“Get Outed With Chris Smith”: His Response!

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 10.09.35 PMso chris smith has responded to the allegations.
well an f-bi sent me his statement and here it goes…

now i know attentionistos can’t afford a publicist
…but to say the pictures were photoshopped?
tumblr_mhvxws8S4j1qe0o65o3_r1_500thats as worse as saying you were hacked during a scandal.
a better response?


in this kind of scandal,
the best response is no response.
god forbid a video comes out,
you will hear the sound of accounts being deleted.

videos taken: instagram

31 thoughts on ““Get Outed With Chris Smith”: His Response!

  1. He lived with me. I suspected gay. I found him sending dick pics in email to a gay guy in hopes for funny. Dude is gay.

  2. I find this really disheartening so what if its true that he’s gay or love transgenders maybe he’s no ready to come out yet, it really sickens me to my stomach that our own so called own LGBT community is always so quick to attack our own people instead of helping them. that’s the reason why i stay away from you old messy ass punks all y’all care about is some juicy ass gossip to keep y’all distracted from your own sorry ass lives smh

    1. You sure did come to this website (with messy old punks) and leave a lengthy post. My guess is you probably lurk too. Yeah, go back to doing that now!


  3. He’s lying. And he can’t say he was fooled into believing that she is a woman because her back page indicates that she is “fully functional”, meaning he felt that schlong when she was straddling him on the bed.

    The transexual should have kept her mouth shut. That’s how you stop the ballers from getting at you.

  4. You’ll comments are to funny. But, I will say I do feel bad in a way for him cause nobody deserves to get outed and we all know how the black community is they will drag and judge you for messing with the same sex and that is why many of us will continue to lie and makeup stories like he is in his videos saying that those pics was photoshopped. Like, some of you’ll said there’s probably a lot more dirt on the other attention muscle head instagram dudes they just know how to pick them or they just been lucky thus far.

  5. In my personal opinion I don’t believe him. First of all, I agree with someone who made the comment that he’d be better off not even responding because this response did more harm than good. I also agree with another comment that said he’d been better off saying he didn’t know the woman was transgender.

    Lastly, in regards to body language, all of the telltale signs of lying he did ie: when he said that he wasn’t gay, in a fraction of a second, his hand subconsciously went to cover his mouth as if to try and stop the lie from being said, as he denied it again, subconsciously, the right side of his mouth raised in a shrug along with his shoulders as to say, ‘what’s the big deal’ and that’s the point-IT’S NO BIG DEAL bro just keep it real and own your truth and live by your truth.

    I’ll give you some advice that it would be wise to heed-being a public figure and denying this will only make the ‘haters’ as you say more dogmatic in outing you-take their power away and this will all go away and they’ll move on and let you live your truth but if you don’t, you’ll be haunted until you admit your truth.

    1. Great response RD and your logic is on point.. I shawdowed in kinetics and that basically somes up every single thing you just said.

    2. Damn,what kind of body language books are you reading and can u give me some recommendations?

      1. Check out the human lie detection and body language 101 by vanessa van edwards, you’ll pick up a lot.

        Also his displaced timely reactions tell a lot too.

  6. You never know who is DL. Instagram is the place where they are free to roam. There will be more outings to come…

  7. Umm Chris…nigga STFU….YOU SOUND JURASSIC…..I am straight too…I LIKE WOMEN…like most gay men….I JUST DONT FUCK WITH THEM.

  8. Lawd this pineapple done went Color Purple on us-“All My Life I had to deal with this” You look a fool Bro, yeah you know who did it alright, the person you were in bed with, did it and it aint no photoshop, if the size 15 pump fits, you better put that bitch on and walk the cat walk. Who knew the competition was that stiff in the training world, that someone who is only known on Instagram would be hated on to the point that they would create a scandal to bring them down, that damn Herbal Life aint no punk. This reminds me of the Texas Rapper T’Cuz who appeared in a Dawgpound feature supposedly to raise money for a Demo and got caught, he denied it and then said that they did digital editing and used his likeness, and everybody was like really Bro, a Dawgpound feature would spend that much money to put a unknown rapper in one of their features. He went through this thing trying to prove his straightness, but he was roasted in the rap world and he just quietly disappeared in the sunset.

    I think he may have been kicking it with this chick and it got old and he tried to get away and she told him like Khia said, first you got to pay the Pussy Bill and he came up a little short.

  9. And dudes always wanting a yella bone lol with a twist dude got caught enough said I stay on instagram maybe I might luck up with one of those muscle dudes who were those short shorts claiming they straight at the beach

  10. Doesn’t matter. A whole bunch of gays and trannies are voguing right into his DMs.

    “We heard about you…We been waiting on you at the doe!”


  11. Really? I guess it’s easier to release a statement claiming “haters” and “photoshop” than to just admit who you are and what you like. The pictures dont even look photoshopped at all. The proof is undeniable. Sidebar: Your not an actual celebrity, theres no financial gain in outing you. Why would anyone go thru all the trouble??

  12. There’s a privilege to being a nobody: You can just shut up and people will eventually find something else to worry about.

    But he couldn’t do that.

      1. If he’s telling the truth, post the REAL pictures.

        I won’t hold my breath waiting lol

    1. I’m mad he actually believes someone thinks he’s important enough to photoshop some pictures.

      He’s not a celebrity and there’s much finer dudes on instagram with way more potential dirt lol

      The sheep will believe him though.

      First thing they want to say is “haters tryna bring me down”. Naw you brought yourself down taking pics with a thot at the LaQuinta.

      1. ^yeah his fame has him delusional.
        he should have used that time to pitch his business.
        fuck a statement.
        all eyes on him and money is to be made.
        photoshopped pictures?

        if a video of him comes out getting banged,
        he gonna be real tite.

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