MEAT (78)


But I can’t STAND that smoking shit…
Has anyone ever kissed a Wolf after he smokes?

I have and YUCK.

Any Wolf would have to edit that shit when I come around.
But I can just imagine this:

every time I look at him.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “MEAT (78)”

  1. i once kissed a guy who smoke but it was a strange feeling cuz his mouth was like hot and warm and at the same time i was feeling the smoke on my mouth ..but it would be sexy

  2. I like to smell black and Mild mixed with cologne on a wolf…. also the smell of weed on his fingers when I am getting hit from the back…. lol.. (oh ish, I am thinking out loud again…)

  3. JUST saw this picture on tumblr and saved it to my archives. Good Lord he is fine!!! I used to be against the smoking thing but i realized boys love weed so i had to get over it. You can smoke all you want just keep it out of my car and my apartment. I love the faint smell of Black & Milds in wolves’ cars though. When the smell lingers in the upholstery. Its something i associate with “thug” because my oldest sibling is like that.

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