“Get Outed With Chris Smith”: His New Workout Plan?

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 7.28.36 PMso there maybe something to these attentionistos after all…
so everyone meet chris smith.
he is pretty fine and i think i’ve featured him before.
well mto decided to out chris “outside of instagram” relations today.
it seems like he was allegedly messing around with a

transgendered ex porn star by the name of marina fuentes.
( x see her NSFW/18 entire situation here )

chris says he is straight.
can we take a moment to look at him real quick?
okay good:

i’d let him get me real fit alright.

well baller alert posed this question:

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 7.36.50 PM…and its a hard one to answer.
no pun intended.
maybe it depends on the wolf?
some wolves still claim “straight” after trans-relations.
some will get bent over and banged by said tranny:
still checkin’ “straight”.
i guess the logic is:

“since its not a man then its okay”


lowkey: i have this suspicion there are plenty more on ig like this.
a majority with gay drama waiting to be outed.
these folks too messy out in these internet streets.
like why are chris pictures even on mto???

pictures taken: instagram | mto

33 thoughts on ““Get Outed With Chris Smith”: His New Workout Plan?

  1. Put me in a Wal-Mart casket and nail it shut! I am fukkin done tonight. I didn’t see this coming. I am truly stunned and shocked. I follow this dude and he can be labeled under your other entry about the Gram. Sometimes being IG famous can backfire in your face and this is one of those times. File this under when attention whoring goes all the way wrong. In the words of Riley Freeman “NIgga You Gay” The real girls are letting his ass have it tonight under the comments. These dudes can say they are only here for females, but when you have 200 pics of you in your draws and you have a nice body and you think men are not checking you out, you are only fooling yourself. I am beginning to be a believer that any dude who is so much into his body and he needs other to feed his ego about his body, he can easily be persuaded to come to the other side of the street. I guess the old queens where right when they used to say -Today’s Trade is tomorrow’s competition. Sometimes it pays to be low key and not get that much attention because no one would even care, when you put yourself on a pedestal or others put you on one, the fall can be tragic.

  2. I feel sorry for him. I wish people would let others live their lives and not judge them! I will be praying for him.

  3. Alot of these guys go for the tranny thing. Its an easy way for them to maintain their heterosexuality in their head but experiment with homosexuality. Also it is in line with a trannys agenda because they want to be seen and treated like a real woman. Its a win win for both of their delusions and denials. Also it shouldnt be surprising because stroll through some of these ig hotties list of people they follow with an eye for detail and youll see the trannys hidden in the crowd. Travis Cure for example mon chers.

      1. Lol i think that was me. I mean Im also from louisiana and there is a tranny whose pictures hes liked. Now this tranny does look like a girl but the coincidence is too much to deny.

  4. Shit, how would any of us know?

    I imagine they give you 10 shots of gin and get a nice drill and go to work down their lol

    Not natural to me, just my opinion. I guess if they’re willing to endure that kind of pain they deserve to change nature.

    If I woke up and my penis was gone I’d have a heart attack, die, and come back to life and repeat the cycle 10 times.

    1. Many people, say the same thing about gays, so I try to be fair to their perspective. We can’t help who we find attractive, and why should we? I feel its the same for them, they cant help how they feel about their identity, to them, they were born the wrong sex but their identity aligns with the opposite gender.
      Straights put us all in the same category so I take it upon myself to try to be more understanding being a gay man myself.

  5. I know i’m about to make someone angry with my comment but here goes….there’s more to a man’s genetic makeup than just his penis..he can have his penis removed, undergo hormone therapy, gain breasts, ass, hips and etc HOWEVER internally some of the same things till remain…such as the prostate, some trans woman still have a risk of prostate cancer and etc…so yes to me he;s still a gay man…a trans woman isn’t a 100% woman it’s a man who later underwent the transition to a woman…so if a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly does it no longer have the dna or genetic essence of the caterpillar that it once was? i just think SOOO many man don’t want to admit they’re gay so we come up with all of these umbrella terms and etc…let’s not also forget that many men out here are bttms for trans woman as well…i just think we have become so used to being politically correct we don’t want to just address things for what or who they really are

    1. ^This!

      Just to put it in perspective would a fight between a trans woman and a real woman be a fair fight?

      I don’t care if the tranny is post op she’s still more than likely going to be stronger and have a build that gives he/she the advantage.

      1. ^i have a question…
        and this may make me look crazy…

        but how does a transsexual have sex after the surgery?
        do they make a hole or something?

    2. This is interesting point…well I’m sure there are people out there that are like that, you never know with people these days.
      From what I’ve learned about transgender people, they believe they were BORN the opposite gender, but just born in the wrong sex, gender being associated with their identity and personality charactersics, and sex being the physical characteristics, so they would argue they were NEVER a man, just a woman born with a penis, and they find it insensitive to suggest otherwise.
      A caterpillar was meant to be born into a caterpillar and eventually into a butterfly, but a transgender person was born in the wrong sex so they werent supposed to have that dna in the first place (at least thats what they would argue i think)

      “let’s not also forget that many men out here are bttms for trans woman as well…i just think we have become so used to being politically correct we don’t want to just address things for what or who they really are”

      ^ I agree with you, but I think this may be a different beast. Sounds more like a fetish thing to me, and those people I think fall into a slightly different bracket of trans people IMO.

      This is just what Ive learned about trans people but I dont really know all about them myself. I feel like its a demographic that needs a lot more exposure because its hard for many to understand their struggles, so were left with stereotypes and speculation without answers. We need to be educated more about them I think.

