Ex Baller Wolf, Rodney Harrison, Made Me Sad

do you see this wolf here:

before devin,
before all the other baller wolves,
i use to have a serious crush on rodney harrison.
he is what you would call daddy!
when an f-bi sent me an article about my poor rodney,
i knew i had to post.
with a career filled with concussions,
rodney is now scared for his future.
he is already experiencing things because of it….

After suffering an estimated 20 concussions over his 15-year pro career, Rodney Harrison now says he’s “scared to death” about the future of his health in upcoming years.

In an emotional interview on the upcoming Costas Tonight Super Bowl special, the former all-pro safety for the San Diego Chargers and New England Patriots says he now experiences symptoms of loneliness, isolation and anxiety. Harrison believes the NFL did not do enough to educate players about brain trauma during his career and says that he never even heard the word “concussion” mentioned by teams for his first five or six seasons in the league.

Harrison was known for a hard-hitting style that earned him over $200,000 in fines over his career and often earned him the label of a “dirty” player. But with his career now over, the 40-year-old father of four is speaking out with more attention being paid attention to the brain trauma issue after the recent suicides of former players Dave Duerson and Junior Seau.

“A lot of these players are really really suffering, Bob,” Harrison said to Costas. “And this stuff is for real because I’m experiencing it now. I’m scared to death. I have four kids, I have a beautiful wife and I’m scared to death what might happen to me 10 or 15 years from now.”


that is so sad to hear.
mike ditka and jerry rice even had to weigh in on rodney’s claims…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0FA4wgo89I]

 do the baller wolves want the game to stop?
more pay?
better insurance?
i don’t think they can avoid injury.
football is a brutal sport and these wolves have to be built for it physically and emotionally.
they look good as hell,
but they go through a lot.

i’m glad these reports are putting the game in a different perspective.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Ex Baller Wolf, Rodney Harrison, Made Me Sad”

  1. This article is super sad and so true but like the ex soldiers who suffer from post traumatic stress, people won’t take it serious.

    I had a crush on him as well. I don’t know it’s all padding but homeboy had an ass on him!

    1. ^jevon kearse and rodney harrison were what made me start watching football!!!

      i wonder if kwame harris,
      the wolf who beat up that fox,
      was dealing with brain injuries and snapped?

      1. It wouldn’t shock me. Think about that dude who shot his girlfriend and then killed himself.

        And then there is Chad and his head butt incident..

        I could go on… it could be a factor in the puzzle along with not being the hottest in the bunch anymore and mental illness..

  2. Awwww my baby!!! Been in love with this man for years! He’s the only reason I watch Sunday night football. These hard hitting sports (NFL WWE etc) need to do more to ensure their players safety because you have people like Junior Seau and Chris Benoit that lose it because of all the brain damage they suffer over the years. It’s really really sad.

  3. Rodney is so handsome. These players can not avoid injury. This is one of the reasons they get paid so much too. People do not know that but it’s true.

        1. ^yup!

          victor cruz is getting a good 490,000.
          he probably signed a four year contract and will receive money every year.
          thank god he has various endorsements.
          someone like carmelo anthony gets his 19.44 million salary upfront.

          nfl players are not guaranteed contracts either.
          so if he gets cut or hurt,
          he stops getting a check.
          an nba and mlb will still get their money regardless.

          nfl players need to be paid more.

  4. I don’t mean to sound cold or callous but that’s the nature of the game and that’s life. I’m glad he’s taking the steps to prepare him self but they also have to deal with more issues. I mean its hard for some people to leave the spot light and money to become an average joe. Some cope with it some go off the deap end. Just pray to Jah that he will provide and keep you on a sound mind. S/N Darren Shaper was one of my first make crushes. I fell in love when he played for Minnesota and when he moved to New Orleans I just knew he was gona sweep me off my feet lol

  5. Two points. First the head trauma is sad but I believe some of the depression they get after retiring is because the have drilled and played from middle school, high school, college and the pros. Many haven’t done anything else, no more limelight, hoe hopping etc.

    Second regarding salaries although the NBA and MLB may not be as brutal but they play almost every day so the pay scale is different but they all have it better then those years ago that got paid so little they had other jobs during the off season.

  6. Even though many of us will probably never make the money in our lifetimes that these pro ballers make in a year, football is still a very unfair compensated sport for the abuse and long term toll it takes on the body but tell that to the dude who works in a factory or the waitress who has three kids to support by herself, its hard to feel sorry for these dudes. Especially when they are flashy and spend money so foolishly. I guess at the end of the day its like any other industry, they are going to exploit for every ounce of blood and pay you the very least, but in professional football you literally give your life up for the game. I can only imagine the problems that Emmit Smith, Barry Sanders, and many other running backs as well as quarterbacks who had to take all those hits. Running back great Earl Campbell talks about how he cant even get up in the middle of the night to take a piss without falling or stumbling and having to use a cane because he body stiffens up and is in so much pain at night and he retired early. Its not lost on me that these dudes die at alarming higher rate from heart attacks, suicide, cancer than men in the general population who are in the same age range but have non athletic jobs.I think they dont pay them enough for what all they have to endure. S/N Rodney Harrison is a good looking older cat, but something about him always gave me that he was mean and crazy off the field, I dont know why I think that, but he just gives off that vibe, hope Im off base with that one.

    Also that movie looks like its going to be real good.

  7. I think both American-style football and boxing such be illegal because of the brain damage that they cause from concussions. Your health is more important than making a lot of money.

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