Do You Understand The Down Low Contract?

when you see me,
you see someone of your fantasies.
you see someone that you desire.
yet, you make it so difficult.
it doesn’t have to be this hard baby.
you can get all of this.
oh, i get it.
it’s you, not me.
we aren’t breaking up.
it’s your insecurities waving the white flag….

i now see why down low wolves are annoying.
things could be so simple,
yet they make it so hard.
not everything has to be a trip to a hamster maze.
especially when they want to rip your clothes off with their teeth.
i will admit,
i like to toy with the forbidden.
that is where my fox like senses come into play.
clearly sex.
i just like excitement…. now.
before it use to piss me off.
but, i get “it“.
but, i often wondered why does it have to take so long to get there?
why do i have to wait?
he should know my patience is awful?
oh i get it.
i do not look obvious.
as much as that is a gift; it is often a curse.
i started to wonder…

Is it really easier to meet down low wolves online?

my co-worker wolf is definitely on his bullshit again.
he must shit roses.
i just want to drain his pipe dry.

i was sitting at my desk and he walked by yesterday.
no one was around so he caught himself trying to speak to me.

“nothing. how are you?”
“i am good. thank you for asking…”

we gazed at each other.
you know “that gaze“.
i made a joke about the job and he smiled.
he went about his business.

i did way more than my down low wolf contract listed.
just say “sup” and go about whats on my screen.
heavy ignore.
but, ive turned over a new leaf.
maybe it has to do with this site giving me a brand new attitude coming back here.
btw, tomorrow is my last day.
just a sidebar.

today, however, people happened to be around.
he said nothing.
i didn’t even look in his direction.
play your position.
it’s in the contract.
i have perfected it with all down low wolves in public.
they end up doing more to get my attention.
funny enough,
when i was standing by the copier making copies,
wearing dress pants that make my cakes stick out,
he literally walked so close next to me i could hear this thoughts.
again, i continued to make my copies.
i refused to look in his direction.
i have come to the conclusion we play some twisted game.
“who speaks first”.
one that he will probably keep playing if he has his way.
i only want to drain his dick so i play along.
obviously, he has never messed with a fox before.
he is very awkward when he gets around me and it shows.

do you really understand the down low?
after years of confusion, i get it.
still wouldn’t date one.
unless they are hungry fox eaters,
it will always be a code they never want cracked in public.
they may walk past you and look off.
you just might not get greeted.
they are fighting a battle of trying NOT to look like their dick is getting hard looking at you.
but, ive learned that the more they are attracted to you,
the less attention you give.
you notice when you are ignored by anything in life,
it intrigues you?
well you force them to play their hand when you ignore.

example: one day he said “sup” and i didn’t respond.
he was breaking his neck for the words to come out my mouth.
he was with someone and was looking at me in utter disbelief.
another day, i asked him to get me a copy:


… in a excited voice that sounded like i was about to whip him if he didn’t.
i’m sure he has played that game when he jacks off to the thought of me.
you shoulda saw how fast he got up from that seat.
did i mention a mutual co worker left to another department and told someone he “misses me a lot“?
this same co-worker was his best friend.
nuff said.

the down lows can be frustrating,
and many of us are over them,
but it can also be fun.
shit, some of my readers still like them.
like me, you will learn.
but, if you are lucky you can turn him into your slave…
open him up to the dark side,
or be his ass on call simple bitch.

either way, the best way is to keep your feelings out of it.
but i started to wonder…

Can you?

15 thoughts on “Do You Understand The Down Low Contract?

  1. I used to be married and DL sneaking around. It was so frustrating and unfulfilling. Just plain stupid. Now I’m on the other side of the fence I wonder why did I go through all the unnecessary bullshit. But you have to be brave and ready for major life changes to jump to the other side of the fence fully. Not many men are ready to do that no matter how macho they act because they are cowards and afraid of what society will say. Plus to be honest most men are selfish and want their cake and eat it too. My advice is leave DL men alone. Let them fuck around with each other until they die or figure it out. Or fuck with them if you want but don’t catch feelings for them and only see them when it’s convenient for you.
    Immanuel at

  2. Been there, done that.

    I must say I haven’t really participated in this cat and mouse game most speak of, probably because I never really wasted my time trying to make it more than what it was.

    I can pretty cold with it. Like I’ve literally left seconds after the nut has been had. No, I don’t want to chill and “put one in the air”. Let’s not pretend we have anything in common because I doubt you even know my real name.

    Let’s say you bag them. You’re going to have to accept HIS terms. Fuck when he wants too. Be at home, on call, or ready to drive to some duck off hotel when he wants you, most likely being at some ungodly hour.