  6. Lmao!

    First off he has no discernible booty..so I unfollowed him. Call me shallow but its a waste to workout and still have a flat ass. Lol

    Next, in the time I followed him he’s gone through three girlfriends, all of them attractive, but he jumps in headfirst and they end really quick.

    Lastly, one of the reasons I don’t really trust transgenders.Soon as things go left there’s pictures floating around and THEN they label themselves transgenders instead of the gender they identify with.

    How else could these pictures have gotten out? He surely didn’t put them out and he/she is the one taking the pics.

    I don’t get the attraction men have to them if you like women get a WOMAN that was born as such.

    They need to make it legal to beat their ass if you find out they’re lying about their gender or HIV status!

    That will make people think twice.

    1. These dumb ass dudes fall for it everytime though.

      Everything with big breasts and long weaves and light skin is not for you.

      That’s what always reveals the transgenders to me. They always have to be “on”. Makeup, hair, and sexy outfit. They appeal to the unrealistic expectations men have of women because they genetically think like men.

      I like naturally beautiful women where a little makeup or some extensions only enhances what they already have.

      1. LOL damn, “he has no discernible booty, so I unfollowed him” LMFAO! I’m fcking dead ROFL!
        You’re too much man!
        Hm, idk, I don’t think its a problem if a straight man gets with a transgendered woman, the problem here is that this guy got with a THOT transgendered or not. He would have similar problems if she was born genetically a woman because of her nature.

        “That’s what always reveals the transgenders to me. They always have to be “on”. Makeup, hair, and sexy outfit. They appeal to the unrealistic expectations men have of women because they genetically think like men.”

        You may be on to something there.

        I like the way you think JAY, you see things from a devil’s advocate perspective that most people don’t see.

      1. These dudes need a father figure or a real OG to teach them the game.

        You NEVER take pics like that with any woman that isn’t your exclusive girlfriend. That means you claim her in public. Who does a effin photoshoot in a hotel room?

        He’s young though.

        Now this man’s reputation is forever going to be questioned. His mother and family can see this and probably will hear about it. When employers google him this shit will pop up.

        It’s not worth it.

    2. Let me provide you with some insight Jay, first off the looks of these pictures is a tell-tell sign that Mr. Smith doesn’t give 0 fucks about himself fucking transgender women because a man with insecurities wouldn’t allow these seem like enduring “ooh this is bad and I” type of pictures to happen. Secondly, there are messy people of trans but same goes for man too, I believe if you wanted to protect your self image you wouldn’t allow yourself to succumbed to fucking transgender women but the underline to this that men does because man does get weak. Thirdly, we’re living in times where they are some men that are exiting out the DL phenomenal closest to embrace their sexuality and doesn’t need to hide behind a facade (like avatars) oops did I say that? Final people deceive everyone all day everyday so that mean you should go around whooping ass because you got caught in your feelings, that’d be idiotic because we both know you’ll be doing the exact same thing #SoDontGetCaughtDoingToOthersAndDontSuspectItllHappenBack it’s called karma.

  7. It’s never that simple. I’m a person that believes sexuality is fluid. Now she looks like a woman and she no longer has her man parts/or doesn’t use them I can give him str8. But if her likes her man parts and she uses it on him, I would say bisexual. Sex with a transgender doesn’t necessarily makes someone gay in my opinion

  8. Do people in our lifestyle lack loyalty? What does she accomplish by outing this dude, NOTHING. Smdh.

  9. We all have our own life to live, so if he’s wants to be with whomever he pleases to be with that’s his personal business. Chris Smith is one fine individual.

  10. Well….its tough to answer in some cases. Its not for us to label someone else but I guess we would have to ask whether he knew she was transgendered when or before he was having relations with her. Even if he did, I don’t think having relations with someone having relations with a trans person “makes” them gay because essentially, they are fucking a woman, they have boobs and a vagina (if they’re post-op ofc) so I don’t see the problem if that was the case.
    Even in some cases a “straight” guy could fuck a guy one time and still argue that he’s straight. Sexuality is not absolute, and to understand it is to understand the fluidity and complexities of sexuality.
    It all comes down to what you’re attracted to.
    maybe to put it in to perspective ask if you would be straight if you fucked a vixen? I could fuck a vixen all day but I dont think I would call myself straight after one occurance because Im sure a man would still get me going so.
    I think when it comes to this case we would need to see a lot more than just this. Does he have a history of doing this? questionable experiences or encounters with men, what kind of porn does he like? (even that can be complex lol) does it look like he’s staring at a man’ ass or crotch area? We would need more evidence like that to come to that conclusion.
    A lot of people out here know nothing about sexuality and when its not cookie-cutter, all of a sudden a man is gay. Yet women are out here kissing each other and are supposedly straight. uh-huh. The double standards are real!

  11. I don’t know I think it really depends, if it’s a straight guy dating a transgendered woman who looks very feminine and doesn’t have her “Equipment”anymore then I’m less willing to give the sided eye.

    But if he’s dating someone Who still have their equipment and looks like Tyler Perry in a dress it definitely will raise some suspicions.

    1. Yeah I agree, if they were pre-op and he knew about this before doing the dirty, idk, I think thats quite a bit more questionable, but even then he could still argue that he’s straight, but yeah, my eyebrow would be raised lol.
      Sexuality is kind of like a scale, everyone’s different so it just depends on where you fall lol.

      1. That’s very true, I always say sexuality isn’t just black and white it’s very gray and I think a large population of people fall in that grey area.

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