we don’t ever graduate from high school.
these days,
social media has made sure of that.
you clearly see who are popular and who are outcasts.
as usual,
there is always that underdog that rises up to put paws on necks.
they end up being “the fav“,
and for some,
also start morphing into those who they had issues with.

What happens when folks bring that favoritism shit into your circle?

this is going somewhere

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The Eternal Art of The Entire “FUCK YOU”

FUCK YOU has spanned many generations.

Cavemen probably used it in clubbing the biggest dinosaur.
Eve definitely used it when she ate that apple.
Kings used it to get their way on others from various countries.
Queens used it to get their way with Kings.

FUCK YOU” has spanned many decades and used in many ways.
It is the ying to your yang.
It should always be engraved on your chest in this cold world.

I love “FUCK YOU”.

In your growth as a Fox, you will desperately need to learn how to use the “FUCK YOU” well.
Do you think you have the skill?

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