Wipe It All On My Face

so foxhole,
you know i rocks with aveeno real heavy.
their “positively radiant” daily moisturizer:

…is a God send for my face.
so when i heard about the following aveeno product,
i knew i was willing to try it.
so a vixen i know told me that she uses this

the “clear complexion” daily cleaning pads:
…and it has helped in clearing up her acne.
it’s the aveeno “clear complexion” foaming wash,
but just in a circle pad.
i was down because it has salicylic acid in it as well.
they are pre-soaked pads that are two sided.
one has an exfoliate side and the other is softer.
i use it at night.
since i’ve gone back drug store,
my skin has gotten back to how it was.
i’ve been continuing with the doing facials twice a week also.

another foxhole drugstore beauty try!

and the aveeno “positively radiant” daily moisturizer:

let me know how it works for you!

lowkey: combine all that with the neutrogena rapid dark spot corrector.
i was actually nervous to try that one,
but it has clearing away all the dark spots i’ve had!

*i can’t promise they will work for you,
but try it at your own risk!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Wipe It All On My Face”

  1. Don’t know how you feel about “black owned” businesses, but I like to support when I can, as long as they aren’t on any fuckery. CTG’s dermatologist has a great skincare line, and it’s called PolisheD Holistic Skincare by Dr. Natasha Sandy, MD.

    The ONLY drawback is that homegirl has shitty people running the packaging side of the business. I waited 3+ weeks for an order once. So now I end up buying in bulk so I won’t have to run out and then have to wait damn near one month to get the products.

    If interested, I’d recommend these products since I actually bought them and they did wonders for me. Be warned, they are a bit expensive, however. “Skin so Bright Face & Body Wash,” “Complexion Correction Pads,” and Complexion Brightening Pads.”

  2. @ jamari.. have u ever tried the Aveeno positively radiant” daily cleanser? If so, whats ur thought. My derm suggested that I try it ,but Im currently using a different cleanser and i have a ways to go, bc I swap it out. And do u have a Clarisonic?

    1. ^i used that and my face never really took to it.
      it always responded to the “clear complexion” series better.
      i don’t have a clarisonic,
      but ive great things!

      1. I can totally rep for the clarisonic brush, I have the mia ( cuz it was cheaper) and when I use it my skin is a lot more cleaner and clearer but the face brush I really want to try is the one from Michael Todd the brush does all the things the clarisonic does but is cheaper.

        I also like the Neutrogena Light Therapy Mask (when I’m not too lazy to use it) to help with skin.

      2. Im currently using the La Roche-Posay, that I got from my derm. But you can find it at Target I am trying to clear out some of this hyper pigmentation and even up. If anyone know of any other product that works well for hyper pigmentation, please let me know. lol

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