Fatal (Alleged) Gay Attraction: The Blues of The Bishop and The Gospel Singer?

it isn’t just a river.
so everyone meet bishop jeffrey thomas.
he is in quite the scandal with gospel singer,
james hall:

the bishop nose was so wide open off the “straight” gospel singer,
it lead to some alleged miscommunication and slander.
you might need to sit down for this.
a few f-bis sent in this story for the foxhole via the new york daily news

A jilted bishop launched a holy war against a Brooklyn church after he got the wrong idea from the worship center’s pastor and musical director about fellowship, a lawsuit says.

Gospel artist James Hall said he was just showing Christian love when he helped Pentecostal Bishop Jeffrey Thomas through a recent illness, according to court papers.

But the bishop had romance on the brain, and when Hall rejected his advances, Thomas embarked on a scandal campaign against Hall that drew in the muscical director’s pastor and their Cypress Hills church, according to the lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Thomas, 35, and Hall met at a church-related event in 2015. So smitten was Thomas with Hall that after several more meetings, he gave up his ministry in North Carolina and moved to New York. But after several rejections — and several jealous tantrums — Thomas sought revenge on social media, posting hints about a sexual relationship between Hall and the church’s pastor, Kevin Bond, and contacting church members with salacious accusations about the church leaders.

Hall, who has recorded several gospel albums, said Thomas was trying to “destroy me and my career.”

“There is not justification for this conduct,” Hall said in the lawsuit. “There is no justification for this conduct. Mr. Thomas has never expressed any purpose to his actions other than some imagined relationship he believes he has with me, and is nothing more than a disgruntled fan.”

The suit said Hall stayed with Thomas for a while and helped him recover from an illness in North Carolina. After his move to New York, Thomas stayed with Hall until he found a place of his own.

But at various out-of-town church events, Thomas became jealous when Hall drew interest from men and women.

Bond, meanwhile, said the attacks on his character hurt his reputation.

Thomas could not be reached for comment.

The church leaders are seeking an injunction against Thomas and $15 million in damages.

15 mill?
so this whole thing is wild.
now i was sold on the bishop being “crazy in love”.
i saw these pictures and a statement from james on his facebook:

…and said to myself that maybe the bishop misconstrued the situation.
we have more evidence that it takes two to tango.
this alleged picture made more sense:

the confused straights have this way of leading you down the rabbit hole,
but will claim you’re “crazy” or “gay af” when they led you on.
it happened to me with ww so i know this story all too well.
i don’t want to font the bishop is innocent,

Why would a “straight” male allegedly agree to making kissy kissy faces on camera?

that embrace is also sus af.
i definitely don’t agree with the bishop being malicious.
he is doing way too much with the alleged outing and slander.
i feel there is more to this story and it might come out soon.

after all i been through,
if the “straight” ain’t being aggressive with his attraction towards you,
please do you both a favor and drop his ass.
this is how situations like this arise down the rabbit hole.
don’t be the victim to some confused straight who only loves your attention.

If he ain’t coming up off that pipe then I’m NOT interested

he won’t even be put in my phone without the proper credentials to my foxhole.
i learned my lesson and won’t be making that mistake again.
new rule.

article cc: ny daily news | when love was real

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Fatal (Alleged) Gay Attraction: The Blues of The Bishop and The Gospel Singer?”

  1. People please have more respect in all that you do and not let anyone use you for their sake, if you are not receiving then do not give, that is how everything works, both in love and money, I just feel that gay men get caught up just like women, I do not let people into my space anymore my time is for me, and the lord.

    1. ^i feel like we all have to learn before we get to this point.
      some have to experience before they can say they wont do that again.
      i know i did.

  2. Yo I’m so glad I’m not the only one who’s been through this. I can’t tell you how many times I been rejetted by some asshole whose pushed up on me heavy even gone as far as trying to kiss me while they were so called drunk. The moment I mention DTR’ing(Defining the relationship) It suddenly turns into “I’m not gay” “wtf” one dude even tried to hit me.

    1. These kind of men always want you to touch them, hang with them, say the most obviously gay shit that you know a straight man would never say and them try to make you out as crazy when you go there with them. It’s fucked up it really is. This has happened so many times. I just let straight dudes know when they wanna be my “friend” I don’t deal with straight males whatsoever and I think it’s fucked up the way I feel due the negligence of men who are clearly confused and don’t know what they want.

  3. Obnoxioustelevision.com has more info including a pic of a naked man in the shower allegedly Pastor Kevin Bond.Jeffrey Thomas claimed he left his church and two kids to move to NY to be with James Hall and they had a two year relationship.It’s a hot church mess.I didn’t read all of it to figure how Pastor Kevin Bond is mixed up in this scandal.

  4. DWRCL The Gifs kill me. Where do you get these gifs? They add so much to the story. Sooooooo we have a case of HE FEELS THEY FEEL. Feelings going the wrong way- this one said this , that one saying that.

    One thing for sure-SOMETHING WENT DOWN WITH THESE TWO to cause confusion. I think the SINGER does protest too much and as for the Pastor, he needs to leave the ministry and be true to himself and get a Man!

    1. thats from that crazy movie Fatal Attraction. Glenn Close played that roll so well, its one of my favorite 80s joint. Yeah that pastor went too far and over board wanting an unlimited access ride. So true, my straight friends would not try to kiss me, although he’s cute I know where to draw the line. Although every now and then he like a massage and I won’t decline to that!

  5. People have been saying James & Kevin were gay for YEARS. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but they need to think hard and be SURE that they really want everything laid out in court.

  6. If he was really dealing w/ mental illness I feel bad that he was made to believe something that wasn’t there. However if not I honestly think it was a terrible idea to let somebody convince you to leave your family church and etc to move all the way somewhere else to “be with them.” The way things are set up I’m assuming James convinced him to do a lot of this but didn’t want anything serious to come from it.

    I think he was curious and decided to find somebody that he could deal w/ on the low and nobody would know but the situation got hairy so yeah.

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