FACIAL: (36)


even though chris brown been on 1,
and 3 as of late,
i really like his new ‘do.
it compliments his facial


good job chris.
i’ll allow it.

pictures credited to: dickstopher

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “FACIAL: (36)”

      1. Looks good but its a weave– chris B hair line has been a struggle for quite awhile–I think its important to point that out.

  1. I’ll have to see it in other pics or styled a different way, he used to be my hair inspiration but not some much lately.

  2. they managed to style it well, but no, it’s a fail to me. Cool to see a different style, but no.
    He looks good in the GIF. Looks-wise, he doesn’t do it for me though so it’s probably just him, maybe if someone else tried it.

  3. He looks like a light-skinned roostee

    Cock-ka-doodle-doo lookin azz.

    Jus playin (kinda)

    It does fit him though.

  4. It would look better if he was not played out. Who is checkin for him tho? No one but the groupies if you ask me.

  5. Somewhere Miguel and Anita Baker are pissed that Chris has stolen their signature Perms. Im sure Lil Richard is also giving him the side eye. Come on thru Chris with that wash and set down at Ms. Bernice House of Beauty. You better WERK! His tour sponsor must be Iso-Plus Oil Sheen.

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