Did It Feel Like Thanksgiving For You Today, Foxhole?

so i hope the foxhole is having a great thanksgiving today.
i know some of you are waiting to eat right now.
others have eaten so much they are waiting for their second wind.
a few have eaten,
probably dressed,
and ready to venture to a “black friday sale”.
then there are those,
like me,
who spent it without a family today.
 alone or at a friend’s crib.
well just know i’m here for you.
i went to lunch with the pretty vixen today.
i wanted soul food so we went to “x amy ruths“.
it was in my budget,
and i didn’t feel cooking or like being alone,
so why not?

sidebar: food was amazinggggg.
ya’ll gotta try their koolaid.
maybe it was my experience,
but i noticed something tho…

it didn’t really feel like “thanksgiving”.
it didn’t feel like a holiday period.
it felt like a regular day.
i could slept the whole day and not miss a thing.
i had a lot of fun with the pretty vixen today.
it felt like two best friends kicking back and shootin’ the shit.
one of our regular outings.

i hope you all,
no matter what you did,
had a good time tho.
i hope you felt that “spark” the holidays are supposed to provide.
most importantly,
to be thankful for all that you have.

Happy Thanksgiving Foxhole!

btdubs: i had their thanksgiving special today…


Author: jamari fox

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19 thoughts on “Did It Feel Like Thanksgiving For You Today, Foxhole?”

  1. My thanksgiving was okay. I mean, my grandmother had to be a “caretaker” to an elderly lady (she’s an older white lady *rolls eyes*) and plus I just make some bomb ass turkey wings instead of a whole turkey. I mean, I wish we had a full blown thanksgiving meal and I wish I was with my mom, aunt, and cousins in Maryland though.

  2. Me and my mom don’t celebrate Thanksgiving so she just did some veggie rice for me real quick. I’m just happy to be out of NYC and away from the noise. I am however thankful for your blog. It’s the only blog I check daily. I hope you had a good day today.

    I don’t eat meat anymore but I miss Amy Ruths! That smothered chicken and waffles with the baked mac and cheese? U had the Kool aid too? Lol Ughh!!!! 😩😩😩😩

  3. I saw no one, did absolutely nothing and no fucks were given.

    I think i worked like 20 consecutive days so I didn’t feel like doing much. I hope everyone had a good holiday though.

  4. My thanksgiving is currently at my moms and dad’s i am really thankful to have my family i most day despite our ups and downs they hold me down. I don’t really have gay friends and i think my relationship with my straight friends has changed since i came out to them. Its all love but it seems they can’t realky relate to me. Lol anyway im very thankful for your blog and i always look forward to new topics. You don’t even know how it makes my day sometimes to read your new posts. Happy thanksgiving my brother!

  5. while I am thankful…tge reality is we shouldn’t need a day given to us to be thankful nor to be with ones we care about. honestly..my friends and or family do this weekly so yeah it feels like another day. Thankfulness comes from realizing how much goid you have in your life and how to cherish what you have before it’s gone. it makes you wonder if tomorrow people turn into ungrateful people

  6. It didn’t feel like a holiday to me. I’m in Vegas and trying to organize my last romp before i leave.

    Definitely blah for me.

  7. Something about the holidays as you get older. They don’t have that “magic” like they did when you were younger. My family is scattered to the winds, so I don’t have too many family members to share the holidays with. I usually share them with my brother and his family, if they don’t have to work (MTA), but his kids are young adults…so they don’t have time to be “bothered” anymore.
    They wanna do their own thing. It’s not like they’re little and fawning all over you, as they once did. LOL
    Thanksgiving, Christmas…all just another day now.

  8. Well im happy you could be with a friend! I jus got bck from my sisters not too long ago, it was fun! I got to kick it with her, my nephews, nieces, mom etc. My nephew smacked me in madden lol but yeah im jus greatful for the little things like that. jus out of RESPECTUL curiosity, do u have extended close family u maybe can reach out to? Cousins, uncles, aunts, any siblings?

  9. I came home for the holiday and I’m glad I did! It was refreshing to see so many relatives today. Surprisingly, no one has asked me about a girlfriend, but a couple did mention me having kids. Lol I’m 26. At what point do they stop asking?!

    1. I’m not quite 26 (close though), but I’m pretty sure it gets worse as you get older (if they still believe you’re straight). If they stop asking, you might as well tell them, because they know already lol. Until then, they’ll pressure you even more.

      1. It NEVER stops. I don’t have kids or a steady girlfriend/boyfriend, by choice, and when people ask me…I shut them down with NO SHAME.

  10. Good afternoon Jamari, I have never in my life imagined me posting a comment on here. Well I can say I did enjoy some good food, but I did not feel the spark at all. I went and spent time with my family (disclosure: I am adopted) and while I am sure some members of my family have love for me, I felt shaded by my own mother. I left early because I was feeling pushed away.

    The thing is I am used to the treatment and had emotionally prepared myself for this. The weirdest thing about me is that I am open to feel the love, appreciation, and gratitude from my family, but instead I felt like a hot topic where most of them were complaining about why I don’t have a phone, which is temporary or how come I haven’t moved in my new apartment yet. But the main highlight was when my mother almost caused a scene about my recent and temporary “struggling” with no regards to my feelings or just simply asking me if I am ok. After inviting her to come and decorate my new place, she said only if I am paying her.

    My aunt got engaged last night, so I am really happy for her but when the entire family was taking the group photo, me and my sister (also adopted) were excluded from the photo. This is when I packed my to go plate and headed home (with respect and a good excuse of working early in the morning).

    Excuse this long post. I hope you continue to move forward, grow, and have all the love you deserve. Much love to you Mr. Fox.

    1. ^omg that is terrible!
      family can be absolute shit.
      we don’t get to pick them sadly.
      it’s best to love them from a distance.

      peace and major blessings for you in 2018!!


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