YOUR 48th THOUGHT: (48)

i finally caught this episode today.
i’m still looking for my thoughts

starts at 31:30

What was your first thought?

11 thoughts on “YOUR 48th THOUGHT: (48)

    1. Ditto, there is crazy and then there is Kenya Moore, I love this crazy chick, “Gone with the Wind Fabulous” will be this year catch phrase, the kids are probably already practicing their twirls. She breathed new life in this show and I am a fan.

  1. My first thought; Kenya Moore is out of control.

    I didn’t like how she flirted with Apollo and danced all on Peter. She’s desperate for marriage, and poor Walter ain’t trying to move that fast. What makes her think he should marry her when she’s all up on other men? You can’t make a man jealous when he already has you as his girlfriend. Flirting with other men so a man will wife you will make him question your faithfulness to him, it damn sure would make him jealous. I heard hat the relationship was fake anyway.

  2. Yoo Jamari I’m in NY and and I gotta say this place is packed. How do y’all survive wit hhousing neck to neck? I’ve been in BKLYN all day today and plan on hitting Manhattan, NYC and Bx tomorrow.. You should come out of your shell and come say hi

  3. She also has to be pretty confident to not be worried about other’s perception of her, because she is essentially portraying herself as a desperate, crazy woman on national television.

  4. I think it should be obvious at this point she’s acting. Notice she has most of the camera time this season and she’s the one everyone is talking about.

  5. Kenya is a really nuts. She ain’t playing a full deck.

    She is a couple chips short of a cookie.

    Somebody blew out her pilot light out LONG time ago….

    That poor chile got splinters in the windmill of her mind…

    Gone with the wind is right… a fierce hurricane on her period..

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