Jamari’s Gotta Have It

i have a new show.
i love these “holiday days off” because i get to binge/catch up.
i love shows with good:

background music

…and when it’s coming from a black show,
then i’m putting down my co-sign.
this is my newest indulgence on netflix

it’s based off spike lee’s movie,
with the same name,
from the 80s.
the movie/show is about a vixen who is juggling 3 wolves.


the vixen who plays nola darling,
dewanda wise,
is stunning.
i love looking at her.
she goes all in with her sex scenes too.
a lot of vixens on social media are saying their “nola darlings” too.

i truly love how spike lee’s eye for filming.
he always captures new yawk in such a raw way.
there is a ton of street photography in this show.
as someone who loves photo or iphone-graphy,
it made me look at the beauty that can be new yawk.
spike is also super woke about this city too.
he always makes sure to let that be known in his productions.
i love that he threw in how gentrified brooklyn is now.
the snow folks are trying to buy the blacks out everywhere.
spike did such a good job in making it current.
the soundtrack is also next to amazing.

i love they show the songs album covers within the show.

a teeny bit obsessed with this

i’m only on episode 4,
but i’m sold!

lowkey: i love her bed head and the barber chair in her living room.
i want.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Jamari’s Gotta Have It”

  1. Havent watched the show yet but cant wait…when i get some free time lol 🙁 but the main actress in this has a husband who is also an actor–he was Cato in underground. By far my fav character on that show. So sad it was cancelled. He is super talented. They are an adorable couple!

  2. No one lit or filmed black people beautifully before Spike Lee. He changed how we see ourselves and how we tell our stories. What a brilliant man. I also love it that he’s always angry about the injustice of America.

  3. I was super pumped when I saw the trailer for this a little while ago and even tho I gave up Netflix for now I will be watching this.

    P.S. Imagine a show like this for “us”, based on the entries of Jamari Fox 🤩

  4. I need to check that out soon. That show is definitely on the binged list. I loved the movie, I’m sure I will love the show.

  5. Why does this feels like Insecure to me? I know have Netflix but I would like to watch this. DTV is giving a free promo weekend for Premium channels. So, i get to catch up on this season’s Shameless, but mofos aint showing Ray Donovan and bc its a promo, you cant do On Demand w/o a subscription to the premium channel. Good thing I got out of it is that I finally saw Get Out. lol And Whitney Can I Be Me. Whitney made me wanna cry.

  6. I know they show man ass like they do on Insecure. Showing man dick is so HBO and nobody is brave enough for that. lol Well, unless you go to PornHub…lol

  7. so I’m on the 5th episode so far, and I’m loving the show. it’s breathtaking the beauty and richness of new york is really front and center here. the acting is on point too the lead actress is great in this, there are so many conversations to be had from this show.

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