Is Tim Duncan Bisexual? His Wife Wants You To Know Over Tea.


baller wolf vet of the san antonio spurs,
tim duncan,
is going through a nasty divorce.
his soon to be ex wife is out for blood.
what better way to ruin his reputation?
claim he is bisexual.
nothing better than a bi rumor to really shake things up…


Here’s the deal. A new report regarding Tim Duncan’s divorce claimed that Duncan’s estranged wife, Amy, had concerns that the NBA All-Star was in a relationship with another man.

According to gossip site Hollywood Street King, Tim Duncan lived with another man four years after attending college at Wake Forest University together. During the first two years of Amy and Tim’s marriage, the unidentified man was living in the same house with the couple before the San Antonio Spurs star reportedly purchased an apartment for dude. The HSK report also says that TD is seeking to have a gag order placed on Amy, as the couple’s divorce proceedings move forward.

A source claimed that Tim and Amy’s relationship has been on the rocks because both of them were cheating on each other.

Amy treated Tim like a bi*ch throughout their marriage because she knew he was f****ing his BFF. Tim knows Amy was cheating on him but he’s willing to give her whatever she wants, because he doesn’t want Amy to tell the world that he’s bisexual,” the source told Hollywood Street King.
found x eurweb

is this true?
if so: yikes.
talk about some serious allegations.
who knew white vixens pull the claws out like this?
usually they take the money and bounce.
she seems like she wants to put his balls in her luggage.
well it could be worse.
she could be sitting on the side walk with a fresh weave,
holding a cheap sign,
and speaking to anyone with an ear.


Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “Is Tim Duncan Bisexual? His Wife Wants You To Know Over Tea.”

  1. It’s prob. true, but I would have never guessed Tim played for the team. I bet the boyfriend is white. I called it first lol.

      1. I would call it 3rd, with my head held in shame. I spoke about these how do you say it??? Baller Choosing the same route as their straight counter parts. I have a theory, but won’t go there. Its my lunch break. Anyway as I said I would call 3rd but the rumor I heard was its a Black guy. So. But that rumor along with the above could all be fictitious. Who knows.

      2. His boyfriend is probably white and I don’t care. But I do want to say this he probably have small peanuts anyway, you know why? What kind of man would let his wife treat him like a bitch. A guy with a small dick would. No offense to you small dicks guys, but I don’t trust you guys with 2 inchers because either you are too weak or too hot temper.

        Now that I think about it that probably the reason why some women are fucking nasty.

      3. two strikes and your out! lol

        Actually he is a college professor and favors Lamann Rucker with school boy glasses.

    1. I think he shouldn’t give her shit since she decided to tell.He shouldn’t have married her in the first place.Look at Deon Sanders ex-wife claiming he beat her, using fake crocodile tears to get sympathy.I remember Tila Tequila was messing with that light skinned football player, can’t remember his name but Tila claimed that he told her he hated black women and he ended up marrying a black woman.These sport wolves need to realize that as soon as you leave them they will be spilling the beans about you whether it’s true or false.These chicks become bitter because they got use to that lifestyle/luxury and don’t want it to end, hence not signing a prenuptial agreement and having hella kids.That means spousal support and child support which is usually needing $35,000 dollars a month to take care of 3 kids.We all know it don’t take that much money to take of kids but these baby mommas always pull that BS.Some women get/got it easy.They just pop out a few rich man’s kids and they’re set for life.

      1. I forgot to mention, dudes can do that to but it’s rare.Kevin Federline did that to Britney Spears.Nick Cannon can do it to Mariah Carey if he can prove she’s an unfit mother.

  2. Nasty divorce go to move.I heard rumors about Michael Strahan being Gay too when he was getting divorce from his wife.His ex just happens to be White too

      1. Nicole is one of the best “beards” in the business but most good looking lesbians are. He is colorblind with his male friends.

  3. I never said Tim or Michael was Straight I saying Crying “Gay” is a Nasty Divorce Go To move like claiming a man is sexually abusing his child.My cousin Terry is dealing with those rumors right now while in the middle of divorce.Also I just visited HSK that guy has accused everybody except Jesus of being DL

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