Don’t Feed The Raccoons In The Foxhole


poor toaster.
i was watching this video and damn near fell out…

the owner was brave as hell.
poor dog didn’t even wait around.
racoons are dangerous devious sumsabitches.
they are evil,
usually rabid,
and like to disrupt the peace.
those bastards don’t like to give up a fight easily.
sometimes they bring their friends and thats when all hell breaks loose.
don’t they remind you of online trolls?
so instead of calling them trolls when they visit the foxhole,
we gonna call em raccoons.


please don’t feed the raccoons in the foxhole yall.

lowkey: poor toaster.
he looks so defeated:

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 12.16.44 AM

that racoon was whoopin’ his ass tho.
the dude who threw the racoon ended up getting a stomach bug.

x see pictures of toaster on kevin’s instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Feed The Raccoons In The Foxhole”

  1. This was wild. I was talking to a neighbor the other day about seeing some raccoons and she blew my mind with what she said. She and her husband have dogs and cats and have a pet door so the animals can come and go. She said raccoons sometimes come in the door. In horror I asked what happens and she responded, “Oh, they just hang out and everybody gets along before they leave.” I was too through. I would not recommend it. This was after she had told me some time ago that one if the ferral cats in the meighborhood she feeds had gotten into a fight with a raccoon and nearly had it’s face torn off. All I can say is some people….

    1. Oops, meant to write “one of the ferral cats” not “if” and “neighborhood” not “meighborhood.”

    2. Tell her to be careful, especially if she has kids.There was a woman a few years ago that use to feed the neighborhood racoons.It made them keep going back to her house.Then one day they all killed her and ate her.Everybody was pissed at this lady whom talks on the local radio show because she said on air/broadcast that “the woman was stupid and got what she deserved.”

      1. Thanks for sharing this, Chase. Unfortunately, my neighbor is bold. You know how certain people have this sense of entitlement and invincibility. On vacation in Costa Rica, they brought back a stray dog.

        As for that person saying the woman got what she deserved, that was downright insensitive and a heartless thing to say; tragic is what it was. However, it’s people like that unfortunate lady and my neighbor who make it bad for all of us. People are constantly told not to feed wild animals! It makes them unafraid of us and causes them to come around us, and sooner or later, a cross species confrontation occurs.

        Please people, do not feed wild animals or leave food outside for your pets. For what it’s worth, I’ll share your story with my bold neighbor and hope it resonates!

  2. I don’t which ones are worse, Raccoons or Possums.I’m getting chills as I’m typing thinking about a Possum behind my back watching me.I hate that they do that.At least Raccoons are in your face and let you know they’re their by being ratchet.I wish there was some type of known defense you could do that would make you win automatically.I’d hate to have to struggle fighting with a raccoon or possum.He was lucky those steps were there.I’ve seen on TV, these farmers had to get possums out of there farmhouse.They’d just grab them but the hissing sound they would make gave the creeps, and a few were trying to bite and scratch em.My aunt told that a possum chased a local stray cat up a tree.It’s hard out in those streets for the animals lol.They either need to start rolling in packs like wolves(actual wolves) to protect themselves from the hood-rats lol or hope the animal police find them and take them to the pound and pray they get adopted, to whom ever dogs and cats pray to.

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