Does Bow Wow Have Another Twin?

First it was:



…. and now we have another long lost twin

Bow Wow and his legion of twins are cute.
I don’t care what ya’ll say.
Although the new one looks more Fox than anything else.

… and Jordan: I’d smang it.

“Don’t tell nooooooo body.”

As for Bow Wow….

I’d let you eat the booty. 

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Does Bow Wow Have Another Twin?

  1. Jordan is fine. Maybe im weird but I just don’t get into the whole lesbian scene. I mean, the last two are very pretty girls but….the only thing we could do is bump purses and make change.

  2. Not only would I smash it – I might treat him to a little shopping trip! I would love to look into his eyes as I lay some good loving in him!

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