    All that for what? I mean I can understand falling for it if you haven’t gotten it in in a minute, but eventually good sense has to kick in.

    I personally evaluate whether dude is fine enough and whether the sex is bomb enough to be jumping through these hoops. The object of the game should be to transfer as much control over the situation to yourself as possible.

  3. I’m too old for that.

    I remember I was talking to a guy. Beautiful face. Seemed to have something going for himself. Turns out dude was about to get married, was a pastor, and wanted me as his side piece.

    Lmao. Needless to say, his number was deleted. Never spoke again.

    1. Brother Random, can Pastor Jay see you in his office for “counseling”? Lol

      Getting hit on by a pastor is a rite of passage. Lol

  4. Down low guys are the worst. I’m not just trash talking, this is based on my experiences. Never been with one, but I have had many who tried to get with me and it always turns out ugly. I’ve experienced it with friends, enemies, and even my college roommate last year. The relationship with my roommate was a disaster and it was like that just days after move in. The tension was so thick you needed a chainsaw to cut it. Lets face it you guys, there are some down low guys out there who are desperate because they don’t get a lot of play as much as a out or discreet man would because most of them have girlfriends to care for, children, or they have to protect their reputations by sleeping with women. With all of that in the mist they don’t have a lot of time to get men. So when they see someone they want they have no choice but to be aggressive just to get that lay. They have to scratch that itch.

  5. I don’t have the time to deal with down low wolves anymore. I realized I’m too good looking to be doing to be ignored in public and all that unnecessary stuff that comes along with messing with a down low wolf. Plus, I only have messed with one down low wolf and we almost smashed but my dumb ass roommate ruined it, I was so tight b/c dude was fine and he a nice big muscular body.

  6. You may think im weird because I am a fox, but I consider myself more discreet. Im not out. But I dont consider myself downlow. It’s sort of a dont ask dont tell thing. But I do agree with you, the down low life kind of sucks and it takes a toll on you. I was talking with this Hybrid, I met him on insatagram, this nigga liked all my pics, so I returned the love. But then he wanted my number, but I wasnt putting my shit out on insatgram, so he tagged me in one of his pics and left his number with a comment “hurry and text me so I can delete this”. I’m like, you know people can probably see this. But I was looking for a good time so I text him. How about this dude called my phone the ENTIRE NIGHT, mind you I was out with my friends celebrating our homegirls bday. He texts me downgrading me, mind you I am ignoring him the whole time. I didnt know him. And I kind of get this feeling when, if I feel unhappy talking to you the first time, then it wont work out. So I call him when I get home that night and he was SOOO Rude and aggressive. I told him I will call him when I get out the shower. How about ONCE I got in the shower, literally three mins later he calls me 3 consecutive times. So he texts me, Oh I see what kind of nigga u are. And Im like dude, you seem nice, BUT I DONT KNOW YOU. So anyways long story short he calls me the next day and curses me out and calls me all kind of names. JAMARI, THIS DUDE SOUNDED LIKE my 9 year old neice, he acted like a biotch. So I sat there and listen to him make a fool of himself and we went back and forth hanging up on eachother for about 30 mins. I WAS DUMB for allowing that to happen. All DL dudes are either full of drama, TOO chilled, or just down for a fuck. But idk, its something about them that intrigues me. I’m still on the search for the right guy though, DL or not.

    1. ^oh hell naw!
      ive dealt with the stupid mind games.
      all that looking, gazing, and smiling…
      … and it all lead to nothing.
      i discovered i was playing the game all wrong.
      I thought when you see them,
      you MUST acknowledge to show your interest.
      big no no.
      surprisingly that scares them off.

      when I was minding my own business and keeping to myself,
      engulfed in my own life,
      I could never avoid a wolf making it obvious he was interested.
      once I started noticing good looking wolves,
      I tried to put myself out there and failed.

      1. I used to do that, but I have a horrible habit of never knowing who is into me. And when I find out I blow it sometimes or he does. I should keep to myself. I do agree that is the way to go.

    2. That dude was thirsty & wack — stay far away from that kind of crazy. Not all DL dudes are like that, but if all you want is some good D (or azz), it works lol

      1. How did he know dude was really D.L.?

        We are all aware there is a faction of dudes that pretend to be D.L. because they believe it makes them more attractive to men? They can only hold that inner queen in for so long though.

        I don’t know any real D.L. dude that would give his number out on instagram. The thirst was evident from that act alone. You may get an email address, but not a phone number.

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