Emails From Males Who Are Mad To Be On The Foxhole

foxholers always ask me,
especially on the ig foxhole:

“Why don’t you ever tag names on your posts?”

in a perfect world,
i’d love to spread the “this is who this is” love.
in return,
they’d show me love and we’d live in a forest of peace,
and promotional networking.
this ain’t a perfect world tho.
of these males don’t even say “thank you”.
the only time i hear from them is:


…which leads into the email i got this morning…

“Requesting removal of all posts related to my name. I don’t care about sources or making this bigger than it has to be, I just ask that you respect my wishes and remove the posts. When I google my name your post comes up about pipe leakage and that’s not the image I want for myself. Hope to hear from you guys soon with confirmation of removal.”


1. i never said anything slanderous about you or your image.
in fact,
i was always very kind and appreciated your look on all my posts.

2. it’s not my fault you got baited and your whole dick is out here.
i didn’t tell you send your pictures to imaginary pussy.
blame slapmyfatty for that.
i liked what i saw and made an excellent post about it.

3. you’re trying to be a supposed “star”.
ANY promotion for your brand brings potential views and revenue.

this line stood out to me:

4. “that’s not the image i want for myself…”

if we really want to get technical,
YOU did that “image” of yourself.
what “image”?
you’re just a mass of crafted muscle with no real personality…

not even on a “steven beck” level of personality.
steven has leakage everywhere,
is pretty charismatic,
and look how far he went.
do these randoms,
who get semi-naked for the gram,
really think folks are out here interested in their intelligence?
do they think we watch work out videos for their views on political science?so this is why i don’t tag anyone.
these sensitive insecure thugs definitely need hugs.
better yet,
they need to just stay on ig.
most of them don’t deserve anything past that anyway.

low-key: something that just came to me…


i love a good ironic twist.
sometimes i think if i was a white blogger,
this wouldn’t be an issue.
then again,
they definitely don’t talk about blacks all like that.
so i guess i’m running this.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “Emails From Males Who Are Mad To Be On The Foxhole”

  1. I read this and couldn’t help but laugh. “That’s Not the image I want for myself” yet the fact that its out there proves you clearly didn’t care before. These dudes out here kill me. Like you did, they are ONLY good to look at and normally when they open their mouths something stupid falls out. They should appreciate the fact that ANYBODY chose to even acknowledge and write about them. Most don’t have any claim to fame outside of IG and blog posts anyway.

  2. DWRCL…

    Jamari WE KNOW what this is all about. THEY are offended that THEY are on a Gay pointed Blog and so they don’t want the “GIRLS’ to ever be confused that ‘BOYS’ like them so they talk this bullshit about ..” “that’s not the image i want for myself…”

    Oh fucking please let me play my violin . Give me a damn break. The hypocrisy of it all. Thats not the IMAGE of themselves they want? Really? Puhlease!

    Fucking HYPOCRITES. They all use girls as beards and live in that closet. Hope they don’t suffocate themselves while there.

    I agree with you. Fuck Em. Fuck em all. They are all on the Gram posing their naked ass thinking that only ladies will admire them . Dumb Fucks.

    Steven Beck understands THE GOLDEN RULE about promotion and that is this: IF THE BOYS DONT LIKE YOU, THE GIRLS WONT COME. Its as simple as that. Those that embrace that rule you can see how far they are in their self promotion scheme.

    Keep doing your thing. Fuck Em. !

    1. ^most of em be fuckin’ males for money anyway.
      i think they think because i talk about em,
      that would expose them and their dl ways.
      others are insecure af.
      a small few love me and love what i do.

  3. I don’t really see the issue 🤔. He’s respectfully asking for his content to be taken down in regards to naked pictures of him. I think we all would feel the same way if the situation were reversed. And I’m more than positive when he sent said pictures out it was under the belief that they would disappear in ten seconds not be hijacked and disseminated on the internet.

    1. Said pictures will be on the internet forever, no matter which site he asks to take them down.

      If you know him, let him know…he shouldn’t be sending “pipe leakage” to anyone, gay or straight. Did he REALLY think that person wouldn’t share it, whether it was a female or male? SOME people wouldn’t, but there are many people on the internet looking to do shyt like that to make a name for themselves or embarrass the person.

      He can’t get mad at anyone but himself for falling into the thirst trap. His pics/videos are out there now, and will always be there if someone does a name search and/or image search.

      Maybe now he’ll think with the head on his shoulders and not the one swinging ‘tween his legs. IJS

  4. This is interesting & one of the MAIN reasons I always stress that LGBT men should stop paying attention to straight dudes. It really needs to end because there are plenty of LGBT wolves out there much finer than a lot of these “straight men” who whine more than females.

