f0xmail: I Want This Guy At My Gym. Look At How Fine He Is!

This dude works in my office building and the first time I saw him a warm sensation passed all over my body.  Most recently it was on him and I in the elevator and I took advantage of the opportunity to snap a pic. He works in the gym and I do too but we have yet to RUN in to each other.

Photo 1 – Dem lips
Photo 2 – Dat upper body
Photo 3 – Dem yams  Note: Belt pulled ever so snug  :)~
he is hot.
you already know how i feel about my work out warrior wolves.
he looks like he has a nice body too.
his outfit is cool.
he knows brighter colors work for him.
he could try a lighter blue for his complexion.
fitted grey dress pants.
snug fit so it shows all the curves of what appears to be a nice ass.
wolves/foxes/and hybrids with nice bodies should always wear clothes that showcase it in business attire.
what’s the point of working out if you are going to wear baggy loose clothing?
do some f-bi work and see what you come up with fox!
want to show off a wolf/fox/or hybrid you want to smash?
maybe you are smashin’ already?
send to jamari.fox@gmail.com.
or head to: CONTACT

25 thoughts on “f0xmail: I Want This Guy At My Gym. Look At How Fine He Is!

  1. People are going to act like theyve never taken a picture of a stranger and sent it to a friend? Okay. You can keep that. Im a visual kind of person and i need to see. But he’s cute. Talking to the cute ones is difficult but in this case you have something in common… THE GYM. Boys love talking about that. How much do you bench? What supplements do you take? Are you building mass or cutting? You have to move the conversation along just a little to get his name. Check body language to see if hes interested i.e. facing you during conversation, adjusting his clothes, mirroring.your movements, etc. and go from there.

      1. ^i made this blog so i share my fantasies of men i want to fuck,
        what hurts me,
        and what makes me happy.
        we can all talk,
        share war stories,
        and find comfort anonymously with others who are just like us and have no one talk to.
        sometimes you need other voices to help push you in the right direction.

    1. Well I haven’t done that, but I’m young so…you know. If someone sends me a picture it’s for my eyes only and I keep it that way lol. Shit, but 20 people probably have seen my pics, and I have not sent pics to that many lol. The people who I have sent pics to probably have shared mine.

    2. I’m too self-conscious that I’d get caught taking the pic! Plus my phone makes the clicking noise when it takes a pic..so I couldn’t sneak one if I tried! LOL
      And there are PLENTY of dudes I come across every day I’d like to take a pic of.

  2. Shit, I’m glad he took a picture of him. I can appreciate an off-guard pic of a handsome man.

    I love how everyone can’t understand why he would be a little shy to talk to him, because none of you guys never get intimidated or shy around guys at all huh?

    1. ^110%.

      don’t pick on him everyone.
      sometimes we need a boost of confidence,
      or another’s story of courage,
      to help us overcome our fears.
      it’s not like he took a picture of him in the shower while he was hiding in his dirty clothes hamper.

      1. This brings up an interesting philosophical question though. With people putting so much of themselves out on the internet (i.e. instagram, twitter, facebook), is it okay to use those resources to determine how you should approach them?

        A wise person once said “It’s only stalking if they go through with the restraining order.” Lol

        1. ^yup.
          that’s called f-bi work.

          you want to be able to see if you have anything in common with them.
          anything you can use to lure them into your den.

          it could also be a curse.
          it teaches you how conceited,
          or close minded they can be.

    2. They should understand. We all get a little nervous when it comes to guys. You know I understand Jay lol. Even if I’ve talked to the guy I’ll still shake like jello on a roller coaster around him. lol

    1. I agree. Even though he is fine. I feel some sorta way about you stealing a pic. Instead of trying to steal pic why didn’t you try and start a conversation.

      1. I only took the pic because I wanted to show my best friend how phyne he is since I talked about him; a picture is worth a thousand words. Hell paparazzi do it all the time; he may not be famous but he is human being first like everyone else. I appreciate your candor and I plan to strike up a conversation with him. I will keep you posted.

      2. You’re okay Zeus. Now if he comes to the blog that might be an issue lol. I would hate for my picture to be on this blog or any other one lol. You’ll find out what’s good with him soon, but you MUST talk to him. Ask him how’s his morning is so far?You can talk about the weather, but your best conversation starter would be about working out at the gym.That way you won’t run out of things to say. Pick a topic that will keep the conversation going.

    2. Lol he looks cute from the side.

      Anywho, it is kinda creepy that he’s bold enough to take pictures of him when he’s 3 feet away from him, but not talk to him =S

  3. He’s cute – why didn’t you strike up a conversation in the elevator? At least say hello…nice arms & azz

    1. I couldn’t speak…I’ve only seen him a couple of times and the most I’ve done was nob my head and he nobs back. You don’t see eye candy like that in my building so it was definitely a shock; my eyes water uncontrollablly when I see him; what the fuck is up with that? SMH

      I wonder if he knows how phyne he is to me…damn underneath those clothes is a wonder to behold I am sure. What I want to say is: “All I want for Christmas is you…..baby!!!!” I need to find out his gym schedule shyt!

  4. He is cute. Jamari I work out and I tend to wear baggy clothes I guess it still the lil chubby boy in me. That and I haven’t been shopping since I lost the weight lol

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