duncan james has news to share

duncan james was the first blue check to follow me.
he was in the boy band,
i think i wrote about him in the past or something,
either way,
it was so hype that i got a follow back.
we spoke once or twice,
very platonic,
but he was very pleasant.
there were small whispers in the forests about duncan,
but nothing could be confirmed tho.
it looks like duncan confirmed on his twitter yesterday…

what a handsome couple.
i love these videos:

i’m very happy for duncan.
from what i remember,
he had a very kind spirit from our conversation.
i wish him the best!

lowkey: duncan is so handsome…

heart eyes.

pictures and videos cc: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “duncan james has news to share”

  1. Duncan was out as “bi” for years..
    And his man is fine as hell. That’s all I’m gonna say

    I had no clue he dated Steven Beck though

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