    I sincerely wish LGBT men would stop being thirsty over straight niggas. Most straight ones have a problem with gays and seem to only have a “change of heart” when money is involved. You should support only those that support you. That goes for music, movies and entertainment or whatever. I don’t care who it is, from athletes, Beyonce, Bob the Builder, man or woman, whoever isn’t out here saying thanks to my fans or acknowledging your presence with gratitude, you need to not acknowledge theirs either. Though in this case, I’m talking about “THOTDELS” – Thotish Instagram models.

    This is a classic case of “I want attention, but I don’t want it from your type.” I’m just like meh…😴 Next..

    Out of respect, remove his posts, in fact, I’d remove all these straight men & just post pics of either confirmed LGBT men as either a sex symbol or success stories or heteroes that are confident in their sexuality and support da LGBT.

    No more Heterobots! 😅

    Leave the THOTDELS to their female fanbase. They won’t have to worry about appearing first anymore on a Google search and will just have to deal with showing up as a one entry blog post on page 764578758 on

    1. I’m not telling Jamari who or what to post on his blog, but I definitely can get with pretty much the whole comment.

    2. ^jammy,
      i’ll be 100 with you,
      i’ve written about some males in the life and gotten an email like that in the past.

      “why am i on this blog?”

      …from a gay attentionisto.
      i’ve also written about certain good lookin’ males who are gay and get no love at all.
      in the turn,
      i’ve written about straights like jeramie and omarion and they sent tremendous love.
      cj jones and a few other straights sat down with the foxhole for interviews.
      when i did an interview with a baller wolf who just came out the closet,
      he cut the interview short and never responded again.
      his excuse?
      he couldn’t see me.
      i love/lust kellon like the next,
      but he never showed me love as much as i wrote about him.
      so we need to cut out this “all gay males will show love the foxhole love”.
      they sure the hell don’t.
      i can’t even get a retweet or like on some of my stuff.
      it’s not a straight or gay issue either.
      it’s a:


      sexuality has nothing to do it.

      1. I can understand your viewpoints and agree. There are a lot of assholes out there gay and straights. As the commentor below me stated, I can’t tell you what to post on your blog but I know we definitely don’t need them ungrateful narcissistic ones who will be sending flame emails. That’s for sure. I wonder are the demographics for your blog? I know you mentioned you get a lot of Foxholers.

        Funny thing is, I believe I discovered your set a long while ago through Google, possibly about a wolf and I’m interested in the content post now than the wolf.

  5. ^and if we’re really gonna get technical,
    a lot of the males i write about have rumors flying already.
    because they aren’t flaunting their sexuality all over their socials,
    that doesn’t mean they aren’t:

    gay for pay

    so i do font about a lot of males in the life,
    but in a discreet way.
    technically speaking.

  6. Doesn’t this dumb-ass realize that no matter if YOU removed the picture…it’s out there on the internet and will be associated with his name?!
    And image searches will bring it up anyway.

    Just goes to show you that these kats are not the brightest bulbs in the room.

    Which is one of the reasons why I don’t personally post pictures on the Internet (Facebook/IG/etc). I don’t need/want people using my picture for fake profiles. etc.

    I also would co-sign with Kwesi’s comment. They’re more bothered that their image is associated with what they will consider a “gay site” more than anything. Nevermind that some of the dudes posted on here, and elsewhere on the internet, portray themselves as straight, but many will shake their ass and/or escort for dudes. Whatever floats their boat and gets the bills paid!

    But what they SHOULD be concerned about is WHY are you sending explicit clips and/or pics of yourself to other people? Just to get a piece of ass?
    You have to realize that at SOME point it will get out and be shared across the internet. They can’t possibly be that dumb…or can they?! LOL

  7. We’ve been down this road before with certain attentionitos who don’t understand once you send your stuff out it’s fair game. I say take it down only because he didn’t ask in a rude way but I would respond with what you said in your post, stating where he messed up at and asking is it because of this being a predominantly gay audience that it’s an issue.

    I’m not saying to start drama or anything but I’m really curious on the answer he gives back.

    Also I agree with Jammy and Dignifed above it would be nice to see more actual gay or bi wolves/foxes meat posts on here, but I appreciate what we got. Not everyone is the same you post what you want you might get thanks from the wolf you might not, I don’t want to let thank stop you from posting what it who you want.

  8. They don’t want “that” image for themselves but they put it out there for someone to see and share with others 😑

    I guess “image” just came out of thin air because nobody takes their own nudes anymore and they just magically appear on someone else’s phone and DM’s 😒

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