Foxhole: I Got A Question About Prince, MJ, and Janet

well i gotta thank the doofus that is justin timberlake.
he has me listening to prince,
and janet real heavy this week.
i’ve also been reading up about them too.
i had to ask my foxhole that is familiar with them…

Did Prince care for Janet?

i know michael and prince had their friendly beef

…but did prince like janet?
he seemed like he wasn’t feeling her.

jimmy jam said prince rolled up to his crib and threw janet’s “control” album out his car.he was also quoted as saying in a word association that michael was a “genius”,
but janet was “genius sister”.
what was that about???
prince seemed like he was so shady back in the day:

i liked how they use to get down back in day.
we don’t really have artists like mike and prince who had friendly competition.
everyone is so busy up each other’s asses.
maybe social media and the stans killed how they use to rock,
but i find this so interesting.
i truly appreciate the greats of our music.
we will never see something like them again.
truly once in a lifetime acts.
i love that streaming services can help us explore too.
i hope the foxhole is out there musically exploring.

lowkey: prince couldn’t stand madonna and vice versa.
she is her own story.
i love how she is so “we were great friends” after they passed.
she knows she was a shit stirrer in her day.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “Foxhole: I Got A Question About Prince, MJ, and Janet”

  1. Jamari, I been bumping “Damita Jo” like crazy lately. That album is definitely Queen Janet’s best “sex” work/music.

  2. I always wondered this as well. I do know for certain that Janet and Madonna can’t stand each other and its been that way since the 80s. I think Prince and Michael had respect for each other. Im glad that Mariah and Janet are great friends, even speak on the phone time to time.

    1. ^it was real weird madonna introduced janet at the mtv music awards when michael died…
      i’m real interested in why prince looked like didn’t care for janet

      1. You do know janets main producers, jimmy jam and terry lewis are former prince proteges. They were axed from the time. Maybe that had something to do with it.

  3. I really hate how people try to downplay Janet like she is just Michaels little sister, and it seemed that was Prince view on her. Janet has made her staple in the industry just like Michael, Prince, and Whitney did. They were all iconic black music excellence. I was so happy when Janet did The State Of The World Tour and was back to being herself. In the first 20 minutes of the show when Janet dropped down when You Want This came on, I said at 51 Janet still got the moves lol. In all seriousness I think for a while people treated Janet like a joke after the super bowl. I’m so glad people now see that Janet is such a talented performer and a very sweet person, we have to treat her like the treasure she is.

    1. ^to some,
      folk say janet was only a dancer.
      she allegedly never wrote her own music and she was an okay singer.
      her haters say she is simply michael’s sister.

      1. Janet definitely wrote a lot of her music and yes she did co-write with Jimmy Jam too. Janet never was a vocalist like Whitney or Mariah but the girl can sing. She also does sing most of her songs in concerts live too along with the dancing is not easy. Most dancers who dance to Janet choreography says Janet dance moves are very difficult. Janet also has sex appeal without even trying hard, everything comes so natural to her. She will always be Queen Janet.

      2. I hate how critical people can be at times, especially when it comes to singing! It seems like if you can’t do a thousand runs per syllable, then you can’t sing. Till this day I haven’t found anyone who does a slow song like Janet and there aren’t too many songs where her background vocals aren’t singing the chord progressions just as much as the instruments themselves! Janet may not be the “Run Queen” but Janet will give you vocals for that ass! Also I need to see if the second tour is on Youtube or not…

  4. The story about Prince throwing Janet’s ‘Control album out at Jimmy’s place is true. But years later Janet said Prince called her and gave her some good advice about how important it is to have ownership of her Master recordings. So obviously Prince cared enough for her to do that.

    Also Madonna and Prince DID NOT hate each other. Prince wrote a song for her included in her 1989 ‘Like A Prayer’ album called ‘ Love Song’. They also dated briefly. In fact Prince was considering giving her a part in his movie ‘Graffiti Bridge’. But Madonna declined.

    He also invited Madonna not long before he passed away to Paisley Park. When she traveled to Minneapolis on her tour stop. There he threw her a private concert that he personally played for her. She was front and center actually sitting on stage with him and couldn’t keep her eyes off of him. They were very fond of each other.

