Don’t Judge A Work Wolf By His Cover

b435fee6b4f3136701c9f409a5db0b4dya know what ive realized?
getting to know someone intimately gives you all the answers.
you think you have a clue from being on the inside out,
or have an idea of what the person is putting out there,
but it really takes conversing with the person to get your answers.
this is how i learned work wolf

work wolf and i been texting since last week.
he texted me.
when i started to pull away and do me,
he decided to push forward.
its cool.
do what ya do.
i used the opportunity to get to know him better.
from what ive observed,
just by him talking about vixens,
he gets turned off really quickly.
he broke up with his ex because he got bored.
he cheated on her because of this boredom.
red flag.
i watch this other vixen that works with us do whatever for him.
she is obsessed with him.
like following him around and even doing his work.
i asked him about her:

“did you fuck her?”

i thought she was cute,
but she turned me off.
i don’t know why.”

i know why.
he likes to pursue.
he doesn’t like anyone aggressive.
if you try to get at him or put him on the spot,
he will drop you.
he pursued liar liar and she let him.
that other vixen is too thirsty.
she wants him real heavy,
but doing way too much.
i also found out liar liar and him never had sex.
he just fingered her.
i think that’s why he is so hooked on her.
they still speak on the low.
he is still beastin’ to fuck her.
i got him to show me their texts and everything.
he likes a challenge.
the fact she is with the mailroom supervisor turns him on.

“i want to know i’m better at beatin it down than he is.”

his words.
he thinks she is a hoe.
wolves love an unattainable hoe.
well he didn’t know certain things about liar liar so i told him.
it made him see her in another light.
i enjoyed that.
in our convos,
i wanted to see where his mind was at.
when he would talk about sex,
i would low key insinuate my own freakiness on my end.

well shit you would have too.
BTW: i didn’t reveal anything about me at all.
anyway i noticed he would pull away.
he didn’t ask questions like how most wolves would.
he did a simple “lol” or “damn”.
so i stopped.
i decided to play the role as “friend”.
as we talked,
he would be more open about himself.
he became more “he is just okay”.
nothing like the lust fantasy i created in my mind.
sidenote: i need to stop watching porn.

smhnow i wouldn’t kick him out of bed,
but he turned me off yesterday tho.
he said he likes liar liar because she is a freak.
i wanted to know what a freak was to him.
now i don’t know what “the straights” version of being a freak was,
but he said the absolute cardinal sin during a q and a:

“hell naw i would never eat ass”

GIF-OK-okay-agreeing-approval-smile-Eddie-Murphy-GIF…and that sorta ended that crush.
i can’t do a wolf who isn’t open to that.
that is def apart of foreplay in my world.
he cool tho.
so who knows what the future will hold,
but i want a wolf who is aggressively into me as i am him.
work wolf is definitely “straight”.
now that could change,
but i don’t think it will ever happen anytime soon.
ya know what?
i’m okay with that.
on to the next

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “Don’t Judge A Work Wolf By His Cover”

    1. ^that would have been went down.
      plus he has said so much things that could be used against him.
      im not worried.
      i haven’t said anything i wouldnt care was said outloud.

    1. ^i’m not really interested in him like that anymore.
      he is cool,
      but we on a different forest length.
      i need a self acknowledged gay/bi wolf with more status and money.

  1. Boogie stfu Jamari know what he doing… He was able to spot the red flags even before they started texting.

  2. You are in a very interesting position! I probably wouldn’t recommend texting him this way either, but in the grand scheme of things I guess it doesn’t matter ha.
    He sounds like he looks hot, but seems like he’s lacking substance. Like you said, I need a wolf that’s at least bi, but even then i’d have to figure out that situation lol.
    Its a good thing you know these things about him, must make it easier to move forward!

      1. PREACH! and not just money level either. I need a man with a brain and some sensibility.
        Its too cold outchea to be stuck with a dumbass who gets “bored” too quickly lol.
        You’re above this guy anyway.
        The right guy is waiting for you when you make your big break! 😀

  3. Jamari still talking to dude. I feel you, trust me lol. The attraction doesn’t fade, but you’re smart enough not to let him in your bed. He sounds very messy by sharing details with you or anyone else. Liar is a hoe man lol.

  4. I know people have told you there are red flags with this one and that you should have stopped talking to him a long time ago but sometimes curiosity gets the best of us and we just want to see what someone is all about. I’m glad you got to know him a little better and began to see that he’s turning out to be not what you thought he was .

    at least now you know for sure, instead of having to wonder on the what if’s

  5. Usually it’s the good looking ones (cuties) that are fucked up, more so mentally, in some way. That’s been my experience. Insecurity, obsessive/possessive behavior, etc.

  6. I told you the fantasy never lives up to the reality of the person lol.

    I’ve met his type time and time again. He needs one of those disarming chicks to train him.

  7. Goo perception of work wolf. I have seen plent o his type before. They are pursuers only because they see sex as a tool, a game,their cmforter to suppress a past sexual exprience they have encountered. His introduction to sex was either early or late. He is treating you like one of his’brothers’ where all they talk about is conquering women and ‘smashing'” women. He is sexually immature and still exploring his real likes an disikes. Give him time. You can get him in bed and be his ‘first’. And he will leave your home and dont say a Word to you. Like nothing ever happened. And he will not text or speak to you for days. He is sexually understanding the experience so he is internalizing, and then suddenly after a week, you will get a text that says,,,,,”what you doin later?,,,,,”. He has finally understood the experience. He is not gay, he just understands why he is a ‘FREAK”.

  8. Glad you see this type of dude ain’t for you. As soon as I saw he got “bored” and he cheated cause of that it was like you read my mind: “red flag”. Really though? Typical pineapple who pull that love and hip hop BS. Smh.

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