morning everyone.

i hope you guys haven’t forgotten about the red ribbon contest!
pictures of you wearing a red ribbon are due on the 28th!
no face shots required.
send me a picture of you wearing a red ribbon in a unique or creative way.
doesn’t matter how…
and of course,
the winner will receive this nice stack from ONE Condoms:

Contains Super Sensitive™, 576 Sensations™, Glowing Pleasures™, Pleasure Dome™, ZERO, FlavorWaves™, Pleasure Plus®, Legend™, and Color Sensations™.

peen not included.

one to wear those condoms out with is required.
i’m actually interested in the glow in the dark ones myself.

send all contributions to: jamari.fox@gmail.com

i’m ready for you.
show me the best that you got.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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