick yourself for attempting..You’ve already tapped into a form of empowerment already just by making an effort.

    Everything happens for a reason. All this depressing energy in this post needs to be reversed. Take this as a sign that you are a determined individual that invests in a lot when something he desires is presented at his doorsteps.

    You don’t give up easily. Remember, everything that everyone does is an opportunity to learn more, get stronger and be motivated.

    1. ^you’re right jammy.
      maybe i wasn’t supposed to see the movie?
      it’s very odd that everything went wrong all at the same time.
      maybe i was stopped from dying today?
      i dunno.

      1. I’mma be real with you. You share your emotions on your blog and that’s good. It gives a sense of realness to the site and a connection to readers. I want you to count your blessings though. You never know what could have happened on your way there. A car accident, a shooting (not to say it would), crazy driver, traffic problems or anything.

        Sometimes we forget how LUCKY we really are and that tomorrow, not even an hour from now is promised. If I were you, I’d be at home thanking the “forces” for preservation and protection, because that’s another chance to go see BP on another day, maybe with even less people around to enjoy in peace.

        Oh And things will get MUCH better for you. Think positive and don’t fret.

        1. ^i love how you worded this.
          everything was going wrong,
          but i think i was being protected from something.
          everything going wrong like that wasn’t just random.
          it’s one thing if one car service was fuckin up,
          but all of them????
          i may have been protected and being ungrateful.
          i love how you changed he perspective and allowed me to see another side of the coin.

          thank you and the foxhole.
          i’ll see it later this week.

  4. @Tony just made me laugh waaaay harder than I should have at that.

    Don’t worry J, you’ll get to it. And now when people ask you about it, not only will you have your opinions but an (admittedly aggravating) adventure to share as well. I know exactly what it feels like, it’s happened to me before going to an event. Only difference was when I actually got there, turns out it was cancelled. I know you tite right now but in time it will be a story to tell. Don’t let this all this negativity get you down. Just chill, maybe clean-up or get some to-do things accomplished.

  5. Damn J I’m sorry to hear that, I totally understand why you’re so pissed. I usually don’t see movies the opening weekend either but for this one I didn’t want anyone to spoil it for me. I don’t like big crowds and the madness of it all.

    Don’t give up hope I’m sure there’s some way you’ll see it very soon.

  6. Send another email requesting a refund to Uber they usually deny on the first request just keep going back until they issue a credit

  7. I’ve been there man. When you want something really bad and it seems that it’s just not happening, and your feelings are hurt because you’re doing everything right. Hang in there. It’s all working toward your good.

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