FACIAL: (47)

he is finnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeee af.
he has the type of facial that probably gets him a ton of tail.
everything is aligned perfectly.
i love his hair and those pearly white teeth especially.
a very special shout out to his lips.
i’ll allow him.

lowkey: he looks like the popular wolf in school.
the class clown who flirts with all the foxes on the low.
you know the type…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “FACIAL: (47)

  1. Those lips are hypnotizing. Oh man, I like this one. I don’t typically “do” popular wolf types, but yeah he’s fine af.

    Kinda resembles a sexually appealing version of August alsina. august doesn’t do it for me, but this guy does.

  2. Can we get a name, instagram and number. He looks like if Augusta AlSina and Trey Songz had a baby this would be him. Wait let us have a moment and picture these two making a baby. Hmmm

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