Are You Going To Jump Into Tidal?

CBUV6FPUYAASrVGso i see everyone supporting this “tidal” movement.
well their favs told them change their defaults to light blue so they did.
anyway it’s becoming a pretty big deal.
oh you don’t know what it is?
well let me fill you in

“tidal is a new streaming service being pitched from jay z.
other artists like beyonce,
and j cole have also joined in on this movement.
it costs 10 bucks to join,
20 for hi-fi quality sound,
and it’s basically is a streaming service to pay artists.
the argument is services like spotify don’t help artists.
not only does this service bring sound,
it also brings high quality videos and editorial.”

…well i think thats the point.
i’m a little lost by it tbh.
i love jay,
but i’m not gonna pay 10 a month when i have a spotify account.
from others opinions on the “hi-fi” sound,
they said it wasn’t much of a difference.
for videos,
i can go see on youtube in hd.
for editorial,
i can hit up the internet.
mixtape =
i can understand the artist making more money,
but this service isn’t offering anything extraordinary.
maybe i need a better explanation?
i have a feeling apple with cause a bigger tidal wave.
that machine will launch their own streaming service in june.
that might end up leaving this service all wet.

x click here to join tidal

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Are You Going To Jump Into Tidal?”

  1. I heard about this and for the life of me couldn’t understand what the big deal was. It’s just like you said if I want to watch videos in high definition I’ll just go on Youtube. I don’t even think the artists that signed on for this know how to explain, they probably heard Jay-Z was doing something big and jumped on the bandwagon. I’m going to sit back and just watch and wait to see how this all unfolds.

  2. I think it sounds great in theory, but their problem might be that its a product made by artists for artist, but not for CONSUMERS!
    What are they offering to us that we cant get on youtube etc.?
    Its good for them as a way to monetize their music but for us, its just like paying $10.00 a month to watch VEVO lol.
    Idk about this one.

  3. i do think it’s nice that people go back to actually supporting artists…not jayz of course he’s rich as fuck but in general because on services such as pandora i hear great artists sometimes randomly on the stations and afterwards i’ll search the artist for myself and add them to my catalog…but honestly i feel if a person has a computer, internet access they can afford to actually buy the music….it’s like a netflix for music….i think it’s a great idea i remember when taylor swift took her album off of spotify…the music industry is dying because of the digital age so i can see the importance behind this…i only hope that this helps new artists and not just well established entertainers…but SN: i’m sticking to Pandora for now

  4. If an artist puts out GOOD music, and not most of the garbage that is on the radio today…I would support them and buy their music. But I REFUSE to spend money for shyt that is whack to me. They don’t have to worry about me spending $10 a month. I’ll continue to use the Youtube to MP3 program to convert the songs I like. Besides, most of the artists in this deal…their best days are behind them. LOL

    1. ^ I’m with you 100% on this. You have to be worth your stock to get me to pay for music nowadays. Not everyone deserves my money. especially not with the trash some of these people are putting out. I don’t feel sorry for all of them. Their money is coming from US, who, on average are much poorer than them. I think they need to consider why we should feel sorry for them when they’re living so lavishly beyond their needs, and some of us are struggling to figure out when our next meal is going to come from. Make quality music about something other than sex, maybe about real world issues, and actually be lyrically gifted and have some talent, you know? Just do your job and maybe you will get some money from me. Your job is to be talented, so use it. Is it okay to steal music? No, but sometimes its just not worth the money anyway.

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