      1. They were both on the same label Warner Bro. Both tried to push the envelope. Prince had once tried to get her support when he tried to emancipate himself from Warmer Bro in the 90’s to help him get ownership of his Master Recordings. But I wouldn’t say rivalry. Because she automatically had gotten white privilege for a being a white artist. They both were very successful Warner Bro artist. So Madonna like most artist respected Prince for pushing boundaries.

        I always felt Prince opened the door for Madonna’s raunchiness when he put together the sexy girl group Vanity6. Which dressed in women’s lingerie. I felt Madonna based her lace, lingerie look after them.

  5. Well I remember reading a story about when Janet received her second Virgin Records contract for 80 million, Prince was walking around his house PISSED lol.
    But what I thought was interesting was Janet was a huge fan of Prince in her teen years but didn’t tweet about him when he passed on. So there may have been some beef between the two.

      1. OMG Jamari this just came to my mind…I remember watching a video a few years ago of Prince performing “What Have You Done For Me Lately”. During his performance he kept saying “who wrote this song?!” So I took that as major shade to Janet, Jam & Lewis. Prince was so shady lol.

    1. I found that very odd that Janet never spoke about Prince’s death also.

      But Janet has not given any mainstream interviews with anyone since she made a comeback with her ‘Unbreakable ‘ album in 2015. Then went on the unbreakable tour which she abruptly cancelled to have a baby. Then kept her promise and finished it two years later renaming it State Of The World Tour after she had her baby. She only speaks through videos of her own or through Jimmy Jam.

      1. You’re right but the only thing is when Nelson Mandela and Maurice White (member of Earth, Wind and Fire) both passed on, Janet wrote and tweeted about them respectively. That’s why I found it odd that she did not say anything in regards to Prince. Everyone has their own way of mourning some so I guess her way of mourning Prince was not to say anything at all.

  6. Well Jamari Fox, you need to check out ithl123 Youtube Channel for “The Legends Panel.” It is a parody of sorts and its very hilarious. Not only that, it also provides receipts and also information about Michael, Prince, and Janet. Plus Madonna, Mariah, and Whitney. Finally, the Icons Panel which is included in the Legends Panel and the shade is real on there with Beyawnce, Justine Timberflop, Hennifer Nopez, Rihanna Rita Ora, Stifftney Spears, Screamtina Aguilesser, and many others. Its really funny though.

    1. Yesssssss! I’m so mad they canceled/ended creating the videos. They were soooooo good. Especially the Janet/Michael/Prince editing

  7. I can appreciate the fact that although Prince may have thought Michael was overrated and not all around gifted as he, he never took it to a dirty level. He didnt bit his tongue about how he felt but was never grimy about it. Unlike these new nigga celebs. These fragile celebs are ready to fight, cuss yo mama out, and pull up with their goons the minute you critique them and they didnt have A THIRD of the talent of the aforementioned. I saw an interview where Prince was asked about the huge 100 million dollar deals Madonna and Michael had gotten and why he felt he deserved the same, he stated “If you put all threw of us in separate studios alone for an hour, who’s gonna come out with an album? Put your money on that negro.”

  8. Prince felt some sort of way because he feels as if Jimmy and Terry groomed Janet into what he wanted Apollonia to be. Apparently, A lot of Control songs were meant for Apollonia and they were turned down. Don’t know if the subtle beef between Jam and Lewis vs prince had anything to do with it, but Jam and Lewis gave a a few of them songs to Janet and the rest is history. Apollonia on Soul Train

    Janet morphed into her own, by Pleasure Principle release and has switched it up every album. She has her brothers as role models growing up and that Jackson bloodline work ethic is a force to be reckoned with

  9. Not true! Apollonia was not even thought of by the time Janet came out. Prince never wanted his sound given away by Jimmy Jam And Terry Lewis. That is why he fired them from the group The Time because they were secretly producing another group. All the Control album songs was created with,f,r and because of Janet. Also Prince felt they were turning Janet into a female Prince.
    Those songs were never offered to Apollonia! The now defunct A&M Records offered Jimmy jam & Terry Lewis a chance to produce some of there artist and they chose Janet. Then she flown out to Minneapolis and the rest was history.

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