f0x Asks… (12)

I feel like some dirty talk.

So a simple, smutty, but sexy question
for my Wolves, Hybrids, Vixens, and of course Foxes


… and in a few words, why?

don’t be shy.
let’s have some fun… and get a little nasty.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

29 thoughts on “f0x Asks… (12)”

  1. i’ll go first.

    i have to say that i like when a wolf is on top of me.
    i like to have my legs spread wide/legs on shoulders and him thrusting and looking into my eyes.
    i always get the wolves who are lick lippin and all that jazz.
    when he starts to really dig me out,
    i like to pull him down on me and scratch on his back and whisper nasty shit in his ear.

    that is when he knows he is going real deep.

  2. Three point stance, head by my ankles, back pressed to the wall… So I can see every inch being drilled up in me!

  3. I personally like laying on my stomach while the wolf is pounding my life away. Much like how DMX was fucking penny on belly. Then on my back is my second I like looking in the wolf eyes as he goes in for the kill

    1. We were made for each other. Lol

      My favorite is with a dude on his stomach ass arched slightly while I hold him down and kiss on his neck and talk shit.

  4. I don’t have a favorite, I prefer any way possible. I’m gentlemen in the streets and a freak in the sheets. ;-). I would like to try the position in the 3rd gif, where it looks like the dude is doing push ups on that fox. That’s nice, real nice.

      1. I have some muscle, but not too much lol. I have a small to medium body frame, but the more I work out, the slightly bigger I become.

  5. omg007 :
    I personally like laying on my stomach while the wolf is pounding my life away. Then on my back is my second I like looking in the wolf eyes as he goes in for the kill

    Yup. That’s how i prefer it too. The penis slides in a lot easier in this position i find. And i LOVE feeling his weight on top of me. Feels better than the actual penetration to me.

  6. I like him on his stomach so I can see his cheeks while I’m pounding away. I also I love when he’s on his back and his knees are pressed into his chest so I can stare at his facial expressions.

  7. I like doggy or on his stomach so I can get deeper, bite him on his neck…sometimes I like to wrap my arms around him so he can’t get away.

    How about I DON’T like when a fox on top – it just doesn’t feel that comfortable to me

    1. Yea very uncomfortable and it’s not like u see in the movies. Which is strange cause I do a lot of squats when I work out

  8. On my stomach, eyes closed, his arm hugging at the base of my neck with him whispering in and nibbling on my ear as he strokes deeply.

  9. Sometimes. as i lay there, i wonder how much ‘participating’ i can do? Like, you’re pinning me down and its tough for me to throw it back at you so… answering your questions or throwing out the occasion catch phrase is all i can give. And i find that that’s enough for these wolves.

  10. My favorite is the 90 degree cowgirl position, hardcore missionary where he is grab my neck sorta choking me, and the pinned down doggy style..

    I have been doing those a lot because the dude I’m with like them. He is tall and muscular as fuck, 6″2 210 and I’m like 155 and 5″11 and he gets turned on by seeing be riding him and sorta resisting. Oh and if we in missonary he be grabbing my firm like real firm and like seductively drilling me and I just lose it. Sex with him is banannas

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