The Eternal Art of The Entire “FUCK YOU”

FUCK YOU has spanned many generations.

Cavemen probably used it in clubbing the biggest dinosaur.
Eve definitely used it when she ate that apple.
Kings used it to get their way on others from various countries.
Queens used it to get their way with Kings.

FUCK YOU” has spanned many decades and used in many ways.
It is the ying to your yang.
It should always be engraved on your chest in this cold world.

I love “FUCK YOU”.

In your growth as a Fox, you will desperately need to learn how to use the “FUCK YOU” well.
Do you think you have the skill?

I think FUCK YOU is my all-time favorite phrase in the English language.
You do not know how many times I say it out-loud and in my head.
Sometimes it is even equipped with a well dressed finger as an accessory.

In life, people will piss you off.
They would not be people if they did not get on your nerves in one way or another.
Some of us try to become people-pleasers and end up nowhere in life.
So, this is the entry for you….

For a very long time in my life, I cared way to much what people thought.
I was always making sure everyone was okay with me and how I acted.
I always wanted to be on good terms with people.
I would mold my opinions and my happiness around people in order to keep the peace.
I noticed, after a while, it got me nowhere.
They would say whatever to me and I had to accept it…
…but, I could not say what I felt to them.
It left me run over and thrown off to the side of the road.
I was the dead Fox and they were the speeding car.

But that all changed when I ended up alone with a ton of baggage to sort thru….

Nowadays, I couldn’t careless.
I say what I want and if you don’t like it… well, there goes my favorite phrase in your direction.
It took a long time to see that others will do things to test you to see what kind of person you are.
They will say random things or try to punk you – and if you fall for it, they will use it against you.

I am here to tell you to NEVER be the victim of another person’s ignorance.

I would rather be alone than trying to impress the masses.
It never gets you anywhere and at the end, it makes you look like a fool.

This is YOUR world Fox.
You make the rules and make sure other people follow them.
If they can’t, then they need to go…. but not without that phrase launched in their direction.

Never accept anyone’s bullshit.
I don’t care WHO they are.
Another Fox or even a Wolf, WE do not have time for that shit.
No questions asked.

I know my site can be a tough pill to swallow.
My words can be another language to some people.
…but, guess what?
Do I look like I give a shit?
This is what makes us all so different and unique.
If we all thought the same…I think I would probably be ready to commit suicide.
Jamari Fox is NOT the norm, like everyone else.

I’m not here to please you.
I’m here to please me and if you don’t like it…


Hope you felt that really deep.


3 thoughts on “The Eternal Art of The Entire “FUCK YOU”

  1. Well said Jamari!! I adopted a phrase ive heard recently, ‘If ya dont like me, have a seat with the rest of the b!t@hes waiting for me to give a fcuk.’

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