Don Lemon: Pride, Prejudice, and Pipe From A Hood Wolf?

donlemonsideeyei saw this wolf today.
not don lemon
but this hood wolf that came in my shop.
it did make me think of don lemon tho.
well when he came in,
i thought he was super bummy,
but he had a handsome face and some nice lips.
he had 2 phones,
but the wardrobe was not “it”.
i was confused on that part.
he had on “sim” boots and the jeans looked crazy bootleg.
it wasn’t until he took off his jacket to get his cut…
his body was not to be played with!!!!
well my barber knows him and confirmed he just got out.
it explains that amazing prison body...
and the bootleg clothes.
well he was typical hood wolf about his.
he was leaving the shop to meet up with some hood vixen.

“i’m about to go fuck her and her friend at the telly,
get my kid,
and then hit up fam for thanksgiving”.

i won’t lie…
it turned me on so heavy.
i hope that scene ends up on pornhub.
he is the type of wolf that you let cum through on the late night.
the type that will bang your back out something stupid.
have your foxhole throbbin’ from that pound game.
you know the hood wolf i’m talmbout about.
he is also the type of wolf that don lemon isn’t a fan of.
well charles wade had some interesting tweets about don the other day.
seems like don may actually like a hood wolf on the low

if the alleged is true i’m not judging!
not judgin’ at all!
sometimes a good “thuggin” from the bk is whats needed.
i’ll be the one to say it:


…but only in small doses tho.
maybe longer on some holidays.
why lie?
hood pineapples lays the dick DOWN!!
they should only be used for such.
i always say its the ones who are:

“i hate gays!”
“i don’t like any man who is downlow!”
or my favorite…
“why is my picture on that gay blog insidejmarifox!?”

…will be ones secretly indulging on the low.
we see you,
but of course…
we all “schleep”.

tumblr_mku6qiUSIL1rxagu2o1_500lowkey: i love the #ferguson protesting on charles wade’s twitter page tho…
gold foxhole points.

tweets taken: akacharleswade

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Don Lemon: Pride, Prejudice, and Pipe From A Hood Wolf?”

  1. I believe it true about Don Lemon because he does look the type, but I do blame him? No, not really but he shouldn’t make himself look like a horse o a donkey.

  2. I love me some T.J Holmes, never cared for Don. I thought he was cute at first but over time he became odd looking. Expose his ass tho. I bet if it weren’t for the rape allegations, Bill Cosby would be running his mouth about the Ferguson protesters right now. All of sudden that decrepit pineapple is mute on camera. Mm hmm.

    I guess Don is one of those types that loves to have sex with black people but would never marry/settle down with us. Whether White, Black, non-English speaking, etc… They will fetishize the fuck out of black people until it comes time to give someone a ring.

    I’m schleep tho… And so is Don after getting DickT down by a hoodwolf.

  3. Don Lemon is married to/has a relationship with a white man so he’s delivereT from black dick. Sorry. I couldn’t resist from a pun/joke about the COGIC deliverT guy.

    Seriously, if Don Lemon gets an “adjustment” every now and then from a “thug” type, that does not run contrary to the “Scriptures According to Don Lemon”. First, it’s sex and not a relationship. Second, a “thug” type may dress the part but not act the part. I think that it’s behavior out side of bed that Don Lemon objects to–not behavior in a sexual context.

    That being said, I find Don Lemon’s commentary to be often superficial and lacking in historical or factual context. For example, he seldom if ever relates the causes of the problems that he discusses and his “solutions” tend to be lacking in depth. That is, his solutions all to often treat the symptoms and not the disease.

  4. Yeah, I never believed the allegations in the tweets. Always had vibes of Don Lemon being into snow wolves, even though many of his ilk do sneak for the thug persona when they think no one is looking…the reason so many travel to the Domincan Republic and Brazil or to cities away from home in the states in attempts to hide their secret pleasures. Y’all would be surprised at the white Capitol Hill types always voting against us who troll for Black dick, since most are unrecognizable and the brothers they seek have no idea who they are.

  5. I don’t believe Don is into roughnecks one bit. Nah. I could get him tho. I’m fine, educated, and sophisticated with swag. Can’t beat that lol.

    1. My next door neighbor, Don lives in the Piedmont Park area of Atlanta and has been based in Atlanta his entire CNN career. He was dating George Howell (CNN) but appears to be single since GH became Chicago based!

      1. Don’t broke up with his White boyfriend ,Ben in 2012.Don lives in Harlem now he moved from Atlanta in 2013.He dates Black and White guys.He has talked about his ex on Wendy Williams.His ex Ben have mental health issues.

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