The Sad Details About The Murder/Suicide of Jovan Belcher and Kasandra Perkins

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The police report has been released and it sheds light on a lot of things that were happening before and after the murder of Kasandra Perkins and suicide of Jovan Belcher.

Here is a timeline of that information.

• Two months before the murder Belcher text his secret girlfriend Brittni Glass (Photos of her) saying he would shoot Kasandra Perkins if she didn’t leave him alone. Glass thought he was joking at the time.

• The gun Belcher murdered Perkins with was a .40-caliber handgun

• Belcher had told Glass in the months before the murder Perkins knew how to press his buttons and make him angry and threatened to take all his money if they ever split up.

• Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel said Belcher missed a team meeting a few weeks earlier and blamed it on Perkins, who reportedly hadn’t come home the night before, leaving him to watch the baby. Crennel said he thought the couple had “trust issues” and Perkins expected “a better life” with an NFL player. Crennel said he thought Belcher had contacted a lawyer about getting custody of his daughter.

• Belcher’s mother Cheryl Shepherd moved in with the couple because they were having relationship issues because of Perkins’ spending habits and they argued a lot about each of them staying out too late partying.

• Police found a bullet hole in the bathroom floor under Perkins’ body that went through to the basement, possibly indicating she was on the floor when Belcher fired that round. Shepherd said she heard a “thump” before the gunshots. Police found eight spent shell casings and three bullet fragments in the bathroom and one spent bullet in the basement. Police observed 10 apparent gunshot wounds on the front of Perkins body, including to her neck, shoulder and chest, and five wounds on her backside. The medical examiner said four bullets remained in her body.

• Belcher had numerous tattoos, including the words “Reckless” and “Abandon” on his torso, “Failure is not an option” on his chest and “Loyalty” on his bicep.

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the truth is finally coming out.
sad story.

8 thoughts on “The Sad Details About The Murder/Suicide of Jovan Belcher and Kasandra Perkins

  1. What kind of person intentionally makes his child an orphan? There are so many deranged people in the world.

    1. I don’t think that you understand what te word intentional means, or appreciate the devestating effects of mental illness. I hope all of that nonsense that she bought an all of that idiodic “partying” was worth it.

  2. Man this is heartbreaking, this young lady did not deserve this, no amount of anything in life will justify you killing someone. People in our country have become so quick to solve any problem with violence, and it was obvious that this dude was jacked up in his thinking about life in general. Many times we put athletes on too many pedestals allowing them to get away with too much because of our love for their ability on the field. Many are monsters off the field. Its like who thinks they can kill someone with no consequences, and his secret girlfriend aint shit either because even though she is a whore, she should have at least told him to chill with that type of conversation with her, but I bet she even encouraged it or was indifferent to it. I had the opportunity to meet Kasandra a couple of years ago at a party and she was a beautiful fun loving young woman, so this tragedy really hit close to home for me. With so many violent episodes this year, I think we as a country are gonna finally look in the mirror and realize what we have caused with our violent video games, sports, tv , music, and movies, all of it has now backfired in our face. Hopefully some other young woman life will be saved because of this tragedy and she would have not died in vain.

  3. people are losing their minds man……for real. And their friends said they look like the perfect couple….if they were a ‘PERFECT’ couple, I don’t want that kind of relationship.

    Never push a man too far….

    1. Never push a man too far when he was beating it then wife it he did not know she was pushing his buttons to top it off u have a secret girl friend please more like he wanted to run hoes and she was not having that.

      1. I didn’t say that he was right for cheating on her.

        But you killed your baby mama and yourself over something petty. Only somebody who is not in their right mind will actually do something so horrific.

        Not to mention, none of us knew these people enough to know what their relationship was REALLY like behind close doors.

        I can list a bunch of IFs but it doesn’t matter because they are both dead and a baby is yet again without her parents..

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