Does Marshun Cooper Have The Perfect Package?

i mean…
aside from the tatts (for some),
marshun cooper seems to be just abour everything.
he is mysterious,
isn’t “fitted fraudulence”,
has a nice pipe,
bawdy is drool worthy,
and has a handsome facial

Is Marshun Cooper,
the perfect social media wolf ever?

i’ve covered some wolves and attentionistos,
but that one there can take the cake.
i beg of you,
do NOT start talking or “dong too much”.
be “beyonce” to this and keep being strategic.
i’d hate to banish you.

lowkey: fitted fraudulence.
when you look good with a fitted on,
but as soon as you take it off,
you are almost offended at the rest of his head.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Does Marshun Cooper Have The Perfect Package?”

  1. ”Fitted Fraudulence“. -love it.

    There needs to be a term like this for pineapples who do the same with their beards. It kills me when pineapples go in on girls who wear weaves and makeup talking about they hiding when guys do th same with fitted caps, beards, and other things.

  2. I’m so glad you touched on the “talking” part.. A lot of these gassed up dudes start talking and nothing but verbal diarrhoea is what comes out of their mouths because they never say anything of substance. Many of them talk just to be heard and it’s like.. Shut up & post your nudes.

    Flashman Wade is a perfect example of this, he seems like a nice guy but he never says anything that is worth mentioning.

    1. And let me add Hayden Montleone on the list. The biggest cornball ever. He needs to just strip and shut his cocky corny ass mouth.

  3. I agree on the looks part, but I am not sold on the perfect package now lol. Sadly, we always find out some scandalous shit about these dudes.

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