Do You Understand The Down Low Contract?

when you see me,
you see someone of your fantasies.
you see someone that you desire.
yet, you make it so difficult.
it doesn’t have to be this hard baby.
you can get all of this.
oh, i get it.
it’s you, not me.
we aren’t breaking up.
it’s your insecurities waving the white flag….

i now see why down low wolves are annoying.
things could be so simple,
yet they make it so hard.
not everything has to be a trip to a hamster maze.
especially when they want to rip your clothes off with their teeth.
i will admit,
i like to toy with the forbidden.
that is where my fox like senses come into play.
clearly sex.
i just like excitement…. now.
before it use to piss me off.
but, i get “it“.
but, i often wondered why does it have to take so long to get there?
why do i have to wait?
he should know my patience is awful?
oh i get it.
i do not look obvious.
as much as that is a gift; it is often a curse.
i started to wonder…

Is it really easier to meet down low wolves online?

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