Don Lemon: Pride, Prejudice, and Pipe From A Hood Wolf?

donlemonsideeyei saw this wolf today.
not don lemon
but this hood wolf that came in my shop.
it did make me think of don lemon tho.
well when he came in,
i thought he was super bummy,
but he had a handsome face and some nice lips.
he had 2 phones,
but the wardrobe was not “it”.
i was confused on that part.
he had on “sim” boots and the jeans looked crazy bootleg.
it wasn’t until he took off his jacket to get his cut…
his body was not to be played with!!!!
well my barber knows him and confirmed he just got out.
it explains that amazing prison body...
and the bootleg clothes.
well he was typical hood wolf about his.
he was leaving the shop to meet up with some hood vixen.

“i’m about to go fuck her and her friend at the telly,
get my kid,
and then hit up fam for thanksgiving”.

i won’t lie…
it turned me on so heavy.
i hope that scene ends up on pornhub.
he is the type of wolf that you let cum through on the late night.
the type that will bang your back out something stupid.
have your foxhole throbbin’ from that pound game.
you know the hood wolf i’m talmbout about.
he is also the type of wolf that don lemon isn’t a fan of.
well charles wade had some interesting tweets about don the other day.
seems like don may actually like a hood wolf on the low
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